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The Lord of the Rings, The Rings of power Episode 5: Ending Explained

The fifth installment of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, titled Farewells, resolves the dilemma that lies in the hearts of Elves, Men, and Dwarves. Eventually, everyone realized that evil was on the rise, and to survive his wrath they had to band together. The time for defending personal interests was over. The Regent, Galadriel, Arondir, High King Gil-galad, and others knew that Sauron was one of the greatest Maia, and it would be a daunting task to take on their forces.

Middle-earth was on the brink of war. An alliance of humans and elves was the need of the hour. The people trapped in the tower of Ostirith received a clear warning from Adar. They were told to join the orc army or be slaughtered. Numenor was also shared.

The Regent Queen wanted to reassure the general public by not helping the elf, and on the other hand, she also knew that the vision she saw in the Palantir was no mere figment of her imagination.

Wizard-Like Powers of Meteor Man

Nori and her family were still with the other Harfoots. Meteor Man had come to save her. If he hadn’t been there, Nori’s family would not have been able to keep up and would have been left behind in the end. Meteor Man is still trying to understand who he is, where he came from, and what his goal is. Nori tells him that, contrary to what you might think, he’s not evil.

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She tells him that he was a savior without whom her family would not have survived. Things got weird and Malva noticed many anomalies. He tried to convince Sardoc Burrows to leave the Brandyfoot behind, fearing that something bad would happen if Meteor Man stayed with them. Just then, Nori and Poppy noticed the tracks of a huge predator on the damp ground.

The wolves of Middle-earth were large predators, resembling an amalgamation of wolf and boar. One of these packs attacked Nori, Poppy, and Malva. His end seemed near. The wolves wanted to pounce on her. when something extraordinary happened.

The Meterman stood gallantly before the snarling wild beasts. He slammed his fist on the ground and the wolves fell off into the distance. Meteor Man saved the Harfoot clan. It seemed like every time he used his powers, something inside him changed. He had visions of the day he fell from the sky and lay at the center of that magical fire.

Nori also had the same visions when she touched the meteor man. She was scared beyond her comprehension. I didn’t understand what it all meant. I didn’t have the answers for anything.

He still didn’t know if Meteor Man was an evil spirit or had come to earth to help his kind. Sometimes she found him kind, and sometimes she was frightened by what he was capable of.

Adar’s Orc Army War on The Southlands

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The Orcs had finished digging their tunnel and Adar was ready to wage war against the Southlands. Bronwyn tried to convince her people to band together and fight against the forces of evil. But the group was split into two factions when Waldreg, who had sworn allegiance to Sauron, swayed the weaker minds and urged them to surrender. Honestly, it seemed like it was a little more cautious. The mortals of the Southlands stood no chance against the orc army led by Adar.

There were people who had never picked up a sword in their lives and did not know how to survive against an army of these hideous creatures. Arondir knew they had to use psychological warfare before going into actual battle. He knew that if he was to save Middle-earth from Sauron’s wrath, he must keep hope alive. Waldreg tried to influence Theo to come with him since he had the hold. But Theo stayed with his mother and Arondir.

He showed the hilt to Arondir, who knew it was no ordinary weapon. He realized that it was some kind of key that could unleash vast and unknown powers. Adar had talked about two things. First, he talked about his aspirations to become a god and how he hoped that one day Sauron would grant him that boon.

Secondly, he spoke of making Middle-earth a place where darkness could dwell forever. Arondir knew he needed the key badly as it would help him achieve his dark dreams. Bronwyn and Arondir knew the orc army would arrive in less than a day. They weren’t prepared for battle, but they had no choice but to face their fears directly on the battlefield.

Elrond And the Dilemma Of His Oath

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Durin IV had come to the Noldor because he sensed that High King Gil-Galad was hiding something from him. He also knew that Elrond did not know the true intentions of Celebrimbor and the High King. Gil-Galad told Elrond that he must tell him if he knew anything about mithril, the magical ore discovered in the mines of Khazad-Dum. But Elrond had sworn to his friend Durin that he would not tell his secret to anyone. Elrond was in a dilemma.

