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Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 8 Ending Explained. Are Julien And Audrey Able To Prove Kiki’s Credibility?

After going through a rollercoaster of emotions, having faith, analyzing the creators’ intentions, and questioning the relevance of a storyline like this in 2023,  we come to the eighth episode of the second season of Gossip Girl “We decided we were doing everything wrong. Throughout the series, our only complaint was that there was a lack of spark here.

The scandals and even the main cast’s characters haven’t been updated since 2007, which equals when The original show aired, and the writers have tried everything from more ambitious goals than Gossip Girl in the Upper East Side universe to naming themselves through Georgina Sparks. But none of this works because we don’t care. However, if we change our perspective — that is if we judge scandals individually rather than as a coherent story — we might find something genuinely “gossip-worthy.” Let’s see if there’s anything worth keeping our interest in this episode.

The Further Sabotage Of Audrey And Julien’s Friendship

Julien and Obie have rekindled their relationship, although we assume they’re taking it easy. Audrey tries to take care of her depressed mother; Aki got the chance to attend a film festival with her old friend Ingrid, and Luna is going strong with Florian. It’s an image of the calm before the storm, and Julien takes the first step by making an Instagram Live urging his followers to stop participating in Gossip Girl. This triggers a reaction, with Julien gaining popularity for his heartfelt requests. It looks like she may return to her former glory, but she is concerned about her current relationship with Audrey. As she tries to make things right, Audrey asks her to promise to stay away from her father and Jessica. But what Audrey might have meant literally, Julien takes metaphorically and visits Jessica to tell her he won’t be supporting her pop-up shop. Unfortunately, their meeting is photographed, and “Gossip Girl” uploads the picture saying has officially activated their friendship.

Julien is concerned about a possible new misunderstanding, but Obie steps in and asks Audrey to talk to Julien about it. His intervention helps, and Audrey asks Julien to remain Jessica’s ambassador and use his platform to discredit her. Julien is content with this turn of events, unaware that Audrey has a trick up his sleeve. Audrey has not forgiven Julien and plans to use Max’s help to sabotage everything that gets in her way. Meanwhile, no one is aware of Aki’s feelings. Even when he was in a monogamous relationship with Audrey, he was always the peacemaker in her drama. Aki has always been the one to be there for others but found that they weren’t there for him when he needed them. He wanted his partners to be there at the film festival to support him, but they chose to be in the place of the drama they were about to create.

Thinking about it, Ingrid tells him that he should be as important in their relationship as the other two. She claims he is special and kisses him. Aki stops the kiss, but this scene is watched by Zoya. took the stage with Shan to try to convince at least one big celeb to tweet against Gossip Girl. His role has been extremely reactive and inconsequential throughout the season, and this episode was no different up to this point. While all this is happening, Luna has problems of her own. She is offered to do Julia Fox’s hair for the same event and asks Monet to help her in the endeavor. But things change when Luna’s mother arrives. New York to attend the same event. As Luna approaches her, her mother asks her to do her hair. Delighted by the offer, Luna accepts but is soon disappointed when it is revealed that her mother manipulated her into helping her. current stylist.

Monet encourages a disappointed Luna to go to the event anyway. -Group. Not knowing what to do, Luna goes outside and meets her grandmother in a car, who tells her that Dolores never knew how to be a woman’s ally, and her daughter was no exception. She tells him another secret that will force Luna to take drastic action. Throughout the episode, we saw Kate become bolder and more ruthless with Gossip Girl, despite  Wendy and Jordan’s advice. She claims these scandals are her way of keeping readers until she can uncover the news about Obie’s mother. Kate, asks Obie to call her mother in New York so she can speak to the board about the possibility of her son going to Harvard. Obie agrees, but mainly because it would mean she could take his mother back home. But this plan keeps failing. Jordan stages an intervention for Kate, but it backfires when he convinces the teachers to give him a month to prove Gossip Girl can change the world.

Are Julien And Audrey Able To Prove Kiki’s Credibility?

In the pop-up store, Julien tells Jessica that he wants to do another Stop the Story, which would help restore Kiki’s credibility. They agree, but everything seems to go wrong. Clothing prices have fallen. it has changed to portray them as almost six times more expensive; that’s why nobody buys them. There also seems to be a lack of size variety, and finally, a group of climate activists came forward and claimed that the clothes were made by low-wage workers in third-world countries. They spray red paint on Julien and Jessica, effectively destroying the pop-up shop. When Julien confronts Audrey about it, she claims she had to do it to get Julien out of her life. Heartbroken, Julien doesn’t know what to make of his friend’s new behavior. Obie gets her some clothes and takes her to the film festival, where Zoya tells him what she saw. Julien tells them not to interfere.

Meanwhile, Luna confronts her mother about her behavior, and what follows is a conversation that makes absolutely no sense. The writers should have stuck with her by being negligent to try to give her an “unsafe woman”. Bow. Anyway, Luna sends the notification to Gossip Girl, which she promptly posts. Dolores isn’t Latina like she always claimed. He had adopted his identity to advance his career. Alongside this news, Gossip Girl also posts about the pop-up store debacle. Audrey runs home to her mother but discovers that she is preparing to go to rehab. Kiki tells Audrey it’s good that she’s willing to accept the help she needs. A crying Audrey is comforted by Aki and Max, although the former becomes increasingly aware that he has not received the same support.

Elsewhere, Kate and Jordan got together. But a surprise awaits when Camille de Haan visits Kate’s house. She tells Kate that Monet has shown her respect for the first time in sixteen years and even told her he loves her. Camille says she will support teachers submitting advice for Gossip Girl below as she believes it is the actions of this outrageous site that caused this change in her daughter. As for Obie, a masked person ambushed him and beat him up when he goes to get something. This is where the eighth episode of the second season of “Gossip Girl” ends.

What Should We Expect From Episode 9 Of ‘Gossip Girl Season 2?

Starting with Obie, we have a feeling the attacker must have been hired by his mother. She’s a mastermind who got away with a big crime. Obie and Gossip Girl. The masked man may have been a way to warn Obie of the potential consequences of his actions. As for Julien, she wants to find out the identity of Gossip Girl, so let’s hope she sets him up.

When it comes to Audrey, her mother, who went to rehab, made her realize that some actions had to be forgiven as long as the intentions were right. Would she extend that train of thought to Julien and repair their relationship? Will Max and Audrey learn to pay more attention to Aki, or will we see our trio drift apart? Also, what exactly will Kate do to change the world? She already has her first win in the form of a visit to Camille de Haan, but what’s next? These are answers that must be answered in the next episode.

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