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In the Fire Ending Explained: What Happens to Martin and Grace?


In the Fire’ is a gripping thriller directed by Conor Allyn and released in 2023. The film features an exceptional ensemble cast, including Amber Heard, Eduardo Noriega, Lorenzo McGovern Zaini, Sophie Amber, Luca Calvani, Yari Gugliucci, Jorge Melgar, and Ernesto Molina Samperio. The story revolves around Grace Burnham, a compassionate psychologist who receives a heartfelt letter from a concerned mother, leading her on a journey to a secluded village to help a young boy named Martin. As the narrative unfolds, we witness a series of events that challenge Grace’s beliefs and push her to the limits in her quest to save Martin. In this article, we will delve into the ending of ‘In the Fire’ and explore the fate of Martin and Grace.

In the Fire Grace’s Mission

Grace Burnham, portrayed by Amber Heard, is a brilliant psychologist who embarks on a journey to a remote village to help a young boy named Martin. Martin’s mother, Isabelle, reaches out to Grace through a heartfelt letter, seeking assistance for her son’s condition. Despite the skepticism and resistance from the villagers, Grace firmly believes that Martin’s struggles are rooted in his mind rather than being a result of possession or supernatural forces.

In the Fire The Village’s Beliefs

Upon her arrival in the village, Grace encounters resistance from the influential figures in the community, including Don Marquez, played by Eduardo Noriega. They hold steadfast to the belief that Martin is possessed by a demonic force and that his behaviors are evidence of this possession. The clash between Grace’s psychological perspective and the village’s religious interpretations becomes a central conflict in the story.

In the Fire Martin’s Condition

Was Martin Possessed or Special in the fire

As Grace delves deeper into Martin’s condition, she discovers that he has savant syndrome, a rare neurological condition characterized by exceptional abilities in specific areas, such as mathematics and language. Martin’s extraordinary talents and lack of emotional connection lead the villagers to interpret his behavior as a sign of possession. However, Grace recognizes that Martin is simply a special and gifted child who needs understanding and support.

In the Fire Grace’s Efforts

Throughout the film, Grace tirelessly works to help Martin integrate into society and understand and express emotions. She administers psychological tests, such as the Rorschach test, to gain insights into Martin’s psychology and to provide him with a safe environment to explore his abilities. Grace’s dedication to Martin’s well-being and her determination to prove that he is not possessed drive the narrative forward.

The Anger of the Villagers

As tensions escalate between Grace and the villagers, a series of tragic events unfolds. Two children in the village die after consuming a chocolate bar given to them by Martin. The villagers blame Martin for their deaths, further fueling their belief in his possession. Padre Gavira, played by Yari Gugliucci, accuses Martin of being in league with Lucifer and attempts to harm him multiple times. The villagers’ anger and fear reach a boiling point, leading to a climactic confrontation.

In the Fire Tragedy Strikes

Tragedy strikes when a serious illness, Typhus, spreads through the village, claiming the life of Maria, a key character in the story. Grace tries to save Maria but fails, leaving her questioning her faith and struggling to help Martin. The villagers, influenced by their superstitions, blame Martin for the illness and seek revenge.

In the Fire Martin and Grace’s Escape

in the fire movie review

In the face of imminent danger, Grace, Martin, and Don Marquez find themselves in a life-threatening situation. The angry mob of villagers closes in on them, seeking to harm or even kill Martin. Grace, armed with a revolver given to her by Marquez, attempts to defend herself and Martin but is overpowered and rendered unconscious.

In the Fire Martin’s Telekinetic Powers

During the climactic confrontation, Martin’s telekinetic powers emerge as a means of self-defense. He uses his extraordinary abilities to protect himself, Grace, and Marquez from the angry mob. Martin’s telekinesis becomes a pivotal element in the story, showcasing his unique capabilities and highlighting the extent of his extraordinary talents.

In the Fire The Sacrifice of Padre Gavira

In a heartbreaking turn of events, Padre Gavira, who had initially condemned Martin as an instrument of evil, undergoes a change of heart. He sacrifices himself to buy Grace and Martin time to escape, attempting to reason with the angry mob and dissuade them from harming Martin. Despite his efforts, Gavira is tragically killed, further emphasizing the depth of the conflict between the villagers’ superstitions and Grace’s rationality.

What Happens to Martin and Grace?

What Happens to Martin and Grace in the fire

In the final moments of the film, we see Martin and Grace arriving at the train station with Don Marquez. Marquez, concerned about his son’s future, seeks reassurance from Grace. Grace promises to protect Martin and raise him as her own. The film concludes with Marquez taking his final breath, his trust in Grace solidified.


‘In the Fire’ is a captivating thriller that explores themes of belief, superstition, and the power of the mind. The ending of the film reveals that Martin is not possessed but rather an extraordinary child with unique talents. Grace’s unwavering dedication to helping him and her determination to challenge the village’s beliefs ultimately lead to their escape. The sacrifices made along the way highlight the depth of the conflict between rationality and superstition. ‘In the Fire’ offers a thought-provoking exploration of the human psyche and the lengths we go to protect those we care about.

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