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Did William Die? Ed Harris Leaving Westworld?


The fourth season of the HBO sci-fi series Westworld follows the efforts of the Host version of William, aka “The Man in Black,” to help Charlotte Hale destroy humanity in order to further the Hosts’ supremacy. As the series progresses, William begins to question Hale’s intentions. and methods. He interacts with his human version and realizes that he does not have to tolerate his creator’s tyranny.

The realization leads him to destroy the world by wreaking havoc with the tower. However, William’s actions also draw considerable resistance from Hale, who threatens his life. So, is he dead? Will the Ed Harris character still be alive as usual? Let’s find out!


Did William Die?


When Hale decides to move all hosts to the Sublime, William questions the same. He engages in a conversation with his human version, which leads him to the principle of survival of the fittest. The host realizes that he doesn’t have to follow him. Draw more too. He paves the way for chaos to dictate the fate of mankind as people begin killing each other so the powerful can survive. William then decides to destroy the Sublime. He goes to the causeway, where the gate to the sublime opens.

However, Hale follows him. Through Bernard, Hale learns that the only hope left is in the sublime and that he must save the same no matter what. She fights William before he manages to enter the Sublime to destroy his kind. Using a gun planted by Bernard, Hale kills William and cuts off his head. She takes the pearl from his head and destroys it as well. Since the host has already killed his human version, William is no more. That doesn’t necessarily mean William will never exist again.

One can create the physical body of William and implant each bead into it to create another copy of the individual. When Dolores returns to Westworld for one final play/test, William might somehow fit into her plans. Instead of an evil character, we can even look forward to William’s rebirth as a virtuous character, as Dolores can replicate him with every bead. fight against Dolores. Given those possibilities, we can’t say William left forever. But will Ed Harris’ character appear in the show’s fifth season if he gets the green light? Let’s share what we know.

Is Ed Harris Leaving Westworld?


Image Credit: HBO

So far, neither HBO nor Ed Harris has commented on the ‘Westworld‘ actor’s alleged departure. Since William can be brought back to life, it’s possible he’ll remain in the show’s cast. Harris revealed that the show’s fifth season is coming to fruition: “We have another season that will start filming next April and May,” he said.

The actor’s words suggest that it’s highly likely that the actor will be heavily involved in season five. yes, Harris Words are true, ‘Westworld’ will end with Dolores’ final test/game and we can expect William to create tension as he always has. When the show’s narrative returns to Westworld, we can expect to see the Man in Black’s presence at the amusement park. Given these possibilities, we can see Ed Harris in the potential fifth season of Westworld.

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