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Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 1 Ending Explained.

Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 1: Ending Explained.

The first season of “Gossip Girl” left us with mixed feelings, partly because it didn’t quite live up to the original, partly because the scandals felt a bit tame but unnecessarily over-hyped. It was decently entertaining though, even if we weren’t happy with the development of some characters like Max Wolfe. However, we were a little excited about what the next season would bring. And with that, we’ve settled into the first installment of this new chapter. Let’s go drink 

A New Chapter For Julien, Zoya, And Gossip Girl

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It’s a new season for Gossip Girl, literally and figuratively. After last season’s debacle, the online site has shown that it’s much more than just a place to gossip. It’s completely selfish. and you can turn your back on the very people you wanted to “entertain”. Julien Calloway has teamed up with Gossip Girl, sending out advice that’s a mix of truth and lies to keep her out of the realm of suspicion. Zoya and Nick, and there is a clash of lifestyles followed, with her half-sister feeling insecure about having all of her father’s attention on her. Let’s just say we’re not fans of how condescending you are to Julien when he expresses interest in pursuing an MBA. It’s like the idea of her sister wanting to pursue an off-camera education is the most fun. Back at school, Kate is increasingly angered by the de Haan family’s influence on Constance and subsequent manipulation of Monet’s grades. This is oddly linked to Julien starting from scratch.

After the events of last season, she wants to take a more authentic step forward, which means she never has to worry about her looks again, both literally and figuratively. This is another reason why Monet de Haan feels confirmed in her plans to become the school’s new “Queen Bee”. However, to keep up with his new college plans, Julien needs to get involved in some extracurricular activities, and the Debutante Ball is the perfect place for that. While Zoya disagrees. With the idea due to its antiquated and regressive nature, Monet finds a perfect opportunity to make his move. The ball is the first major event of the second season, and already scandalous promises are brewing. Gossip Girl wants information on Camille de Haan and Julien along the way. Meanwhile, Kate makes plans to attend the prom, not entirely trusting her source. Zoya and Julien also have a disagreement when the former points out that Shelby can’t take his girlfriend to the dance when it’s such a noble cause.  Julien decides to let him rest as it’s not his fight. We can’t help but stand by her on this one. Zoya is right, but there needs to be a limit to interference, let alone the queer community’s choice to speak out on their own terms. What happens later is handy for overlooking the complications of this matter and should have been handled more sensitively.

Why Does Monet Declare War On Julien?

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Nick, who was supposed to accompany Julien, is called by Monet’s henchmen with the lie that Zoya has been hurt. Just as the girl debuts, Nick disappears and Julien can’t get downstairs. However, Monet arrives in a non-traditional dress and explains that his escort will be a woman. It was a great move, one that would have skyrocketed his popularity if  Zoya hadn’t already invited Shelby’s girlfriend and they were at Monet’s ball together. The moment is ruined. Also, she had called  Davis Calloway to escort Julien, which was an extremely embarrassing moment for her. taking off her clothes It would have been funny if he hadn’t felt so out of place. It felt scandalous simply because it was something relevant to the plot. Furious at all of this, Camille pulls Monet away and scolds her for her decisions. He brought a sexual predator into their midst and broke tradition in the rudest way. the dish. All of these confrontations are captured by Kate as she hides in the closet with the new Russian literature teacher. She’ll no doubt play a bigger role as the episodes progress, but for now, she’s a mystery.

After it’s all over, Julien tells Davis that Zoya wasn’t the one who invited him and realizes that Monet was behind it. to the understanding that they can make it work. On the other hand, Max tells Aki and Audrey that he is willing to wait until they are ready. Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 1 ends with Monet and Julien. confronting each other about their actions. Monet believes she has what it takes to be the “trendy girl” of the Upper East Side, and she no longer wants to be in Julien’s shadow. But Julien is on a course for reform, and he doesn’t want to believe in this idea of ​​war. Monet had gone to great lengths to make it clear that she was the one everyone should look up to before his plan backfired. And we can expect more of that in the upcoming episodes. The “war” between  former best friends

What Can We Expect From The Next Episode?

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The most obvious thing we want to see is the development of the relationship between Aki, Audrey, and Max. We also want to understand what it means when Julien says he’s put everything behind him. Not an influencer anymore or want a different kind of influence? The creators need to be aware of this. Zoya is turning into a boring, self-righteous busybody, and we like her less and less.

The way Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 1 was written leads us to believe that many of the plots will be serious and fit powerfully into the narrative. Let’s hope we’re wrong and that it maintains the standard of its first season.

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