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Venom 3 Theories: Is a Xenophage Hunting Eddie and Venom?

Venom 3

Explore the ultimate symbiote threat in Venom 3: The Last Dance as Eddie and Venom face a terrifying new villain. Discover the theories and storylines behind this final installment in the Sony Spider-Man Universe.

The first trailer for Sony’s Marvel movie, Venom: The Last Dance, has been released, sparking theories about the terrifying new villain Eddie Brock and Venom will face. Unlike Venom: Let There Be Carnage, which identified its antagonist, this final installment in the Sony Spider-Man Universe keeps its story more mysterious. Speculation is rampant following the debut trailer, with fans eager to unravel the details.

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The Mysterious Monster

Many are curious about how Eddie’s brief appearance in the MCU will affect him and whether the Sony Spider-Man Universe will feature Spider-Man. However, the main focus is on the grotesque monster seen battling Venom in the trailer. This creature doesn’t appear to be another symbiote like Venom, Riot, or Carnage. Instead, it resembles an insect or crustacean, suggesting it might be something different and more terrifying lurking in the Marvel Universe.

Could the Villain Be a Xenophage?

The trailer shows several un-bonded symbiotes in a lab, but the many-legged, sharp-toothed monster seen later differs. Its design resembles Marvel’s Xenophages, a fearsome alien race known for preying on symbiotes and their hosts. In Marvel Comics, Xenophages are natural predators of symbiotes, feeding on the brains of symbiote hosts. The longer someone is bonded with a symbiote, the tastier their brain becomes. Given Eddie’s long partnership with Venom, they both could be in grave danger.

If the monster is indeed a Xenophage, the trailer might mislead the audience with another narrative twist. Venom claims his planet has found him just before the beast appears, suggesting the creatures of Klyntar are hunting him. However, since Xenophages prey on symbiotes, Klyntar may be warning or seeking help from Venom rather than trying to kill him.

The Leading Theory: Xenophages or Grendel?

The trailer also hints at the possibility of symbiotes bonding with non-human beings, suggesting the beast might be a symbiote-alien hybrid. Another popular theory is that the creature is the Sony Spider-Man Universe’s version of Grendel, a dragon-like symbiote linked to the symbiote god, Knull. Although Tom Hardy mentioned wanting to include Grendel in Venom: The Last Dance, this theory seems less likely. Grendel would likely bring a story involving Knull, a cosmic force who created the symbiotes, needing a full narrative of its own. Given the trailer’s focus and lack of mention of Knull, this inclusion seems improbable outside of a brief Easter egg.

How Xenophages Could Shape the Story?

If a Xenophage is hunting Eddie and Venom, two major storylines could unfold. The first possibility, as implied in the trailer, is that Klyntar has found Venom and seeks revenge. This scenario could lead to a massive third-act battle involving Eddie/Venom, their allies (including characters played by Chiwetel Ejiofor and Juno Temple), the symbiotes of Klyntar, and the Xenophage. This setup promises an epic climax for the final Venom movie.

The second possibility is a symbiote vs. Xenophage showdown, with Venom finally having others of his kind fighting alongside him. Klyntar might send symbiotes to help Venom make a final stand against their predators. Additionally, the symbiotes seen in the lab might join the fight. Detective Mulligan hinted to become Toxin at the end of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, could also emerge as a powerful ally for Venom and Eddie.

Anticipation for the Final Showdown

Whatever the outcome, fans are excited to see what Venom: The Last Dance has in store. The trailer raises many questions, such as whether Rhys Ifans is playing Curt Connors and how a scene seemingly set in the MCU fits into the story. With this being Tom Hardy’s last appearance as Venom, fans hope the film delivers a thrilling conclusion to this unique take on Spider-Man lore.

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