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Resurrection Ending Explained: David Moore Dead or Alive?


Resurrection: Ending Explained, and Movie Review.

Resurrection will make you wait until the end to take you on a journey you never expected. Rebecca Hall is brilliant in her portrayal of a mother with a traumatic past. Tim Roth’s smile as a psychotic lover will chill you. The film begins with Margaret listening intently to a young woman’s relationship with her boyfriend, who tends to be insensitive, but Margaret goes on to call him a sadist.

At first, I thought Margaret might be a businesswoman. Consultant, but as the story progresses we learn that he holds a prominent position at the biotech firm. The woman he was listening to was an intern named Gwen, and she took it upon herself to make a positive impact on his life. Margaret is mainly seen in black, gray, and white, nothing that draws attention to her. The only color in his everyday life is Abbie, his seventeen-year-old daughter.

The storyline of the Film

Nothing in Margaret’s life is out of place. She is the perfect collaborator. She shares a bed with her married colleague whenever she wants, and she has a near-perfect apartment that she shares with her daughter. Unlike Margaret’s apartment, Abbie’s room is a mess, suggesting that there are spaces and people she cannot control. Your daughter will be going to college and will be eighteen in two weeks. Margaret struggled with the thought that her daughter would no longer be with her all the time. One-night Abbie showed her mother a tooth she found in her pocket. It wasn’t his and he didn’t know who owned it. showed up.


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Strange though it was, Margaret didn’t think about it much, but it was the beginning of the arrival of a past that had left her buried. Margaret panicked when she was told her daughter had fallen off a bike she was riding with her. We continue to learn how overprotective Margaret treated her daughter by not allowing her to learn to ride a bike. Though she believed she was protecting Abbie, her daughter often felt trapped. an annual conference. Everything around her was blurry and her heart started beating faster.

She ran from the conference room to her house to check on her daughter. Abbie was shocked by her mother’s sudden arrival and knew something was wrong with her, but Margaret refused to do so. Tell the truth and blame your health. She kept Abbie from leaving the house; it unnerved her of a danger that hung around her and from which she had to protect herself. His nightmare about a baby left in an oven was a clue for the audience to unravel his mysterious past. Have you murdered your baby in the past? Was the man your ex-partner with whom you had a child? What was he running from?

Introduction of David Moore

Margaret began noticing David in every other public place he was present and eventually worked up the courage to confront him. She walked right up to him in the park and directly threatened him to stay away from her and her daughter. The man in question initially pretended not to know her, but later left her sentences to work out.

He mentioned that Ben was with him. This comment surprised Margaret, but she countered by accusing him of being a liar. He walked out of the park, but he smiled enough for her to realize that the tooth Abbie found was hers. He was watching his daughter and she didn’t even know it. Margaret asked the police for help, but they had nothing to charge her with. She always saw him in public places and he hadn’t threatened her directly yet. Margaret left because she knew she was alone to take care of her daughter. He added an extra lock to his apartment and pulled out a revolver he had hidden in his locker. We know David Moore thanks to Margaret opening her heart to Gwen. In the seven-and-a-half-minute monologue, Margaret opened up about her past for the first time. The long shot with limited camera movement, focusing only on Hall’s facial expression as he recounted his horrifying past, was compelling. Her parents were biologists and she accompanied them to a conference in Canada. There he met Moore. She was then eighteen years old. Moore was an attractive man, and in the murky landscape, she found him fascinating. He managed to charm his parents and became a regular at their home. Margaret eventually moved out of her parent’s home, stating she was too old to live with them. He began living with Moore, and little by little the tortures began.


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He called them small favors. It started with cooking, cleaning, and asking her never to wear shoes and she agreed. He showered her with praise. and affection after deeds. I felt seen and appreciated in his presence. He told her that she was his muse and she inspired him to make a breakthrough. She was naïve enough to believe him, but gradually the acts of kindness took a turn for the worse. Cigarettes when he couldn’t perform a task, and he did. She realized she was pregnant at five months. David forbade her to give birth and she tried her best to stop the baby from growing, but she couldn’t help it. She gave birth to him in her bed with no medication or assistance. She immediately fell in love with her son Benjamin. David knew how much the baby meant to her, and one day he asked her to go into town to get some supplies.

