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Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 1 Ending Explained: Do Monica and Tate Die?

Paramount Network’s “Yellowstone” returns for its fifth season, reconnecting viewers with the Duttons and their conflicts. The show’s fourth season leaves the Duttons at a political impasse with Market Equities. Beth and Rip get married while John Dutton prepares to run for Montana’s governor. John receives help from former Gov. Lynelle Perry and is heralded as a candidate by her son, Jamie Dutton. Meanwhile, Beth reveals the truth about Garrett Randall and He forces Jamie to kill his biological father. Kayce receives a ghost vision that upsets the Duttons’ youngest brother. The season five premiere, titled “A Hundred Years Is Nothing,” takes a small time warp and lasts months into the season. 4 end. As a result, John Dutton takes office as governor and takes the first step against market equities. Meanwhile, Kayce must face an impending tragedy that will affect her life emotionally. If you want to keep up to date with the latest developments in Montana and life with the Duttons, here’s everything you need to know about the Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 1 ends. SPOILERS AHEAD!

John Dutton is announced as the candidate for Governor of Montana

The first episode of Season 5, titled “A Hundred Years Is Nothing,” picks up a few months after John Dutton was announced as the candidate for governor of Montana. John is receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from some sections of the citizenry. However, the race for the job is tough and opposition candidate Scott McMullen is putting up an uphill battle. However, John receives a call from Scott when it becomes clear that Patriarch Dutton will be the state’s next governor. Soon news reports will announce John as the new governor with 54% of the vote. As a result, Montana is entering a new era with little tolerance for blatant encroachment on the state’s landscape and natural resources. The news of John’s becoming governor is met with little enthusiasm by Chief Rainwater of Broken Rock Indian Reservation and Caroline Winters of Market Equities. A flashback sequence takes us back to Rip and Beth’s teenage years. The duo rode into town Date, but Rip’s tension quickly infuriated Beth. Later, Beth teamed up with another ranch hand to tease Rip. In the present, Beth apologizes to Rip for the past behavior. Rip leaves the past behind and the couple is now happily married. Preparations begin at Yellowstone Ranch to celebrate John’s election victory.

Elsewhere, Kayce tracks down horse thieves near the Broken Rock Indian Reservation. He catches the crew led by a Canadian captain and finds the group smuggling horses across the border. John is sworn in as governor of Montana in the presence of his family, except Kayce. John announces his intention to fight to defend citizens’ right to freedom. Internally, John and his team of Beth, Jamie, and Perry are considering a solution for dealing with Market Actions. Meanwhile, Monica calls Kayce to tell her about her cramps. She believes they will have to opt for early delivery. Kayce, worried about how to deal with the horse thieves, decides to meet up with Monica at the hospital. Ranch, this local community celebrates John’s victory. After the celebration, John leaves the ranch to take office and begin his work as governor. However, in the final moments of the episode, a grave tragedy strikes the Dutton family.

Do Monica and Tate Die? What Happens to Monica’s Baby?

In the final moments of the episode, a pregnant Monica drives Tate to the hospital. However, his cramps worsen and he has trouble controlling the car. In addition, the streets are dark and the lights are dim, making orientation difficult. so Monica keeps an eye on the road. A cow blocks her path while Monica struggles to keep the car on the road. Meanwhile, a truck approaches quickly from across the street. Monica’s truck and car are about to run over the cow, but Monica pushes the car away at the last moment and eventually crashes. John gets the news of the accident and rushes to the hospital with Jamie and Beth. John finds Tate outside the infirmary and confirms that he survived the car accident. On the other hand, Monica is badly injured and in a coma.

But she survives the accident and is still alive. However, Tate breaks the news of her brother’s death to her. Before she passed out, Monica gave birth to a baby boy named John, who died an hour after birth. are killed in the accident, and the joy of John becoming governor pales in comparison to the tragic death of Monica and Kayce’s baby.

Why Did John Become the Governor?

The beginning of season five sheds some light on John Dutton’s political ambitions and the motivation behind his accession to the governorship. In season four, Governor Lynelle Perry approaches John with a proposal to nominate Jamie Dutton as Montana’s next governor while she is running to run for senator. However, John finds Jamie unworthy of the job and decides to enter the race himself. Perry supports John and the Dutton surname helps John get elected governor in the season 5 premiere. During his inaugural address, John announces his intention to cut funding for the airport project and increase taxes on non-residents. As a result, John intends to preserve the way of life adopted in Montana. , kept and passed down by his family for over a hundred years. The airport project is operated by Market Equities, which disrupts the state’s natural way of life with its ambitious modern projects. Therefore, it is safe to say that John went straight to fight with the multinational by announcing his intention to cut its funding.

Ultimately, the appointment of John as Governor of Montana is the natural progression in Patriarch Dutton’s struggle to protect his family’s lands and heritage. However, John’s actions make him a weak politician. As such, his focus can no longer be solely on his land and ranch. John must rise to the challenge and become a smart politician to achieve his lofty goals.

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