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Harley Quinn Season 3 Release Date Cast Plot Teaser


Harley Quinn Season 3: Everything you need to know about, Teaser, Trailer, Renewed or Canceled, Cast, Plot, and Release Date

After 2 years, will lovers eventually be capable of seeing their loved Mistress of Mayhem lower back on the small screen? Everyone changed into captivated with the aid of using the premier of Matt Reeves’ The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson (The Devil All The Time) and Zoë Kravitz (KIMI), in addition to the achievement of James Gunn’s Suicide Squad and its hit sequel Peacemaker.

The current alternate with the aid of using DC  and Warner Bros. in each course and advertising and marketing techniques for the franchise has garnered high-quality opinions and appears to have reignited the fan base. However, for lovers of DC’s Harley Quinn, this has made expecting Season three even greater difficulty.

After completing on a high in April 2020,  Harley Quinn season three manufacturing started later that year (September to be precise), with showrunners Patrick Schumacker (Abbot Elementary) and Justin Halpern (Powerless) saying to audiences that they have to count on the subsequent bankruptcy in The Harley Quinn Saga to be finished in past due 2021 or early 2022.

Now that 2022 is 3 months past, lovers are questioning whether we will eventually see our favorite anti-heroine, her associate, and the beloved organization of misfits reborn to the world. small screen. Well, this is the entirety we recognize it so far.

Harley Quinn Season 3 Release Date


Image Credit: DC Universe/HBO Max

Harley Quinn Season three will debut on HBO Max on July 28, 2022, which means we might not have to attend to see Harley, Ivy, King Shark, Clayface, and Frank the Plant all collectively again.

Those making plans to wait for San Diego Comic-Con are in luck because the first episodes of Season three will premiere there. While there may be no set date for the preview show, this year’s  Comic-Con will start on July twenty-first and finish on July 24th.

Harley Quinn Season 3 Cast

  • Kaley Cuoco as in Harley Quinn
  • Lake Bell as in Poison Ivy
  • Alan Tudyk as in Clayface, the Joker, Calendar Man, Doctor Trap, Condiment King
  • Tony Hale as in Doctor Psycho
  • Ron Funches as in King Shark
  • Jason Alexander as in Sy Borgman
  • B. Smoove as in Frank the Plant

Harley Quinn Season 3 Teaser Trailer

HBO Max launched a “first look” at Season 3  in October 2021. As said on Collider, a 2:fifty three-minute preview with a partially lively storyboard was launched as a part of final year’s DC Fandom event.

It does not supply an excessive amount of away in phrases of the plot, besides Harley and Ivy, now formally a mess-making couple,  Harley describes their shenanigans because of the Eat, Bang, Kill Tour. A restricted spin-off comic collection of the equal call started guide in August final yr and ran for six issues.

The Eat, Bang, Kill Your comics take regions among seasons 2 and three of the display and correspond with Harley and Ivy (who left Kite Man on the altar) on their street journey throughout us while is pursued with the aid of GCPD Commissioner Gordon.

The first official trailer for Season 3 was uploaded on June 28th. The trailer for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts’ Bad Reputation gives fans their long-awaited first look at all the weirdness the new season will bring, including Harley and Ivy as the official couple, the appearance of Swamp Thing, Batman and Catwoman getting a little playful, and a rare cameo by James Gunn with Clayface.

Harley Quinn Season 2 Recap

Gordon rigged the marriage with fueloline bombs and synthetic vegetation so Ivy could not shop for herself, her fiancé, or the marriage guests. While Gordon punches Ivy and Kite Man together, Harley dons a mask and saves the duo by escaping with the pair.

The fueloline dies down the villain’s combat returns, forcing Gordon to escape like a coward on stay television. What’s more, the thugs begin killing the cops, and Bane, Black Manta, Cheetah, and King Shark tear them apart. Ivy, Kite Man, and Harley take a cowl and Harley admits that given that she is an ordained minister she will be able to marry her.


Image Credit: DC Universe/HBO Max

However, the dracoman surprises every person by proclaiming, “Of direction now no longer,” due to the fact that while the vows have been exchanged, he found out that Ivy’s coronary heart wasn’t in it. He is aware that she loves him, however, she’s now no longer in love like he’s and he is angry. for residing in such denial for this long.

Kite Man flies off and desires Ivy properly after reminding her that she merits better. This upsets Ivy, however, while she and Harley soar withinside the wedding ceremony automobile to get away, it is clear they belong together. Ivy thanks Harley for coming back to shop for her even after the Plant Queen tells her she is now no longer welcome, however, Harley says it is no big deal. Ivy touts how tons of boom and obligation Harley has proven and admits that is the female she wants.

They each confess their love and after riding through the automobile parking space and crashing into the church, they break out onto the principal avenue and return to Gotham. Her allies, left in the back of combating the police,  kiss as they flee as Gordon’s troops pursue them, subsequently understanding they’re soul mates.

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