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Emily In Paris Season 3 Ending Explained, Emily Cooper: Netflix

Emily In Paris Season 3: Ending Explained

Well, no one can say that Netflix’s Emily is boring in Paris. At the end of the second season she has to make an important decision: work for Madeline (Kate Walsh) and return to Chicago or work for Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) and stay in Paris: Emily (Lily Collins) made the decision her character more faithful: He didn’t do it. Emily stayed in both worlds until they both exploded before finally accepting her new life in Paris and eventually ending up with Julien (Samuel Arnold) and Luc (Bruno Gallery) at Sylvie’s new marketing venture. From there the company struggled to gain traction as a new company, especially when they lost Pierre Cadault (Jean-Christophe Bouvet) to a  monster company that didn’t share the same values ​​as our beloved Parisian group.

In the penultimate episode of the season, big changes for everyone culminate in some unexpected events. Emily and Alfie (Lucien Laviscount) make it official on Instagram after  Emily is upset that Alfie’s family doesn’t know about her. Camille (Camille Razat) and Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) are engaged, but Gabriel still doesn’t know that Camille cheated on him with one of the women from the gallery. Gabriel and Antoine (William Abadie) make the decision that Antoine will take away from the restaurant, become a silent partner and allow Gabriel to change the name and make his long-awaited dream come true.

Meanwhile, things are strained between Mindy’s boyfriend Nicholas (Paul Forman), and Emily after the disaster caused by Pierre Cadault, who forces Emily to leave the party where Mindy (Ashley Park) was celebrating her last night at the jazz club will. There are many open storylines to explore in the final episode, which feels different than the season finales we’ve seen before (probably because the show was already greenlit for another season). Let’s break down Emily’s ending in Paris season 3.

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The Marriage of Camille and Gabriel

At the beginning of the episode, Emily goes to Gabriel’s recently reopened restaurant, named after her, inspired by her grandmother, who is in town to help her. her grandmother in France when she misses hers. Camille walks in, and Gigi turns cold and disapproves of her grandson’s choice of friend. In the kitchen, Camille invites Emily and Alfie to their engagement party at her parents’ Castle in Champagne on Saturday. , it adds to the awkwardness of the whole situation. Though, as always, Emily agrees to put the embarrassment aside and support her friends. However, an awkward encounter with Camille and her lover Sofia (Melia Kreiling) having a love argument with Mindy at a restaurant leaves Emily insecure. what to do When she saw Camille kissing Sofia on the roof, Emily decided to keep calm and not get involved in  Camille and Gabriel’s relationship again. Mindy encouraged this decision. This time  Mindy explains to Emily that the situation is different because they are getting married and that she shouldn’t remain silent any longer. Meanwhile, after spending time with Gabriel a few weeks earlier and learning about his lifelong dream. to run a restaurant with a Michelin star, Emily mentions him at the office and discovers that Luc’s ex-girlfriend Marianne is an inspector with the power to do so. Unfortunately, he broke up with Luc for not being discreet about it  (  Julien knew from the start to tell Emily), but the mention inspires him to come forward and arrange for her to attend the opening of the restaurant’s participants. At the engagement party in Champagne, Emily and Alfie are greeted warmly.

Camille’s parents, especially her mother, are thrilled that Emily is in a new relationship and that Camille got the man she wanted. Camille appears to be wracked with emotion and insecurity, which gets worse when Emily finally confronts her about the secret relationship. Camille tells Emily to mind her own business and leaves to rejoin the party. But in an unexpected twist, Gabriel and Camille spontaneously decide to marry at the party with their loved ones. Except, of course, for Gabriel’s grandmother Gigi,  who works in the kitchen and feeds Inspector Marianne and Luc once again. Marianne is even more intrigued by the food, suggesting a Michelin star is on its way to Gabriel, which Luc promptly shares with Emily, and she does the same with Gabriel. Camille watches from afar as the two share this moment of utter bliss before quietly leaving.

Later, in the on-site chapel, Gabriel Camille takes his vows, but she pauses during her vows. Finally, she addresses the elephant in the room and announces to everyone that Emily and Gabriel are in love. from the moment he arrived in Paris. Camille confesses that she manipulated Emily into making a pact not to be with Gabriel, a pact she never wanted to keep because she wanted to be with Gabriel so badly. Camille’s mother tries to stop her, but Camille tells her she can no longer live on her behalf before leaving, leaving everyone stunned. Unfortunately for Emily, Alfie is present and overhears Camille’s tirades and eventually understands the situation. He ends things with Emily, telling her he’s not the second choice to anyone, and follows Camille outside. She tries to fight briefly, but she knows it’s the truth, so she lets him go. After that, Emily is sitting outside the castle trying to come to terms with everything that just happened when Gabriel approaches her. Right now it seems like they finally have a chance to be together and explore the magic they’ve always felt between them. But in true Emily-in-Paris fashion, a bombshell has yet to drop. Gabriel’s sudden interest in marriage, opening his restaurant with his vision, and having children is because Camille is pregnant. Will these two ever get a break?

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Mindy’s Torn Between Two Men

Alfie tells Mindy what Nicholas did to Emily at his party the other night, she lashes out at her current lover. She leaves Gabriel’s orifice to confront Nicholas, but not before hugging Emily and telling her she’s leaving. things good. With Nicolas, Mindy demands that he correct himself and change his attitude towards Emily because he can’t treat his best friend and family like that. Nicholas explains that it’s hard for him to be with Emily after what she did to Pierre in, but Mindy doesn’t accept it. She gives him an ultimatum to come to the engagement party with her and apologize to Emily or they will break up. Mindy is late for the champagne because she is still waiting for Nicolás at the apartment. Hours later, she texts him saying she understands he made his decision, but a knock on the door gives her hope. Unfortunately and fortunately, it’s her ex-boyfriend Benoît who has great news for Mindy and her old gang.

Earlier in the season, Benoît refused to sell his song for an ad, causing conflict between him and Mindy. Now he reveals that it was actually because he submitted it to Eurovision for consideration and they were officially accepted. Mindy’s job at the jazz club may be over, but it looks like her career could be about to take off.  Nicolás reaches out and tells Mindy he’s ready to make things right. She explains that already in it is too late to attend the party in Champagne, but Nicolas offers another means of transport that could reduce the travel time: his helicopter. While Mindy ends up leaving with Nicolas, Benoît’s reappearance seemingly sparks a potential reconnection for the former lovers when their worlds come together again.

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Sylvie’s New (Old) Direction

Since their business trip to the Château de Antoine, Sylvie and her husband Laurent (Arnaud Binard) have slowly rekindled their relationship. They’ve never had problems in the bedroom, but the rest of their relationship tested  and strained things. After Laurent showed up to accompany Sylvie to the opera for her anniversary, things seem to be fine now. Still, the issue of Laurent’s dislike of the city (as we learned in season two) stands in the way of their full togetherness. That means a big change is coming.

Laurent reveals to Sylvie that he is opening a Laurent G club in Paris, a partner of his club in St Tropez, and has a very wealthy investor with him. This means Laurent will be in town to give their marriage a real chance after decades of only being married on paper. This excites Sylvie, but quickly fades when she learns who the investor is: Nicolas’ father, JVMA director Louis de Leon. At the beginning of the season, Sylvie meets  Louis and his again. The horrifying story is being teased, but we have yet to learn the full extent of just how horrible this story is. Will this jeopardize their marriage? When Emily returns to Paris, there’s a lot in the air for Emily and company. Where are you going? from here? Can you breathe a moment  and enjoy your life? Some of the twists are exciting while others are downright terrifying. But there’s one thing we can expect: after the rain, nice weather.

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