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NCIS Los Angeles Season 14 Episode 3 Ending Explained: NCIS was not Allowed to work on the Case

The NCIS team joins forces with the FBI when a group of creepy mimes known as “The Body Stitchers” return after evading capture by NCIS years ago. Also, Sam’s father has a new friend in Arkady.

Unsolved Case

On Tonight’s NCIS: Los Angeles a few years ago there was a case involving a group of hit men called “The Body Stitchers”. This group kidnapped people and killed them as part of a live show. It got its name because its viewers found it particularly amusing when they stitched their victims together with different body parts. It’s like they’re Dr. Frankenstein. They wanted to recreate their monster and the audience loved to see it. It definitely seems to be paying off, as the group has been on the run for years. They performed in different countries for a few weeks. They managed to get in and out. bypassing the normal entry points.

And they’re constantly buying aliases from the dark web. Regardless, the Body Stitchers disappeared just as NCIS was about to arrest them. The group evaporated and it was up to the FBI to solve what the NCISA team had started. The FBI has been looking for the group for several years. They weren’t able to catch them or get any information. They didn’t realize it either when the Body Stitchers returned to Los Angeles. Senior Special Agent Rand has been hunting the group for years and didn’t even know the killers had returned to their turf. Rand contacted NCIS when he found he needed their help finding this group. The team was willing to help and only Admiral Killbride had reservations.

NCIS was not Allowed to work on the Case

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Kilbride reminded Rand that this was not an NCIS case. They intervened when a decorated naval officer was killed, and this is how they came close to arresting the Body Stitchers. Killbride felt that the Navy’s cases should have priority at NCIS. He told Rand that if he called another job, the team would have to be moved to their proper jobs instead of helping the FBI. Rand got it. She was willing to accept any help from the team, so the team sought out the Body Stitchers. They found out how the group paid for their lavish lifestyle of travel. The group sold online memberships to their small club. These memberships included a password to an online feed that displayed a live view.

There were people who were so attracted to the morbid part of the internet that they were willing to pay anything for it. Even helping to fund the assassination. Later, the team encountered one of these members. They asked him about the group. They told him he was responsible for the murders when he saw them stitching body parts together and then the guy spoke up. He didn’t want to go to jail. He told the team everything he knew about the group. He told them how to access his site. The guy also said he was afraid of the group. He said he had no idea they were killing all the people they were sewing together and that he feared for his life. The team hadn’t believed him until they found the boy’s mother. They had placed her in a bathtub and someone had poured acid over her. But the hand was missing.

NCIS managed to solve the Case

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It was the hand that alerted her that the Body Stitchers were after her. The team notified the suspect that his mother had been killed, and he stopped talking because he was worried about what the group would do to him now that he was talking. Meanwhile, Fatima and Roundtree hacked into the group’s website when a terror alert was received. As Killbride mentioned earlier, NCIS cases take precedence. He sent some of his agents to deal with the crisis and the rest of the team continued with the Body Stitchers. The team was able to get an address from which the videos were streamed. They went there with the FBI. You were there when someone shot and killed one of the Body Stitchers. Nobody on the team knew who killed the guy.

Everyone turned out after the shots were fired and managed to arrest the head of the body stitchers. They just didn’t catch the ringleader. The ringleader’s name was Vincent. Vincent was more than a leader. He led this cult. After catching a guy, Roundtree demanded to speak to Vincent. The team told him he could call them in jail, so the guy pretended to turn himself in and actually put up a last-ditch stand. He refused to drop his gun. Or talk about Vincent. Roundtree had to shoot him and was taken to the hospital. But the team never apprehended this Vincent. They had no idea what it was like. The man they rescued from the Body Stitchers only knew what it sounded like, but the team finally got crucial information.

The Final Call

The guy they arrested because they thought he was just a witness, wasn’t just a witness. He killed his mother. He’s been working with  Body Stitchers all along. He was protected by FBI Special Agent Collins. Collins was the person who killed Body Stitchers during the live show. He was also the guy who helped one of the Body Stitchers escape from the theater. Help, It’s Vincent. He has a nickname which is short for Vincent Van Gough. He founded a sect and has been protecting his true people all along. That’s why the FBI never got to his case. That’s because Collins was a spy.

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