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Blockbuster Season 1 Ending Explained: Did Timmy Manage To Save The Store?

Netflix’s “Blockbuster” is a comedy series created by Vanessa Ramos and tells the story of an American video rental company, Blockbuster Entertainment Ltd., which opened in 1985 and became popular across the country. All of these businesses were operating at significant losses as internet usage increased over time, and by 2019 only one remained. from the shop. Timmy feels that technology is plentiful, but it is slowly eroding what is most precious human interaction. Timmy was an Asian-American man who wanted to keep the last Blockbuster store from closing. He wanted to get people into his stores like in the old days, so he started doing his best. His branch associates Carlos, Connie, Hannah, Kayla, and Eliza helped him through this situation. Also, Timmy’s close friend from high school, Percy (played by J.Smoove), who ran a party supply store in the area, tried to help as best he could but occasionally worried about Timmy having trouble paying his rent. However, Timmy took care of everything. A “blockbuster” party to attract more customers to his store, a giant gorilla balloon caught fire and caused a riot that drew media attention and increased his customer base. Finally, a Christmas Day solar storm caused widespread internet problems. During this situation, many customers gathered in the store, but an argument between them eventually caused chaos.

Is Timmy Able To Express His True Feelings?

Timmy (played by Randall Park) and his shop assistant Eliza (played by Melissa Fumero) were high school friends. Timmy had a crush on her since he was a  boy, but he never told Eliza. When Eliza started working at Timmy’s shop, the two got back together but were still just friends. Although they loved each other, they could not express themselves. However, Eliza always went out of her way to support Timmy. Whenever Timmy was in trouble, Eliza was an excellent advisor to him. But the problem was that Eliza’s ex-husband Aron, who once cheated on her, wanted to reconcile with her. Eliza was reunited with Aron and only thought about her daughter Ali, but she wasn’t happy with him at all. Timmy also started dating Lena, a clerk at a neighboring store, but Eliza’s name came out of Timmy’s mouth before Lena’s mouth, resulting in her breaking up with him. On the other hand, Eliza turned down Aron’s proposal to remarry him, stating that she loves Timmy. But due to the solar storm outside, Blockbuster was overrun with customers, causing a riot in the store, and thus neither Eliza nor Timmy was able to express their feelings to each other. When Aron asked Eliza to marry him, Hannah’s video camera caught everything, including her confession about Timmy. true feelings in season 2.

What Is The True Story Behind The Last Store?

When we saw Netflix and Amazon take over the entertainment world, we almost forgot that we used to have to rent a CD to watch a movie or play a video game. Long before this digital revolution, there was a famous entertainment store called “Blockbuster” in the United States that used to provide movie and video game rental services. The last store in the United States is currently in Bend, Oregon. The first Blockbuster store opened in Dallas and other cities including Texas in 1985 but wasn’t very popular back then. The period between 1990 and 2000 was the most successful period for the company when it became famous in the United States. The gradual invasion of digital media eventually led to the closure of all stores. In 2019, the Australian store also closed, making the Oregon store the last blockbuster in existence.

Did Timmy Manage To Save The Store?

Lil’ Stevie’s event is an absolute disaster when the drunk retired actor dressed as Santa Claus starts making obscene remarks about the kids and their parents. They all leave the store despite Timmy’s desperate attempts to get them to buy the signed DVDs. Depressed after his failure, Timmy goes to the bar to get drunk and forget about the place for a while. When Eliza tries to comfort him, she is very upset when she sees that Lena is already with him and that Timmy is not as depressed as she thought. The solar storm that wipes out the internet has all parents driving back to the store. They need some form of entertainment to keep the kids happy. All these film distributors give Timmy hope that he might still be able to save his shop. Meanwhile, Eliza is ambushed with a new surprise offer from Aaron. Although she realizes that Aaron did everything to save the marriage, she knows that she no longer loves him and that she has feelings for Timmy.

She rejects Aaron’s suggestion and clears everything up. In all the excitement, Timmy sees Aaron on his knees and assumes  Eliza will say yes. Lost in thought, Timmy calls Lena by Eliza’s name and ruins their relationship. own relationship. Eliza decides to confess her feelings to Timmy. However, she cannot catch his attention because he is busy settling a dispute between two parents who want the same movie. The fight escalates like a campfire, culminating in destructive looting of the store. just destroyed, Eliza tries to comfort Timmy, but he seems to have given up the idea that the store can be saved.

Final Thoughts 

Apart from the few moments that saved  Park and Fumero’s comedic times, Blockbuster is rarely funny. For a show meant to focus on the main trope of a failing small business, Blockbuster completely loses sight of its main objective once the first episode ends. Admittedly, it’s not easy to take off as a completely different leading lady right away, especially when her entire image has become the last leading lady she’s ever played; Melissa Fumero takes a while to get comfortable as Eliza on Screen. Her Amy-ness peered through her character and blamed the script. Blockbuster offers absolutely nothing new. Be it the characters and their quirks. It’s all as cliche as it can get. a show that just didn’t even try to bring anything new to the table. Only a great cast can make the show worth watching, but it doesn’t save it on any level.

The performances were as good as you can get with such an uninspired and boring script. Fumero and Park went to great lengths to bring characters to life who would have suffered even more without their abilities. However, their romance is not very convincing. As for the supporting cast, once again a whole lot of talent was wasted. With workplace comedies reaching incredible heights with The Office, Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and even Superstore, it’s certainly not enough to simply toss a few sane characters into a random setting and hope it works. And that’s the only lasting feeling  Blockbuster will leave you with. Blockbuster is being added to the list of bad Netflix Originals and will fade from our memories just as quickly as we got excited when it was announced.

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