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Don’t Worry Darling Ending Explained: Did Alice Survive In The End?

The drama surrounding “Don’t Worry Darling” was far more entertaining than the film itself. “Don’t Worry Darling” had immense potential, but the rushed ending left too many unanswered questions. The film refrained from exploring potentially interesting things. Characters. Olivia Wilde focused more on aesthetics than story. We are served captivating shots without meaning. Florence Pugh gave a brilliant performance as Alice and she alone makes the film worth seeing.

Life seemed perfect for Alice and Jack. They were madly in love and lived in a 1950s-style neighborhood designed by the company Jack worked for. Chance. The men worked and the women took care of the house. Men should be discreet about their work, and women should never ask their husbands about it. Women could not go to the venue, but they could take part in dance classes and shopping. Women should inevitably be the image of the ideal wife demanded in a patriarchal society. But who are these women? Why do they live in an abandoned place? Neighborhood? Why can’t they go to headquarters? What is the reason for his lack of ambition? Is this the 1950s or just a society idealizing 1950s gender norms?

Was it all just a dream?

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Alice and Jack can hardly keep their hands off each other. As Jack leaves for work, Alice listens to Frank’s radio, where the owner of the Victory Project talks about the importance of women’s roles in a man’s life. After cleaning their homes and cooking sumptuous dinners for their husbands, the women reunite for ballet lessons taught by Frank’s wife, Shelley. They were introduced to a new woman in the company, Violet Johnson, the wife of a new employee, Bill Johnson. The new member felt some discomfort in dance class. She had yet to learn how women functioned in Victory Society. Margaret, Ted’s wife, suffered mentally. rest of the members. Margarita went into the desert with her son.

It is believed that she saw something there that changed her completely. He was hallucinating; Authorities later found her in the desert, but they never found her son. Margaret had lost control of herself after this incident. Besides Margaret’s behaviour, there were other signs of strange happenings that Alice noticed. he realised the eggs were just shells. They looked and even felt like eggs, but they were fake. She couldn’t help but wonder why Margaret said they shouldn’t be there. It struck her as odd how obsessed the men were with Frank. I keep thinking about what the men at headquarters built and why the women were forbidden to know about it.

Questions like that clouded Alice’s mind, and then she witnessed an incident that changed her view of Project Victory. One day, Alice decided not to drop out with her friends at the mall. Instead, he opted for the bus. as far as it went. After a moment, the bus driver said he had to turn back because he wasn’t allowed to drive anymore. Alice looked out the window and saw an airplane. The red plane crashed in the distance and Alice was left screaming. She asked the driver to take the bus to the location but he refused. Alice got off the bus and went to the place. The heat and dust bothered her, but she kept going. He went to headquarters and looked through the glass. She remembered moments of a different reality from the one she lived in. He also saw abstract paintings with Frank’s voice and discussed the importance of order. When she wakes up, she finds that she is sleeping in her room and Jack is busy cooking dinner in the kitchen. What did Alice see at headquarters? Was it all just a dream?

What Was Alice’s Initial Understanding Of Frank’s Plan?

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After the incident at headquarters, Alice found the world around her beginning to unravel. As she cleaned the mirror, she could feel the walls closing in on her. Margaret called and asked her to leave. I lied to her. Alice wasn’t ready to be like Margaret. Even though she knew something was wrong, she wasn’t ready to face it. In her ballet class, Alice Margaret could see through the looking glass. As Margaret banged her head against the glass, Alice noticed the blood and crackling. She panicked and screamed, only to find that no one else had seen what she had seen. Alice ran home and saw Margaret standing on the roof of her house. He was holding a knife with which he cut his throat. Alice ran to save Margaret when she saw her collapse and fall. Alice was stopped and taken home by a man dressed in red. Alice spoke to Jack about what she had seen, but he was determined to make her believe  Margaret had survived and that it was her small accident that had to be stitched up. Alice knew what she had seen, and although the world around her made her mentally unstable, she trusted her eyesight and sensibilities. She expected Jack to show her support, but he never trusted her. He feared that her behavior would endanger her life. Jack brought Dr. Collins to check on Alice’s health. He assured her that what she believed she had witnessed was nothing but her imagination as a result of the trauma. When Alice discussed her symptoms with Dr. Collins discussed, she noticed a file dedicated to Margaret. in your pocket.

He asked about Margaret’s treatment, but the doctor gave him little information. He said that Margaret is fine physically but needs psychological help, which is why Ted is no longer working on the Victory Project. The doctor prescribed medication for Alice, but both Jack and Alice did not want to take any medication, believing that over time she would heal. The doctor forgot her bag when she left the house and Alice took the opportunity to take Margaret’s file. When he opened the file, he found that all information was destroyed and the file was useless. At a party Frank threw, Alice had trouble staying together. I couldn’t stop thinking about Margaret’s death. He had seen her cut her throat and knew Margaret was dead, but no one believed her. Margaret ate them up, and Alice found it difficult to stay at the party. He ran to the toilet when Jack was invited on stage and offered to be part of the main advisory board. While this was great news, Jack looked nervous. Was his sudden promotion related to his wife’s mental health? As Alice tried to understand the horror she was experiencing; Bunny entered the bathroom. Alice confided in her friend that everyone around her is lying, that she knew Margaret was being silenced and that it was no coincidence.

