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Tulsa King Season 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Tried to Kill Dwight?

Tulsa King Season 1 Episode 3: Ending Explained

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‘Tulsa King’ on Paramount+ tells the story of New York City crime boss Dwight “The General” Manfredi. After his release from prison, Dwight travels to the eponymous Oklahoma City where he attempts to build a new criminal empire. In the third episode, titled “Caprice,” Dwight faces new challenges after discovering new business opportunities. However, an attempt on his life forces Dwight to divert his attention while trying to find the person after his life. Meanwhile an unknown criminal. 

The crew makes themselves known. As a result, viewers must seek answers to the episode’s complicated ending. If so, here’s everything you need to know about the Tulsa King Episode 3 finale! SPOILERS AHEAD!


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The third episode, titled “Caprice,” begins with the ATF surrounding the home of a man named Dumont. Stacy is present at the crime scene and tries to defuse the situation. Dumont is acting paranoid and could hurt someone. Dumont’s colleague Calon Waltrip arrives at the location. However, he refuses to help in negotiations with Dumont. Waltrip is being asked to vacate the property while  ATF considers a resolution. Dumont frees his dogs from the house but doesn’t want to give up. He commits suicide with explosives and destroys the house and also starts to like the city’s culture.

He sees a white horse casually strolling through the city streets and is amused. Later, Dwight picks Tyson up and they discuss his position on Dwight’s newly formed team. Tyson eventually wants to step up and become a kingpin, but Dwight refuses. He insists  Tyson is no criminal and has a bright future ahead of him. At Bodhi’s house Marijuana store, business begins to thrive with lower prices. Dwight thanked Bodhi and his team before learning about the nitrous oxide balloons being sold at a local music festival. Bodhi explains that a group of outsiders are the only ones who can source and sell drugs during music festivals. Dwight plans to break the monopoly and sell his nitrous oxide balloons. He talks to Mitch and the duo realizes they can quickly make $100,000 over the three-day concert. Dwight asks Mitch to buy nitrous oxide through his restaurant to avoid suspicion. Tyson and Dwight again discuss Tyson’s desire to become a gangster. However, Dwight insists that Tyson enroll in a university and get a decent job. its driver’s license exams and starts relatively slowly.

However, he is attacked by a masked attacker at a traffic light. Dwight examines the car and tries to catch the attacker. However, the car escapes, but Dwight manages to write down the car’s number. Dwight is arrested by the police investigating the shooting and accident. However, Stacy shows up and takes the case since Dwight is of interest to the ATF. Dwight buys Stacy dinner as a thank you and the two end up sleeping together. In the end, Dwight searches for the man who tried to kill him. Meanwhile, Stacy  Waltrip and his crew investigate the Black McAdams, a motorcycle gang that has recently bought lots of guns and ammo.

Who Tried to Kill Dwight?

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In the episode, Dwight is attacked by a mysterious assailant who manages to escape. Dwight immediately suspects that Vince, a member of the Invernizzi, is behind the attempt on his life. So Dwight calls Chickie and blames Vince and the Invernizzi crime family for trying to eliminate him. However, Chickie assures Dwight that neither he nor Vince had anything to do with the attack. Also, killing Dwight would hurt their own business, making Dwight’s accusation meaningless. Dwight realizes that someone from Tulsa is behind the attack on his life. Dwight enlists Stacy’s help to determine the location of the car the attacker was using. Dwight and Tyson find the burning car near a factory. Dwight searches for the vehicle and finds evidence that leads him to  Fennario Ranch.

Dwight meets Armand’s wife and asks her about the ranch, but she refuses to let him search the property. At night, Dwight follows Armand and attempts to confront him. However, Dwight stops when Armandis is with his son. However, the ending confirms that Dwight recognizes Armand and deduces that he was behind the attack. Dwight and Armand share a past, with the latter likely being involved in Dwight’s incarceration. So it will be interesting to see how Dwight treats the person who tried to hurt him.

Why Is the ATF After Waltrip? Why Did Dumont Kill Himself?

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The episode introduces viewers to Calon Waltrip, the leader of the motorcycle gang and one of Tulsa’s most notorious active criminals. Dumont, the man who blows himself up at the beginning of the episode, was part of Waltrip’s crew. The opening scene implies that the two argued. However, during Stacy’s investigation, we learn that Walrip’s crew is buying a large batch of guns and guns. So Waltrip is probably planning something big.

The episode also implies that Waltrip’s gang is involved in the drug business, making him a direct competitor to Dwight. Also, Dumont probably didn’t approve of what Waltrip was planning. Therefore, Waltrip could have tricked Dumont and disclosed his whereabouts and evidence against his colleague. Therefore, Dumont is left with no choice but to commit suicide. The episode established Waltrip as a ruthless leader and made him a formidable opponent for Dwight and the ATF.

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