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Raymond & Ray Ending Explained: Why Did Raymond Didn’t Reveal His Real Brother?

Raymond & Ray, written and directed by Rodrigo Garcia, is an Apple TV+ comedy-drama film about a road trip. The story revolves around two brothers (later revealed to be half-brothers), Raymond (Ewan McGregor) and Ray. (Ethan Hawke). After learning of their father’s death, they reluctantly decide to attend his funeral. We learn that both Ray and Raymond were estranged from their father, Harris, and the reasons for this are explored separately and together. “Raymond & Ray” sails. Through the story he tells quietly, he examines the two men’s reactions to their father’s death. Here’s everything you need to know about the Raymond & Ray ending. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Raymond & Ray Synopsis

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The film begins with Raymond arriving at Ray’s house late one night to deliver the news of his father’s death. In response, Ray first asks if Harris’ death was a case of suicide. Though initially reluctant to attend the last rites of a man who made life miserable for him, Ray nevertheless decides to accompany the other man to the outskirts of Vermont, where Harris spent his final years, knowing that Raymond suffered. more at the hands of his father. Raymond and Ray grew up together.

One of his mothers was Harris’ wife while the other was his mistress; We’re never told who was who. They were inseparable growing up, but as so often with growing children, priorities change as they get older. Harris left a lasting mark on the minds of these two men, and the more time they spend digging into the arrangements, the clearer those marks of emotional abuse become. Almost inevitably, Ray and Raymond become frustrated and angry with each other. during the service, because the other man is reacting to his current circumstances. Ray wants Raymond to be visibly angry about how horribly his father treated him, while Raymond wants Ray to behave with some respect for the situation, even if the man doesn’t deserve it.

Why Did Raymond Didn’t Reveal to Ray That He Was Not His Real Brother?

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Prior to his death, Harris left explicit instructions on how his funeral would be conducted, and Raymond and Ray are moving on despite their legitimate grudges over the years. Upon digging the grave, which is one of the instructions  Harris left, they discover they have at least three other half-siblings. When Lucia, the woman who took care of Harris in his later years and is the mother of his son Simon, insists that the coffin be opened so Simon can have one last look at his father, we learn that Harris is buried wanted to become. not only naked but also upside down. At the end of the funeral,  following the wishes of the deceased, Reverend West Harris gives five letters. five children.

We’ll never know what the other three cards say, but Raymond and Ray read their cards on the screen. it was as a kid, before admitting he didn’t know what to do with it. Instead, his letter to Raymond is longer. In it, Harris addresses the mistakes he’s made to Raymond over the years before revealing that Ray isn’t his son. Ray’s mother was already pregnant with him when she and Harris got together. They accepted the facade because Harris loved Ray’s mother. Harris ends the letter by telling Raymond to do what he likes with this information, adding that he trusts him. One thing to think about here is that he could have told Ray anything

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It says so in the letter he sent you, and things between their children shouldn’t have been complicated. Ray’s mother is dead, so if Harris had passed the information in the letter to Ray, the only man whose life would be affected would have access to him. Sharing it with Raymond, it’s almost like Harris is rising from the grave and reaffirming his presence in his children’s lives. When Ray and Raymond meet in front of Lucía’s house, Lucía doesn’t say anything about the letter beforehand. Well, maybe because he doesn’t want to complicate things with his half-brother when their relationship is just starting to improve. It is also possible that you withhold the information for the time being in order to pass it on later. After all, they agree to meet up next weekend and Raymond promises Ray that they will talk about his father. The revelation will no doubt have some knock-on effects, but it seems Ray and Raymond are bound more by shared experience than blood. They will be fine.

What Happens Before The Funeral In Raymond and Ray?

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The film is divided into three distinct acts: one that takes place before the funeral, one that occurs during the funeral itself, and one that occurs after the funeral. The film introduces the characters of Raymond and Ray. We found out that they are both half-siblings, they have the same father and different mothers. Raymond arrives to deliver some news to his brother Ray, the news that their father has died and that the funeral will be the next day. It is revealed that both brothers don’t have a good relationship with their father. Ray needs convincing. He really hates his father and thinks this is all just a joke. In the end, he gives in, and the next morning the couple takes the truck to the funeral home. Along the way, they receive calls from the funeral home and their father’s lawyer.

First, they visit the lawyer and he tells them that he left them some money and that one of the items in his will is that his children have to dig his grave. Ray can’t believe his father is still playing with them even though he’s dead. They arrive at their father’s house and meet Julia there, who appears to have been the person who took care of her father during his final years. Raymond is clearly attracted to Lucia. The brothers go to the funeral home and look around the facility in preparation for the wake. Raymond talks to Lucia and we find out she has a son, but she doesn’t like talking about him. Ray, on the other hand, meets one of his father’s nurses at the hospital. He says it reminds him of someone. The funeral is going smoothly. However, not many people visit his father. It is revealed that while many people who knew him in his later years found him a charming fellow, his father was actually quite mean to both brothers. . Not a very good example at all. After the wake,  the corpse is taken directly to the cemetery.

What Happens During And After The Funeral?

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In the cemetery, the brothers begin digging the grave. Lucía arrives with a boy around 10 years old and the brothers discover that the boy named Simón is their younger brother. Everything comes as a surprise. It is revealed that Raymond is separated from his wife and that he has in fact had two wives before her. He has already been divorced twice. It is also revealed that Ray was an addict and disappeared for a while he met a woman who healed him but unfortunately she died. That’s why Ray is so grumpy and lonely. Two other men arrive and discover that they are also their father’s sons. The five brothers help dig the grave. After they’re done, they transport the body to the grave and Ray vents his anger by admitting that he hates his father and doesn’t feel bad about it. Later, when asked if they would like to say anything during the funeral, Raymond says yes but can’t. So he runs to his truck, pulls out a gun, and shoots the coffin with it. Ray also goes to the truck, pulls out a trumpet, and plays a piece of music.

The funeral ends and the brothers say goodbye. Raymond goes with Lucia and Ray goes with Kiera, his father’s nurse. Inside the house, Raymond and Lucia express their feelings for each other and kiss and have sex. She says that now that her father is dead, they must move on. Ray goes to a jazz bar with Kiera and everything seems to be going well, but then he messes up by being an idiot. It is clear that he is afraid of entering into a relationship after the death of his wife. The next day, Ray goes to the house and is greeted by Raymond. They laugh at the idea that Raymond was basically having sex with his brother’s mother. Which sounds very strange. A letter reveals that Ray is not actually Raymond’s brother, but Raymond does not reveal this to Ray. No matter what, they feel like brothers. The film ends with Ray driving home in the truck while listening to music.

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