After visiting the headquarters, I would often recall things from an alternate reality. She could hear Jack’s voice. But Bunny refused to encourage his curiosity; I wanted to believe in the world I lived in. Alice concluded that the Victory Project families were just tools for experimentation and that Frank was the leader. When Frank was invited to Jack and Alice’s house party, he secretly confirmed that Alice’s doubts were justified. She was glad someone was questioning what she was creating, but alas, there was no one to believe Alice. Alice wanted to prove him wrong and brought the subject up for discussion at the dinner table when everyone was seated. Alice pointed out that most of the women present were from Philadelphia, Baltimore, or Chicago. They all honeymooned on the Sea Isles, the Poconos, or Niagara Falls. And how many of them met their husbands on a train bound for Boston when they checked in their tickets? Alice believed these were the facts to tell. believe and remember, but what if they tried to remember more than was allowed? She believed that Frank was lying to her and that everything provided to them was controlled by him. So he had an advantage over them. When Alice tried to get her point across, Frank dismissed it. Everyone was asked not to believe Alice. consider another word against her husband. He left the party with Frank.

What Was The Victory Project? Did Alice Survive In The End?

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After the drama at the dinner table, Jack made Alice hand her over to the men in red. They took her to a hospital and tied her to a bed. She was forced to undergo electric shock therapy. During treatment, he reminisced about a time in his life before the Victory project. Jack had lost his job and was concerned; Alice comforted him and told him she would take extra rounds to support her. I remembered working in the OR. She was a doctor and people around her called her “Dr. warren”. She returned home with Jack. The hot water didn’t work and dinner hadn’t been ordered yet. Jack wasn’t happy with Alice’s lifestyle. He wanted to spend more time with her, but she was very busy with work. When Alice went to her room to rest after a 30-hour shift, Jack listened to an audio recording that emphasized the importance of biological destiny. After being electroshocked, she returned to the Victory Project. Alice was greeted by Bunny who was happy to have her friend back. But when Jack touched Alice toon her lips, she remembered the touch from her past. Alice ignored him and went to hang out with Bunny. Neighbors’ names may be out of fear, and Bunny helped her remember.

Alice went back to living her normal life, making lunch and cleaning the house. When Jack got back from work, she took the roast out of the oven but froze when she heard him humming a song she had been humming for a long time. Now he remembered where he had heard that song. She had heard Jack sing that to her, but in a different reality. She remembered how Jack drugged her and took her away. They lived in a shabby apartment and it was cold. Jack had agreed to Project Victory’s terms and conditions; It was a virtual project that hypnotized users, forcing them to forget their reality and be part of a male-controlled society. Jack had enrolled Alice in the program without asking her. She was tied to her bed and her eyes were held open with a device that aided in hallucination. When the men went to work in the morning, it essentially meant they went to headquarters, through which they could exit Project Victory and return to the real world. They worked during those hours to bring home the money and groceries they needed to keep the project and their bodies going, and rejoined the project after their work hours. The wives continued hallucinating and living at the Victoria Project imagining they were cleaning their houses and cooking. Alicehas pain in her body. He knew what was going on. I knew the world they lived in was a fictional universe.

When she confronted Jack about it, he said he saved her life. She was always working in the real world and he gave her a life to relax in. Alice screamed that she wanted to work; she enjoyed working and he took everything from her without asking. Jack was devastated; He was always grateful to Frank for building a world where they could be what they deserved. Jack had no regrets about his actions; he thought what he was doing was the best. When he couldn’t get his life in order, in reality, he chose to live in a fictional world. All the wives of the Victory Project were trapped. Jack didn’t know the men who lived there. No one knew where they came from in the real world. World. Alice couldn’t take the truth anymore. She hit Jack with a glass and he fell on top of her. Bunny went to his house; he asked Alice to leave at once. It turns out Bunny knew everything. He told Alice that killing someone in the fictional world meant they would die in the real world too. Now that Jack was dead, the Victory Project would search the real world for Alice and kill her. Now it was her responsibility. Before leaving, Alice asked Bunny how much he knew. he chose to be here because he could be here with his children. In the real world, she had lost her children, but here she was with them. Even though Alice tried to argue that there are no children, Bunny wasn’t ready to leave her brave new world. When Alice asked Bunny about the other women, she replied that none of them knew the truth. forced by their partners to live in a fictional world. We can assume that some didn’t even know their partners in the real world and that meeting them on a train bound for Boston was a common action used by many men in the Victory Project. When Alice left her house with her clothes soaked in blood, the men asked her to go home. The fictional world was in turmoil as the women looked curiously at Alice. His blood-soaked clothes bothered her. and it seemed they, too, were beginning to remember snippets of their reality. Alice drove Jack’s car and drove to headquarters.

Final Thoughts 

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All the men from Project Victory followed Alice in her car. You had to stop them or they would destroy the ideal world they had built. Meanwhile, Frank was informed about Jack and Alice, but before he could do anything, he was stabbed in the stomach by Shelley. We can assume she knew how tedious it all was but was too busy trying to get out of it. She had stayed in Frank’s good books to gain his trust. When Alice tried to escape, she found the perfect opportunity to end her life and find her freedom. The film hardly explores Shelley’s character, and even at the end, we don’t know her intent or beliefs. Alice’s car broke down on the way to headquarters. He got out of the car and ran as fast as he could. She reached headquarters, looked around, and saw the men walking toward her. Alice looked through the glass of the headquarters and was transported back to the real world. We didn’t see them wake up in the real world, but we heard them. His gasping after escaping the Victory Project explains that he was back in his reality.

We can assume  Alice would wake up next to a dead Jack. Considering Project Victory boss Frank was dead, the fictional world would be in chaos and no one would focus on finding Alice in the real world. World. It’s also important to remember that Project Victory was a small experiment with only 72 members. Therefore, no major impact is to be expected in the real world. “Don’t worry darling” reminds us of the horror of being denied the ability to act. And how, if possible, misogynists would create a fictional world to control women. Though it’s hugely disappointing how Wilde barely explores the women in the film. We never had a chance to understand Violet, Shelley, and Peg. The characters had so much potential to contribute to the larger discussion that the film treats them simply as showpieces.

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