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Euphoria Season 3 Delay: The Wait is Worthwhile

Euphoria Season 3

Over two years have passed since season 2 aired, with fans eagerly awaiting the next season after its renewal. The show, celebrated for its depth and handling of complex themes, has left many wondering about the prolonged wait and its reasons. Let’s talk about the delay of Euphoria Season 3. 

In a conversation with GQ, Domingo shed light on the delay, suggesting it’s a positive development due to Levinson’s thorough script overhauls. Domingo believes Levinson is delving into deep “existential” themes, pondering the essence of our current existence and what defines us now. His reflection on Levinson’s process is revealing:

euphoria season 3 cast

“[Sam is] someone who constantly revises his work, driven by a need to address society’s pressing issues. He’s deeply engaged in exploring the existential dilemmas of our identity and soul in the upcoming season.”

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The Delay Explained: Euphoria Season 3

Domingo has previously discussed the season’s rewrites, indicating that despite the delay, cancellation is not on the table, although challenges are present. The show has also faced significant setbacks with the losses of Angus Cloud and producer Kevin Turen, prompting Levinson to revisit and adjust the series’ direction in light of these events.

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The delay in Euphoria Season 3 production can largely be attributed to these extensive rewrites, aiming to create a season that thoughtfully commemorates Cloud and Turen while exploring profound existential questions, perhaps echoing Ryan Coogler’s approach in “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” after Chadwick Boseman’s death. Additional delays stemmed from the Hollywood labor strikes, which halted production, and the busy schedules of its prominent cast members, including Zendaya and others pursuing various projects. Despite these hurdles, the delay stems from a place of respect and careful planning for a pivotal season 3.

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