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Doona Season 2 Release Date and K-Drama Renewal Explained


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The Netflix film ‘Doona’ illustrates the intricate connection between a previous popular singer, who has currently lost her fame, and her down-to-earth upstairs neighbor. Had it not been for the former’s abrupt break from the entertainment business, these two who come from disparate backgrounds would have never encountered each other. Even so, when faced with each other on a regular basis, they find it difficult to deny the strong attraction between them.

Through the gradual romance between Doona and Won-jun, both characters are given the opportunity to fully explore their characters and create a unique connection. As a result, both of them experience a transformative journey through the story, and the conclusion of the first season leaves viewers wanting more as we are left to ponder the possibilities of what is to come. SPOILERS AHEAD! To further analyze what a continuation of the series could entail, let’s take a deeper look into the potential storylines.

What Could a Possible Plotline Be for Doona Season 2?

After season one of ‘Doona’, both its characters and its audience experience a gamut of emotions. From the beginning, the eponymous pop star was in a fragile mental state, without any goals or purpose. She was overwhelmed by the media and overworked by her manager, In-wook, who was not above manipulating her emotions. Consequently, Doona spent her time aimlessly smoking and wandering, despondently wondering how her life had ended up like this.

In the same vein, Won-jun, a first-year college student who follows the rules, faces difficulty in accepting his choice to leave home in order to attend college. Though his mom and ill sibling are encouraging, he is still unable to avoid questioning himself. Even though they appear to be content, both of them are desperately trying to find something in their lives. As a result, their unexpected meeting with one another has a beneficial effect on them.

However, by the end of the first season, the romance between Won-jun and Doona had dissipated and, even when they reunited after a four-year hiatus, the former couple could not rekindle their relationship. Therefore, it is likely that the second season will keep up this theme, with Won-jun and Doona continuing to be star-crossed lovers who cannot find room in their lives for each other despite their mutual love and feelings.

The storyline could delve into Doona and Won-jun’s lingering remorse over the errors of their past, as they try to move past their ill-fated affair. Furthermore, Doona’s character arc might explore in greater detail the difficulties that come with her re-emergence as a renowned musician. On the other hand, Won-jun may at last find joy and satisfaction in his more reserved way of life.

Jin-ju’s character is able to remain a link between Doona and Won-jun even after their break up, potentially offering them a chance to reconnect. There is the possibility of a reunion between the two and their extended friend group of former housemates: Jung-Hoon, Yun-Taek, I-Ra, and Jin-ju, if they manage to move past their heartache.

For the second season, the show can investigate the characters in a new way as they face the difficulties of life as grown-ups. Thus, although it appears that there won’t be a romantic reunion for the two, as their split in the initial season was so important, a potential season two could always bring the team back together for new wild escapades and drama.

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