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Monarch Episode 7 Ending Explained: What Happened to Clive’s Body?

Welcome back to the Monarch summaries! In this week’s episode About Last Night, a murder victim is revealed and the Romans try to start over. did you miss a week You can read and watch our summaries on-demand, on FOXNow, or on Hulu. This TV station is owned by the FOX Corporation.

Wow! Spanning seven episodes, Monarch reaches a major turning point when it is finally revealed what happened on the night of those murderous flashforwards. Is everything mentioned so far correct? Maybe not. Is it exciting all the time? Same? Absolutely! So let’s break down all the drama as Monarch gallops into a  new era!

And the victim is…

The seventh episode entitled “About Last Night” begins after the Country Music Legacy Awards. We see that the person knocking on Nicky’s door is her husband Clive. Although Nicky ends their marriage, Clive tries to return home. in your life. However, when Clive becomes physical and attacks Nicky, she is helpless. Before Clive can harm Nicky, Gigi appears and injures him with Nicky’s CMLA trophy. Nicky calls Albie for help. The Romans clean up the crime scene and Albie takes Clive away while Luke fakes Clive’s disappearance and the Romans make an official report to the police. Just weeks after Clive’s disappearance, Nicky and Luke meet with District Attorney Tripp DeWitt to discuss the investigation and hide the truth. Meanwhile, Nicky is struggling with acting and has taken a break from singing.

Luke gathers the Romans and announces that he is hosting a launch event for Albie’s new whiskey brand. He wants Nicky to perform at the event with Wade, but Nicky is skeptical about singing again. Albie sees Ana with a locket that belongs to Rose. This is how Albie realizes that Catt Phoenix is ​​his and Rose’s daughter, Catherine.

As a result, he invites Catt to dinner and asks her what she wants from the Romans. However, Catt insists that she just wants  Romans to give her daughter a chance to show off her talent. As a result, Albie records a single with Ana to boost his career. On the other hand, Gigi is doing a photo shoot for a major magazine but is still depressed because of the accident with Clive. However, after sending the photos to Gigi, she learns that her appearance has changed. . So starts a body-positive social media campaign. Gigi’s efforts have met with an overwhelmingly positive response. Eventually, Nicky decides to perform at the launch event and makes it a hit. After his performance, Luke promises to get Nicky his own tour. However, Nicky worries about his daughter, who worries about Clive’s fate.

What Happened to Clive’s Body?

The episode reveals that the mysterious person who killed Albie in the Flash-Forwards is Nicky’s husband Clive. In the episode, viewers are given a precise timeline of events. After Albie takes Clive away in his truck, Clive attacks him. A shootout ensues between the two and Albie is forced to shoot Clive with his shotgun. As a result, Clive dies and Albie bites into his body.

However, when police suspect Albie, he returns to the scene of the crime to remove the body. However, the body disappears and the Romans sweep the matter under the rug. In the final moments of the episode, District Attorney Tripp DeWitt asks Albie if he’s hiding something about Clive’s death. However, Albie maintains his position that the police already have all the information they need to find Clive.

So DeWitt decides to lead the investigation into the hyperdrive and organizes a task force to find Clive. Consequently, Clive’s body will likely be discovered soon. As a result, the Romans could get into more serious trouble.

How Did Albie Get His Nickname?

As a result, Albie and Monarch launch a  brand of whiskey called Truthteller. The brand name comes from the nickname given to Albie by Dottie. As the episode progresses, flashbacks reveal the origin of Albie’s nickname. Years ago, after Rosa’s disappearance, Albie was distraught and almost ended his marriage to Dottie through his self-destructive actions. Despite handling Albie’s case tactfully, Dottie has broken up with her husband and is threatening to end their relationship.

When Albie shows up at Dottie’s performance to get her back, she shoots him in the foot. In the final moments of the episode, Dottie agrees to accept Albie on the condition that he matures sober and as a musician. Story to gain Albie’s sympathy for the shooting. So she suggests that Albie change his name and give him the nickname “Texas Truth Teller”.

The name became synonymous with Albie and his music career reached the heights we know today. However, Albie can no longer bear the burden of the nickname image. Ultimately, he laments that the legacy of the Roman family is lies and secrets. He tells Nicky about his relationship with Rosa and they explain Catherine is his daughter. So the episode hints that more secrets and lies from Albie’s past will haunt him in the future.

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