When he returned home, Benjamin had only two fingers left. No matter how many times Margaret asked him what he had done to her child, he replied by saying that he had consumed him. That the baby lived inside him and over time Margaret began to believe in it. I could hear the baby crying; I could feel that I was trapped. But he couldn’t take it anymore, so he ran off to America on a truck with some money. She thought she left him behind, but after 22 years he was back in her life to traumatize her to the point of insanity. Gwen did. I don’t know what to say. She left the room awkwardly, either choosing not to believe what she had just heard or just forgetting. The interesting thing is that it was David who forbade Margaret to draw, and after twenty-two years, just a day or two before her daughter gave her the tooth, she drew for the first time in a long time. It seemed like she subconsciously knew about Moore’s arrival and wanted to do what she enjoyed before he came back into her life. It could also be his way of exercising his free will before losing control of his life. She drew triangles when he first met her, and in

she drew the same before he came back.

David Moore Dead or Alive?

Margaret tried to decipher Moore’s message and found that he mentioned the word “boulevard.” He found a hotel with the same name and waited for him in his car. She noticed him leaving the hotel and going to a restaurant. There she approached him. She warned him to stay out of her life, but he agreed. when she performed an act of kindness. He asked her to go barefoot to his office every day, and only then would he leave her alone. She refused to take any more orders from him.


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Again, he talked about Benjamin. He mentioned that his son was alive and that he had kept him alive. But if he chose to kill him, she couldn’t blame him. Margaret left the restaurant determined not to accept her request, but prioritized her daughter’s life and chose to go barefoot to affirm her safety. Abbie believed her mother was suffering mentally and that she needed help. She couldn’t stay locked in her room any longer., away from a danger he had never seen or heard of. Margaret began stalking him at night and would enter his room when he was gone. She found the cloth she had wrapped her baby in. She took him to her apartment and fell asleep clutching him. She woke up and realized that she had been breastfeeding, her life was chaotic and she couldn’t think anymore. Breastfeeding could be an indication of the deprivation of the mother who wanted to raise her baby, a joy that was taken away from her, but the thought of carrying her baby again made her body react. Margaret watched Moore every night and thought of murdering him with her gun.

When Abbie warned her that if her mother kept locking her in the house, she would leave, Margaret decided it was time to kill the man. She aimed the gun at his head but was unable to shoot him. He grabbed her and argued that he couldn’t shoot because he knew the baby was living inside him. He punished her by ordering her to take a stressful position every day. from 2 a.m. to sunrise. Margaret complied with her request, but Abbie ran out of the house and she was unable to stop her. Determined to be the perfect mother to her children this time around, she decided to meet Moore when he invited her to his room for the night. He left a note and a video message for Abbie if she doesn’t survive. Moore received them in peace. He had prepared a romantic dinner in his room.

They spoke about their past when they first met. He went ahead and asked her to listen to her baby. She put her ears on her stomach. I could hear the baby. I could feel it inside. She asked her son to forgive her for leaving him. Moore comforted her by saying that the baby forgave her. Margaret was now certain that her baby was alive and needed to be saved. He grabbed the knife he had hidden up his sleeve and attacked Moore. She hurt him so badly that she called him to the bed. Moore warned him that the baby would only live if he were alive, so he decided to tear his body apart while he was conscious. Moore died in the process., but after removing her organs, she found her baby hiding underneath. He was finally able to save him after all these years.

How does the movie Resurrection end?

“Resurrection” ends with Abbie returning home to visit her mother. The rooms are strangely bright, which makes us feel like this is a fragment of fantasy. He goes into his mother’s room; We see Margaret holding Ben in her arms. Abbie holds her little brother carefully; She enjoys his company. She expresses her gratitude to her mother for saving her from the danger that awaited her. She wasn’t afraid anymore, and that only applied to Margaret. He smiled as he listened to his daughter; She was able to protect her children and become the perfect mother she always imagined to be. As the camera zooms in on her face, an ominous piece of music begins to play, showing how far from reality she is.


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Of course, the ending is open and leaves it to the imagination of the audience. What can be confirmed is that what we saw at the end was far from reality. It was a hallucination or a nightmare or even supernatural. The rescue was what Margaret had always wanted to do but had been unable to do in the past. , so he believed he saved Ben in the end. He had sensed the madness of David; he saw what he wanted to see. He believed that without him there would be no baby, but Margaret had absorbed the madness well enough to project it into her version of reality.

From her youth through various endurance tests, David made her believe that she was a warrior. , someone who takes pain like no other. It was this belief that perhaps made Margaret embark on this horrible journey alone, knowing that only she could protect him and solve everything. In the end, she loses herself and her daughter in the process. He could have murdered Moore or imagined anything; Anyway, the reality was worth gasping for.

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