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The Rookie Season 5 Episode 7 Ending Explained: Why Thorsen was against it?

Tonight on ABC your new series The Rookie airs with a new season 5 episode 7 for Sunday 6th November 2022 entitled ‘Crossfire’ and we have your synopsis of The Rookie below. On today’s episode 7 of The Rookie Season 5, according to ABC’s synopsis: “Officer John Nolan and Celina witness a shootout, discover the victim was already dead, and investigate further. Back home, Bailey has been uneasy since proposing, and Nolan wonders what he can do to make her feel more comfortable. Elsewhere, Lopez and Harper enlist Lucy’s help to investigate the gang-related murder of a local merchant.

Why was a man was rolling a coffin? 

Tonight’s episode begins with a man rolling a coffin across an intersection, Nolan and Juarez stop to ask him where he’s going with the body. The man says his brother Kevin is in the coffin and he’ll take him to the bar for one last drink, he doesn’t know when, if ever, he’ll see him again. He opens the coffin and his brother is not dead. They found the coffin. Lopez and Harper are at the scene of a liquor store owner who is shot in the head. It looks like he tried to reach it. A cop, Officer Jan, tells them that  Double R did it, a gang of girls his informant told him. At home, Bailey tells John that there is no electricity in the house. Ever since they got engaged, she’s been feeling bad. After talking to Celina, energy is locked in her place. Gray is served at roll call, as is Lopez, Elijah Stone vs. LAPD.

A civil complaint and application for release, which is a request for access to a police officer’s personnel file. López and Harper ask Chen to help them with the Double R, the leader is Shana Quelli, she was released 3 months ago. You need Chen to infiltrate the gang to get evidence or even a confession. Chen says they won’t let him near them. Harper reminds her that she’s at UC now, and finds out. Bradford and Thorsen are called into a house where there is a lot of screaming. Her mother says her son Tabin doesn’t hear her, screams, and slams doors. She asks her to make him fear Jesus. Thorsten volunteers to speak to him. Thorsten and Bradford give him words of encouragement and Thorsten gives him his business card if he ever needs it.

Why Thorsen was against it?

Wesley is drinking coffee and a muffin when Elijah shows up with a bodyguard. Wesley tells her the lawsuit is malicious. Elijah tells her to go away, he’s got a restraining order on her and he’ll be there every day. Wesley tells him to take the bun, that’s all he gets. Nolan and Juarez were about to give someone a ticket when a woman appeared out of nowhere and shot a man in a car multiple times. Nolan runs after her and manages to catch her, he puts her in the car and she says she got what she deserved. Juarez tells Nolan that she didn’t kill the guy, he’s been dead for over an hour. Gray shows up and says that if two people wanted him dead, the guy must have been a job. Chen says  Vina Codon, one of the Double Rs, is the sister of the Tabin  Thorsen and Bradford saw earlier in the day. Chen thinks his son might be his ticket.

Thorsen is against it, not wanting to do anything that would put Tabin in danger. Father drank too much. His father overdosed. Nolan tells him he won’t spend the rest of his life in prison, someone else killed him first. They take Tabin and her mother to the train station, they want to be introduced, they could take Vina home from the street. Tabin says he will. Nolan and Juarez bring Mrs. Mitchellson, she says she left early. him this morning. She says it doesn’t make sense, why would anyone want him dead, all his patients loved him.

Final Thoughts

Chen shows up incognito at a street party that Vina is at, gets out of the car, and says she’s UPS, she bought Vina’s brother and points a gun at Chen. Things settle down and Chen is welcomed back, but Tabin gets into an argument with another boy. Juarez tells Nolan that complaints about Mitchelson’s overprescribing of opioids have been mounting. Nolan and Juarez stake out the dispensary that dispenses the opioids for Mitchelson’s prescriptions. They stop a driver who just picked up boxes of prescriptions from the pharmacy. He gives the name of the man who made the doctorate. Chen is still sitting with Vina and Shana, racing at a restaurant. The owner gives the money, and they leave. Wesley tells Elijah that the town will make him an offer to accept. Elijah says he will take everything from him as he took from him.

Nolan and Juarez are looking for her husband, then Nolan gets a call from the coroner, the shots didn’t kill Mitchelson, he died of poisoning. Vina visits Tabin at his house, gives him her gun, and asks if he can hold it for her, he can use it if he has to. Her mother leaves and Thorsen and Bradford arrive to arrest Vina for the liquor store murder. Tabin says they used him, they just wanted his house. Chen ran away when she saw the gun, blowing his cover. Nolan realizes that Mitchelson’s wife is the one who poisoned her husband, he goes to her house and she confesses he and Juarez arrest her. Wesley calls a press conference and publicly apologizes to Elijah Stone for writing everything down. Bailey comes home, John as a surprise for her, brought her favorite chair.

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