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Sick Ending Explained. Who Were The Killers In Sick?

In the slasher of Peacock Sick, scream writer Kevin Williamson returns to write a COVID-era slasher film, and Sick’s ending manages to weave his pandemic satire into the film’s gory horror story. Despite having all weathered the global COVID-19 pandemic together, there have been surprisingly few major films made during lockdown or quarantine, perhaps because that event was too traumatic to see in entertainment again so soon. Though some big-budget titles like Glass Onion:

Knives Out Mystery has incorporated the pandemic into their stories, Scream franchise co-creator Kevin Williamson’s slasher Sick isn’t just set during the pandemic, unabashedly focuses his story around COVID-19. Or rather, the screenwriter’s clever and brutal slasher film focuses on people’s reactions to the pandemic. As Scream 6 prepares to bring back one of Williamson’s original Scream villains, Sick sees the author offering a more contemporary deconstruction of slasher stories. Sick friends Parker and Miri quarantine together at Parker’s luxurious and secluded lakeside home, only to be joined by Parker’s partner DJ. DJ is soon killed by a masked attacker and Parker and Miri struggle to survive just like him. The killer gets closer, leading to not one, but two major twists in Sick’s ending.

What Happens In Sick’s Ending

After DJ is killed trying to stop the killer, Miri and Parker try to hide at the lake house. In the ensuing scuffle, Miri falls out of a window and breaks her leg, forcing her to play dead as the killer investigates. outside. In a brutal fight scene in the kitchen, Parker kills his attacker. As in Williamson’s Scream films, however, Sick is revealed to have more than one killer when another masked assailant arrives, crying upon finding the body. Parker is chased across the lake, bis her neighbor’s house, and on the street, before a passer-by picks her up, only for the driver to hit her with a chloroform-sprayed face mask.

Who Were The Killers In Sick?

When Parker returns to the lake house, the identities of her attackers are revealed. They are the parents of Benji, the “random guy” Parker made out with at a party before Sick’s story began. Benji’s mother informs Parker that Benji died a few days after that party from contracting COVID-19 at Parker’s when the couple met. Remarkably, Benji’s parents ignore the fact that their son attended an End of the World party and blame Parker alone for his death, despite his role contract the disease. Much like Williamson’s Scream heroine Sidney Prescott, Parker artfully separates the killers before Miri KOs Benji’s mother. The duo kills Benji’s father by knocking him off a railing and impaling him.

Why Did The Killers Target Miri and DJ Too?

Since Parker was the one who gave Benji COVID-19 (according to Benji’s parents’ contact trace), his revenge motive for her killing makes sense. However, as Parker himself points out, the couple is without apologies. for attempting to kill Miri and successfully killing DJ. Benji’s parents sarcastically remark that Parker should be quarantined alone and claim that she is therefore responsible for the deaths of their friends, further compounding how blind the two s are to their goal. Unable to take responsibility for their actions, Benji’s parents constantly try to find a way to make Parker the source of their problems, thereby justifying DJ’s death and Miri’s severe injuries.

Who Was The Killer That Parker Defeated?

Like screenwriter Scream’s legendary slasher, Sick has a killer faking his identity. The first masked killer is Benji’s unnamed older brother, who helps his parents get revenge on Parker. This twist is barely mentioned in The End of Sick, as the parents don’t even say their eldest son’s name on-screen. However, Sick’s tense plot mechanic only adds to this when the existence of this additional killer is factored in. The opening sequence, where Tyler (who gave Parker COVID-19) is assassinated requires the presence of this younger, fitter assassin as the college student fights quite intensely before finally being murdered. When the girls arrive at the lake house, there is a daytime scene in which Parker realizes that a door that she had previously closed has been left open. This is where the two assassins come into play. Later that night, viewers see a masked assassin sneaking through the front door behind DJ, making ‘s previous open-door look like a red herring.

What Sick’s Ending Really Means?

The end of Sick is a sharp condemnation of those who used the tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to monitor the behavior of others and gain a sense of moral superiority over them. Like the teenage heroes of Williamson’s earlier hits like Dawson’s Creek, Parker and Miri can obsess over themselves and, in Parker’s case, be mindless about their privilege. However, they are also fundamentally decent characters who have done nothing to deserve their ordeal. Benji’s family blames him. Parker is alone in their son’s decision. A huge party and bookings with strangers during a pandemic reveal a misogynist streak that eventually sentences her to death.

Benji’s family refuses to blame Benji for his actions, instead accusing Parker of being “thoughtless”. However, because of this attitude, they underestimate the resilient final girl from this slasher film. Like many Final Girls before her, Parker unveils hidden depths as she uses cunning, wits, and sheer strength to overwhelm her attackers and take down Benji’s family one by one. 1. Like Scream’s Sidney Prescott, the Heroine of Sick is another of Williamson’s cute teen heroines whose cheerful demeanor hides a badass edge. In Sick’s finale, Parker proves she’s more than the mindless party girl her attackers scorned, joining the heroine of Scream in the pantheon of the greatest final girls of all time.

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