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Did Rhaenyra and Criston End Up Together in House of Dragon?

House of the Dragon is an HBO series that takes us into the world of Game of Thrones, the first of which is a prequel. House of the Dragon is based on certain sections of George R. Martin’s 2018 book Fire & Blood, such as Game of Thrones is based on Martin’s ongoing masterpiece A Song of Ice and Fire.

The plot revolves around the bitter war of succession between two factions of the royal Targaryen dynasty: The Greens and the Blacks. Because we are only in the first part of the adaptation is there some time left before the inevitable carnage begins?

Alliances are being formed and relationships are being redefined. Among them, perhaps the most complex is the relationship between Rhaenyra (Emma D’Arcy as an adult and Milly Alcock as a teenager) and Ser Criston Cole (Fabien Frankel), the member of the royal guard chosen by Rhaenyra himself. If you’re wondering if they’ll end up together, we’ve got you covered and SHOW SPOILERS AHEAD.

Did Rhaenyra and Criston End Up Together?

In the “House of the Dragon” Criston is an ordinary son, the son of Lord Dondarrion’s butler. His family is in a small house in the Dornish Marches. Criston is a remarkably skilled warrior. Ser Arlan Dondarrion knighted him after a border conflict with Dorne. In the Tournament of the Heir, Criston defeats at least three opponents before confronting Daemon Targaryen.

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After his victory, he asks Rhaenyra a favor, and she happily grants it by tossing him her laurel wreath. Six months later, Rhaenyra accepts him into the Kingsguard. In episode 4 entitled “King of the Straits”. ‘, it is revealed that Criston has accompanied Rhaenyra on her reluctant and unsuccessful search for a husband. After returning to King’s Landing, Rhaenyra ventures into town with Daemon.

When he returns, he seduces Criston. The next morning, Rhaenyra discovers that her father found out about her late-night escapade with Daemon, despite not hearing from her and Criston. The books describe the following events and the series will likely change things in the adaptation process. Fire & Blood uses an unreliable narrator and provides accounts of events from multiple perspectives.

The creators decided early in the process not to follow the book in this way and to describe the events as if they were part of a single narrative. As series co-creator Ryan J.Condal puts it, the show’s version reads, “The actual truth of this true story was as we have seen. In the books, only the tale of the court jester Mushroom tells of Criston’s involvement when he describes the fight between Daemon and Viserys.

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After Viserys informed his daughter that he was marrying Laenor Velaryon, Septon Eustace claims that Criston approached the princess, told her he loved her and urged her to flee across the straits with him. The royal guard’s vows included not marrying, having children, and owning land. According to Eustace, after Criston confessed his feelings, Rhaenyra refused and reminded him of their respective duties.

Mushroom, however, claims that it was Rhaenyra who went to see Criston, and he rejected her. However, events made them bitter enemies. And this enmity between them played a fundamental role in the dance of the dragons.

During the tournament celebrating Rhaenyra and Laenor’s marriage, Criston broke the collarbone and elbow of Ser Harwin Strong, or Breakbones, who would go on to become Rhaenyra’s alleged lover and father of her first three children. After the death of Viserys Criston, who had by then become Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, crowned Aegon II Targaryen as the new King of the Seven Kingdoms and became known as the Kingmaker.

During the Dance of the Dragons, he served as the King’s Hand and was eventually killed in AD 130 in the battle known as the Battle Ball. Rhaenyra also died in AD 130 when Aegon II fed her his dragon Sunfire.

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