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Is Welcome to Wrexham Based on a True Story? Let’s Find Out.

We get a deep dive into this sporting world with FX’s “Welcome to Wrexham,” which focuses on two Hollywood stars who hope to turn a football club into the underdog story of a lifetime. After all, it is no small matter that Rob McElhenney (“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”) and Ryan Reynolds (“Deadpool”) are buying the English fifth division club Wrexham AFC Red Dragons (NL). So, if you want to know exactly how many of these captivating and hilarious original Boardwalk Pictures are inspired by real-life events, we’ve got the nitty-gritty details for you.

Yes, Welcome to Wrexham is an absolutely authentic true story. It’s actually a documentary series that traces Rob and Ryan’s entry into the industry with their takeover of the third oldest football club in the world and their subsequent management. Not only did the duo invest £ 2 million (almost $2.5million) to buy this historic but failed Welsh professional team in November 2020, they have been involved ever since. In fact, it’s worth mentioning that the deal was actually struck by

Come through only with the support of 98.6% of the thousands of members of the Wrexham Supporters Trust. It’s true that Rob has always been an avid sports fan, but it was his friend and British writer Humphrey Ker (“Mythic Quest”) who introduced him to the whole concept of English football. So, he got the idea to start this club venture by watching the Netflix series Sunderland ‘Till I Die’ around the same time, and Ryan accidentally got involved.

An Instagram message from the latter led to the start of their online friendship, which soon evolved into Rob asking him to become his full-fledged partner, “because you could really build awareness of this thing exponentially. Although Wrexham AFC had no previous ties to him, a big part of it really was the fact that they felt a deep connection to the work community that surrounded them.

Wrexham is a working-class town in North East Wales and as such originally the Stars, also from working-class backgrounds, know first-hand that a thriving sports club can make things better. “You delve deeper into Wrexham and see how committed the community is to the club,” current co-owner Ryan Reynolds once said. “This club can really grow and I can’t wait to see it grow.

Co-owner Rob McElhenney later added: “It was about how much he recognized and identified with the people in the stands. What they see and feel in Wrexham is what we do.” Yes, it’s all still a complex business but they’ve managed to keep the heart behind it all with the sole intention of making the club and therefore the local one improves community and territories. This ride is like the real version of ‘Ted Lasso’ only on an even bigger scale because it’s not an outside trainer, but outside owners who arrive without any experience.

What Rob and Ryan lack in knowledge or experience, however, they make up for in optimism, quick learning, and sheer passion as they help Wrexham to different heights. The club failed to make the playoffs in the 2020/21 season but under new management and with a better squad, they are doing better than they have in more than a decade. This, the continued commitment of players and executives, and their hopes of one day becoming the PremiereLeague is exactly what FX’s “Welcome to Wrexham” chronicle describes.

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