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Mike Episode 3 and 4 Ending Explained: How Did Denise Tyson Die?

The third and fourth episodes of Hulu’s sports drama series Mike, titled Lover and Meal Ticket, follow the aftermath of Mike Tyson’s championship win over Trevor Berbick. Mike is becoming the next big thing in boxing. and begins to develop feelings for actress Robin Givens, paving the way for their relationship.

The couple soon finds themselves in an important surprise that will change their lives. Robin begins controlling Mike to “protect” her husband, not foreseeing the consequences.

The show’s fourth episode concludes by describing one of the most terrifying periods in Mike’s life, and here’s everything you need to know about it! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Mike Episode 3 and 4 Recap

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‘Lover’ begins with Mike meeting Robin for the first time in the presence of his mother. They begin to have a close relationship, but the boxer is not faithful to her as he is cheating on her with several women. In the ring, Mike is still unbeatable. Robin and Mike eventually reveal to the public that they are a couple and the former even buy them a new house. With Mike’s finances being overseen solely by Bill Cayton, Robin asks him to keep in touch. how much does Cayton use his money? While attending Jimmy Jacobs’ funeral, Mike meets Don King, who becomes the boxer’s new promoter, much to Cayton’s annoyance.

When Robin becomes pregnant, Mike surprises her with an offer of marriage, just for her to marry without much celebration. Due to his wife’s urging, Mike begins seeing a psychiatrist who asks him to take lithium as a medication. Although the drug severely affects his body, Robin assures him that he is taking it. He also steps in when Mike agrees to give money to Cus D’Amato’s widow, Camille D’Amato, his adoptive mother. Mike begins to find it difficult to tolerate Robin’s controlling behavior. When she loses her baby to a miscarriage, her relationship suffers further. On national television, Robin reveals Mike’s abuse of her, paving the way for their divorce.

‘Meal Ticket’ begins with Mike’s life after breaking up with Robin. He spends time with his sister Denise Tyson, who asks him not to let those around him “steal” him, even if it’s Don. Meanwhile, the promoter arranges a match for Mike against outsider James “Buster” Douglas in Tokyo.

How Does Mike Lose to Buster Douglas? Episode 4 Ending Explained.

When Don King sets up Mike vs. Buster, the former is an undisputed champion with no taste for failure in the ring. In reality, though, Mike wasn’t ready to get in the ring and win. the fight for the championship. “I didn’t want to fight; All I cared about back then was partying and fucking women,” Mike wrote of the fight in his autobiography, Undisputed Truth. His body wasn’t in the best shape either. “I had gained thirty pounds.

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King was so concerned about my weight that he offered me a bonus if I get to my usual weight in a month if we fight,” he added in the book. Also, Buster wasn’t a boxer, the one that posed a direct threat. To Mike’s dominance of the ring to him. As far as Mike was concerned, he had beaten the boxers who defeated Buster, resulting in him not preparing adequately for the fight. “I don’t see Buster Douglas as a big challenge seen.

I haven’t even bothered to watch any of his fights on tape,” Mike wrote in Undisputed Truth. Although Mike managed to lose some weight, he recorded his highest fight weight prior to the Buster bout. Factors, Mike Tyson wasn’t Mike Tyson in the ring against Buster “He barely threw.

That was the fewest punches I’ve ever dealt in a fight,” Mike said of his fight. “He [Buster] put up a very good fight that night. But I was an easy target for him. my head at all,” he added in his autobiography.

Mike ended up losing the fight when the referee counted it out. Although Don King and Mike protested the result and pointed out certain irregularities in the counting, the result stood. Mike’s loss to Buster marked a phase of the former’s defeat. Life in which his priorities shifted from boxing to other things. His lack of preparation and wandering mind also apparently played a part in his defeat.

How Did Denise Tyson Die?

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A few days after Mike’s defeat by Buster, he learns that his sister Denise has died. Denise died on February 21, 1990, at the age of 24. She was reportedly found dead by her husband at their home in the St. Albans neighborhood of Queens, New York. According to the police, he apparently died of a heart attack.

Denise also reportedly had diabetes and asthma. His death hit Mike hard. Mike wrote about Denise’s death on ‘Undisputed Truth’.

Mike had a “long phone call” with Denise the night before she died. She is buried in Rosedale and Rosehill Cemetery in Linden, New Jersey.

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