On the one hand, there was his duty; On the other hand, there was their friendship. Gil-galad tells Elrond of Hithaeglir’s Rootsong. It is said that a battle was fought on top of the Misty Mountains. It was believed that the lost Silmaril was hidden in a tree.

On one side was an elf warrior and on the other side was Balrog, one of Morgoth’s most loyal servants. The tree is said to have been struck by lightning, which in turn forged a unique mineral the elves called mithril. The dwarves had found it. Gil-Galad informs Elrond that the substance is critical to his survival. He said that while their souls are immortal, they would eventually die if they didn’t have this ore in their possession.

Elrond did not yet understand the intricacies of the prophecy. Celebrimbor told him that his father had the conviction and belief that he could do what others could not. Celebrimbor apologizes to Elrond for not telling him the true intention. to send him to Khazad-dum. Elrond didn’t know what to do or say. He went to Durin and told him the truth.

He told the prince of Khazad-dum about his dilemma and why it was so difficult for him to choose. Durin cherished the bond he shared with his elven friend. He told her he would give her mithril. Elrond couldn’t believe his ears. He thanked her, but Durin told him not to get too upset as he still had to convince his father to give them permission.

Galadriel And Halbrand Leave for Middle Earth

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Her father told Queen Regent Miriel not to go to Middle-earth because something terrible was waiting for her. She kept asking what she was seeing, but the old man said nothing to her. The Queen was in a dilemma. He didn’t know whether to help Galadriel or not. Besides the queen’s indecisiveness, there was another problem.

Halfrim didn’t want to return to Middle-earth. He tells Galadriel that his clan had once surrendered to the dark forces and that he never wanted to face the horrors of his past again. Galadriel had been promised by the Queen that Halbrand would be crowned King of the Southlands, as he was the rightful heir to the throne. He had assured the Regent Queen that he would lead the men into battle and fight at their side.

Galadriel knew he had to confront Halbrand and convince him to go to Middle-earth with them. The queen had already given them five ships and five hundred men. Halbrand counters this, suspecting that Galadriel did so out of revenge. Galadriel tells him it is not.

She says her own army cannot understand her motives. They could not tell the difference between her and the evil that lurked in the deep, dark depths of Middle-earth. She says she can’t be at peace until she proves to everyone that she meant no harm and that she was sane when she told everyone that evil arises. Halbrand finally agreed, giving Galadriel renewed hope that their endeavors would be successful.

Trumpets were blown and war cries were heard in the skies of Númenor. The brave soldiers of Númenor sailed to save the Southlands and fight evil. They didn’t know if they would survive the Dark Lord’s wrath. They knew they were ready to conquer the darkness or die trying on the battlefield.

Pharazon, on the other hand, had a completely different ambition. He believed that if they helped mortals in the Southlands they would have a position of influence and a say in things. of the state. He told his son Kemen that they could exploit the rich lands of Middle-earth and take any resources they could get from there for their own personal gain. His son Kemen was not happy with his father taking orders from an Elf. He tried to convince him to rebel against the Queen’s decision.

He had seen how his father had a gift with words. She had seen him courting the crowds and using them to his advantage. He wanted his father to wave his wand again and take matters into his own hands. Pharazon knew that sooner or later he would hold the reins, but he didn’t want to rush things. Kemen was restless and wanted to do something about the situation.

He went and destroyed two ships, and in return, the Númenóreans were forced to sail to the Southlands with a fleet of only three ships. Isildur had seen Kemen trying to burn the ships. Surprisingly, he didn’t. Tell your parents or someone else about the incident. The character of Kemen is not mentioned in J’s stories.

Tolkien and so it would be interesting to see where the creators take him from here. In the next episodes of The Rings of Power, we will learn the fate of the soldiers who sailed these ships to Middle-earth and if they are able to defeat Sauron and his forces and save Númenor from its fate.

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