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Do Revenge Ending Explained: Why Did Eleanor and Drea Stay Friends?

Netflix Do Revenge fuses teenage drama with dark revenge comedy, and the resulting film delivers a surprisingly profound message as the credits roll. Combining the talents of Riverdale’s Camila Mendes and Stranger Things’ Maya Hawke, Do Revenge weaves the Hitchcock-inspired story of two teenage girls at a prestigious prep school who plot to exact revenge on the people who wronged them.

Taking the bare bones of Strangers on a Train and injecting teen drama into the mix makes for a unique story. Though its story bears similarities to an Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece, Do Revenge manages to pay homage without being actively derivative.

The key elements of its story are original, making it a fresh and interesting twist on the typical revenge story. After leaking an intimate video to her whole school, Drea (Mendes) thinks her social life is over. Enlisting the help of the new girl Eleanor (Hawke), Drea sets off in search of the school’s most popular students while helping Eleanor plot her own revenge.

What Happens in Do Revenge’s

After their respective desires for revenge turn to mutual animosity, Drea and Eleanor finally have a chance to bring down the school’s golden boy, Max Broussard. The girls must prove that Max was responsible for distributing Drea’s video and competing in their finale. party of the year, but they can’t control their own problems.

Their argument leads to an unexpected confession from Max, which Eleanor subtly captures on video and plays for the entire group. After his misdeeds are publicly exposed, Max is abandoned from school and Drea eventually gets her revenge, though achieving her goal makes her reevaluate her own life.

Eleanor’s Plan for Revenge on Drea

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Drea and Eleanor’s plans for revenge more often than not worried about exposing the unlawful or unsavory moves of others, however, they did additionally devote some crimes throughout the movie. Spiking the school’s meals with hallucinogenic tablets is a clean crime – one that can earn each lady’s crook information on its own.

They additionally hack into and distribute messages from Max’s phone, which is a clear breach of his private privacy, and additionally something that in many nations is taken into consideration as an unlawful act.

Eleanor additionally intentionally crashes her vehicle into Drea’s, and Drea additionally vegetation cocaine on Elise (Sophie Turner) as a shape of revenge, which is manifestly additionally a crime. This makes each of Do Revenge’s primary characters criminals more than one instance over, even though they appear to control to break-out criminal repercussions for or their schemes.

What Drea & Eleanor’s Did, Was Actually A Crime?

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Drea and Eleanor’s revenge plans consisted primarily of exposing the illegal or unsavory actions of others, but they also committed a number of crimes throughout the film. Throwing hallucinogenic drugs in school lunches is a clear offense that alone could land the girls a criminal record.

They also hack and distribute messages from Max’s phone, which is a clear violation of his privacy and is considered an illegal act in many countries. Eleanor also intentionally crashes her car into Dreas, and Drea plants Elise (Sophie Turner) with cocaine as revenge, which is also an obvious crime. This makes the two main characters of Do Revenge criminals on multiple occasions, although they seem to manage to escape the legal ramifications of their actions.

What Happens to Max?

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Max’s fate is briefly revealed in a Do Revenge credits scene, where he has joined a support group for men called “Masculinity Examined – How to untangle the toxic roots of patriarchy.” This hints that Drea and Eleanor’s plan did indeed ruin his life enough to force him to reevaluate himself enough to participate in the group.

As Do Revenge‘s ending shows his friends and fellow students turning on him, it’s unlikely that he retained the same social influence after his admission of his own narcissism is publicly aired.

Why Did Drea Stopped Caring About Getting into Yale

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Do Revenge ends with Drea revealing that she has decided not to attend Yale and is giving up her lifelong dream to pursue other interests. The only true explanation he gives is in the words “Who cares?” — but her relationship with Russ may well have had something to do with her change of heart.

As the film begins, Russ challenges the notion of conforming to societal standards of success, and Drea seems to accept this. evolves seems to have. It offered Drea a new perspective on herself and her life, and she instead chooses to pursue happiness and kindness over Ivy League success to shed the flaws of her old self.

Why Did Eleanor & Drea Stay Friends?

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Camila Mendes’ time at Riverdale gave her experience with twist ends, and Do Revenge is no exception: the film ends with the haters legitimizing their former fake friendship. The reason for this is relatively simple the couple bonded over their revenge. Schemas as they worked through their respective traumas, learning about themselves and each other in the process.

Both Drea and Eleanor may have ruined each other’s lives in some way, but they also discovered catharsis in the destructive plans, and it ultimately created a bond that transcended their story. Breaking away from the past to grow is one of Do Revenge’s key themes, as evidenced by Eleanor and Drea’s enduring friendship.

Do Revenge’s Ending

At its core, Do Revenge really is a coming-of-age story, as the ending proves. One of the driving forces behind this story is the inherent selfishness of youth and how Drea and Eleanor came to be.

Understand that life is rarely as simple as naming people good or bad based on your personal experience. By exposing Max as a truly uncompromising and incorrigible villain, Drea and Eleanor better understand each other’s motivations:  each wanted to inflict pain on others to overcome their own trauma. By the end of Do Revenge, both learn to let go of their pain and forgive each other, leading to a clear coming-of-age story of self-discovery and responsibility.

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