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Twilight of the Gods Trailer on Netflix: Released in September 2024

Twilight of the Gods Trailer on Netflix

“Twilight of the Gods Trailer on Netflix” Zack Snyder’s long-awaited animated series, arrives on Netflix in September 2024, promising a dark and mature narrative. With a TV-MA rating, expect intense action, stunning visuals, and a captivating storyline from this highly anticipated project.

Zack Snyder’s Netflix Animated Series ‘Twilight of the Gods’ Released in September 2024 Release and Festival Showcase. Zack Snyder’s much-anticipated animated series, “Twilight of the Gods,” is set to premiere on Netflix in Fall 2024, with a likely release in September. The series will also be showcased at the Annecy Festival in June 2024.

Twilight of the Gods

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Project Announcement and Development

First announced in July 2019, “Twilight of the Gods” has taken five years to develop. Snyder, known for his work on “Rebel Moon” and “Army of the Dead,” has been working on this project through his Stone Quarry banner. Snyder serves as the creator and executive producer and has directed episodes 1 and 8.

The series features Jay Olivia and Eric Carrasco as co-creators. Olivia has directed episodes 2 and 7, while Tim Divar/Andrew Tamadl and Dave Hartman/Andrew Tamadl have directed episodes 3, 5, 4, and 6 respectively. Deborah Snyder and Wesley Coller are also executive producers.

A first look at the series was revealed on April 24th. All eight episodes will be available on Netflix in Fall 2024, with a September release expected. This information was corroborated by Sherry Gunther Shugerman on LinkedIn, who announced the completion of post-production on April 25th.

The series is being produced by Stone Quarry Animation, a new venture by Snyder and Coller. Xilam Animation, a Parisian studio known for “Oggy and the Cockroaches,” was brought in to assist with the animation in 2023.

“Twilight of the Gods” will carry a TV-MA rating, with content warnings for language, nudity, sex, and smoking.

“Twilight of the Gods,” an animated series by Zack Snyder, will debut on Netflix in Fall 2024, most likely in September. The series will also feature at the Annecy Festival. Developed over five years, the series boasts a stellar creative team and will carry a TV-MA rating.

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