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Troll 2 Movie Release Date & Spoilers | Netflix Troll Sequel, Ine Marie Wilmann, Kim Falck

Troll 2: Everything you need to know about, Renewed or Canceled, Cast, Plot, and Renewed or Canceled.

‘Troll’ on Netflix is ​​a fantasy drama film directed by Roar Uthaug from a screenplay by Espen Aukan. It follows paleontologist Nora Tidemann who is forced to reunite with her father after a giant troll emerges from the Dovre Mountains and threatens the nation. The Norwegian-American film adds some new elements to the monster genre and introduces viewers to the rich troll folklore. Therefore, viewers have to wonder if a second part will continue the story and offer us another action-packed adventure. In that case, here’s everything we’ve gathered about a possible “Troll” sequel.

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Troll 2 Release Date

“Troll” premiered on Netflix on December 1, 2022. Overall, the film received positive reviews from critics, who praised its take on the kaiju thriller subgenre with a mix of fantasy and folklore. Some critics also found the film comparable. to ‘Godzilla’ and ‘King Kong. Now let’s turn to the news about a possible sequel to the film. At the moment, the film’s creators have not announced any official plans for a sequel.

However, the ending of the first film and the narrative structure itself offers the idea of ​​an upcoming sequel. Additionally, a mid-credits scene teases a sequel that continues the story and explores troll folklore. As such, hopes for a greenlit sequel hinge on audience reception of the film. If the film is well received by viewers and exceeds Netflix viewer expectations, a sequel could be announced in the coming months. Assuming the streaming giant officially announces the second part in early 2023, production could wrap up before the end of the year. As such, viewers can expect to see a possible “Troll 2” hit our screens sometime in Q3 2023.

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Troll 2 Cast

‘Troll’ stars Ine Marie Wilmann as Nora Tidemann, a paleontology expert dealing with a monster. Kim Falck plays Andreas Isaksen, adviser to the Norwegian prime minister. Mads Sjøgård Pettersen plays Kaptein Kristoffer Holm, an army captain who helps Nora and Andreas fight the trolls. Gard B.Eidsvold plays Tobias Tidemann, Nora’s father and folklorist.

Anneke von der Lippe (Prime Minister Berit Moberg), Fridtjov Såheim (Defense Minister Frederick Markussen), Dennis Storhøi (Defense Chief General Sverre Lunde) and Karoline Viktoria Sletteng Garvang (Sigrid Hodne) appear in supporting roles. Most of the main characters are alive at the end of the first film, we expect Wilmann, Isaksen, and Pettersen to reprise their roles in the possible sequel. Likewise, most of the supporting actors could also appear in the second part. Despite his character’s death, Eidsvold may appear in flashback sequences to flesh out Nora’s backstory.

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Troll 2 Plot

‘Trolls’ follows the story of a giant troll trapped in the Dovre Mountains. Released in the mountains after a drilling expedition, he wreaks havoc in the countryside. The Prime Minister calls in paleontologist Nora Tidemann to help fight the creature. After learning the creature is a troll, Nora teams up with her father Tobias, a folklorist, to find ways to stop the monster. Finally, Nora defeats the monster with the help of Andreas and Kris.

However, the film ends with a hint that another troll will appear. The second part could focus on Nora, Andreas, and Kris getting together to fight the newly risen troll. As a result, they may have to delve into fairy tales and folklore to learn more about the monster they are fighting. This enabled us to learn more about the origin of the trolls and their near extinction. In the same way, we were also able to discover Nora’s past and the struggles with her father.

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Troll Plot

Things don’t go as planned during the first military encounter with the troll. Explosions and shots do not harm the giant and he can also smell the blood of individual soldiers. After eating one of the soldiers fighting with the group, Tobias gets up and tries to calm the creature. With arms outstretched, he appears to be successful. However, another vehicle comes and hits the troll with bullets. As Tobias spins around and crushes the people inside with a  boot, he is hit by the troll’s tail, sending him flying into the air and falling to the ground. “Listen, my girl. Believe…” he says to Nora and then dies young. he can elaborate on his words. After a botched church bell operation that resulted in the deaths and destruction of three helicopters, the Prime Minister makes a televised address to try to calm the nation. Evacuate Oslo, explain the evacuation status and make sure the area is completely clear. “Take care of each other… and may God bless us all and our homeland.” She says. And just like that, when all the residents leave, Nora has a ray of hope. Turn around and drive back to Oslo while On the road in the belief that there is a clue in the Royal Palace in Oslo. This explains the “Sinding” written in his father’s diary about the man who is currently inside. At the Royal Palace, Nora and Andreas delve deep into the underground tunnels, where Sinding reveals that he and the other officials destroyed Tobias’ life to protect his secret. And this mystery turns out to be the skeleton of an underground troll family. Nothing is more important to the trolls than family, in and during the Christianization of Norway the troll king was lured to Mount Dovre and imprisoned, presumed dead.

Of course, the previous explosive devices let him out and now he is returning to Oslo to try and reunite with his children. As Nora shines her ultraviolet light on the bones, she notices that they are sizzling and gets an idea. the Queen’s van and calls Captain Kris to put him in his position. As the troll approaches and heads for the center of the city, Sigrid’s abilities benefit the headquarters to hack into the military fighter jet’s system and prevent them from launching missiles at the center of the city. creature. Sigrid prevents them and remotely initiates a system disruption. With Oslo still intact and Nora’s plan very much alive, Andreas gives Nora a few words of encouragement when she’s doubting herself. As they leave, they remove the large tarp at the back to reveal the skull of one of the troll children found underground. After the troll accidentally cracks his skull and realizes he has no family left, he turns his attention to Nora and Andreas, determined to make them pay. He’s chasing them just as they spot Sigrid for hijacking the system at HQ.

Nora almost makes it to safety and jumps out of the truck just as the troll arrives, ready to stomp her to pieces. Military vehicles circle the troll and giant ultraviolet lights attached to the stern begin to glow. They light up one by one and sizzle the creature. As the troll remains in place, frozen by the UV lights, Nora suddenly turns off all the lights and asks the troll to go away. Kris makes all the men stand up. down and avoid shooting. “Go where you are Sure.” She pleads, “Go back to the mountain!” There is a quiet moment until sunlight suddenly bursts in as the sun rises, causing the troll to collapse into a heap. Just before it fully turns to stone, Nora reaches out and gently touches the creature while watching as its eye closes and the threat is averted. After resolving her issues with her father, Nora decides they should name this area Tobias Boulder. Andreas also quits his job with the Prime Minister and decides to pursue his dream of becoming a writer. “Do you think there are more out there? In a cave deep in the mountains?” asks Andreas when Nora smiles and the film ends.

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