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You Don’t Know Me Season 2 Release Date Cast Renewed


You Don’t Know Me Season 2: Everything you need to know about, renewed or canceled, cast, plot, and released date.

A younger guy from south London is charged with murder. Instead of letting one of the legal professionals determine what is nice for him, he chooses to work out his freedom and tell his very own tale in his very own words.

His tale is amazing; it is approximately the female he loves who has positioned herself in unstable situations. It’s approximately how he risked his life to keep her. He insists he is innocent, however, withinside the end, whether or not you consider his story or now no longer is what counts.

“You Don’t Know Me” was acquired by large rave critics upon its release. The display acquired lots of rewards for its performances and cast, however additionally acquired a few grievances for the obvious loss of plot urgency. We’ve been given protection if you’ve got visible the primary season and need to recognize if there can be a 2nd.

You Don’t Know Me Season 2 Release Date

You Don’t Know Me Season 1  aired on Netflix on June 17, 2022. It first aired on BBC One from five to thirteen December 2021. The first season includes 4 episodes of 5458 minutes. recognize approximately the second season.

The collection’s manufacturers and BBC executives have declined to remark on a probable 2nd season. As noted above, “You Don’t Know Me” is a tv model of a criminal offense novel that has no sequel. However, the primary season ends on a cliffhanger. If it proves famous enough, the creators may renew it for the 2nd season, which could permit them to cope with unanswered questions.


Image Credit: BBC One

If ‘You Don’t Know Me’ does the identical, it may not be the primary or remaining display to do so. Producers have the choice to evolve the display into an anthology collection and expand new seasons primarily based totally on Mahmood’s preceding works.

Alternatively, it is able to be unbiased productions with handiest a tangential connection as they may be each produced via means of the identical innovative crew and are primarily based totally on the Mahmood books. The BBC did something comparable to the paintings of Irish creator Sally Rooney. Normal People become launched in 2020,  observed via means of Conversations with Friends in 2022.

Both are primarily based totally on Rooney’s books and the percentage of the identical innovative crew. In the end, no matter what the subsequent installment of You Don’t Know seems to be, we will bear in mind it is a 2nd season for the sake of simplicity. If the collection is renewed withinside the following couple of months, You Don’t Know Me Season 2 “T Know Me” will be most effective withinside the 0.33 or fourth area of 2023.

You Don’t Know Me Season 2 Cast

  • Sophie Wilde as in Kyra,
  • Bukky Bakray as in Bless,
  • Roger Jean Nsengiyumva as in Jamil,
  • Tuwaine Barrett as in Curt,
  • Yetunde Oduwole as in Adebi,
  • Michael Balogun as in Face,
  • Prosecution Barrister or Miss Mahmood as in Badria Timmi

You Don’t Know Me Season 1 Recap


Image Credit: BBC One

The defendant had gunshot residue on his hand due to the fact he had shot the pimp, who finally survived. He referred to as Jamil “garbage” to keep away from implying that he could kill him. It changed into his manner of telling Jamil he changed into the trash. Police discovered the defendant’s hair in Jamil’s automobile due to the fact Jamil and his subordinates grabbed it and took it to satisfy their supplier, Face. This interplay is proven in Episode 3.

Jamil offered pills in Camden. As the Glockz look for Kyra, they recognize  Jamil and danger their business. Now Jamil cannot pay the cash he owes  Face, who explains the state of affairs to the defendant and says he is the only one who has to pay for the loss. Help comes from Curt (Tuwaine Barrett), the defendant’s early life friend. Even though he is now a member of Glockz, he is at a loss of life to get out.

Curt comes up with a plan to steal £20,000 from Jamil. He will pose as a cocaine provider and the accused will introduce himself. Desperately in want of cash to repay his debt, Jamil will strive to shop for cocaine so he can promote it at a better price. the defendant. But Jamil suggests up with a gun and a quick however fierce combat ensues among the parties. It ends with Kyra capturing Jamil.

However, Jamil survives even as the accused right away informs his family. framed via way of means of Kyra, who refused to stay in worry for the relaxation of her life. She took the gun and shot Jamil earlier than putting the gun among the defendant’s passport and a number of the cash that they’d obtained from Jamil. He tells the jury to satisfy at her condominium, however, she’s long gone again. to the police what happened. In fact, it changed into Bless who killed Jamil.

The drug provider abducted her after she went searching for her at the hospital.CCTV captured the defendant’s automobile using Jamil and Face. Jamil changed into approximately to kill the defendant whilst Bless shot him.

Curt reputedly bludgeoned his face to loss of life and changed into the shot, however, survived. Deciding to blame himself to shield Bless, he advised Kyra to run away. She reluctantly left, however earlier than she did, she made him promise that if he changed into discovered guilty, he could blame her.

The accused then organized the whole thing in his condominium if you want to seem guilty. Aside from the defendant, Kyra, Bless, and Curt, the most effective man or woman who is aware of the fact is the defendant’s attorney, for the reason that he advised her of what happened.

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