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Better Call Saul Season finale: Don’t count on any extra spin-offs


The Better Call Saul series finale is coming to AMC Monday night, and by all accounts, it will be for the franchise. Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould have said in the past that they planned to move on after doing this show for years, but now they’re speaking in even truer terms. Unfortunately, that means our hopes for a Lalo prequel or a Kim Wexler spin-off are likely to skyrocket. Franchise guru Vince Gilligan had to say on the subject of moving on: “You can’t put all your money in red 21. I feel like we probably pushed it forward by doing a Breaking Bad spin-off, [but] I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Then I did El Camino and I’m very proud of that. But I guess I’m starting to feel like you need to know when to leave the party, you don’t want to be the guy with a lampshade on your head. “I currently have no plans to do anything else in this universe. gave the same answer at the end of Breaking Bad. I have to prove to myself that I have more than myself.

I’m not a one-trick pony, I hope so. We know Gilligan is developing a new project behind the scenes, but we’ll have to wait and see. More than it seems. We believe there is more you can do; But for the record, there’s always a chance Vince or Peter Gould might change their minds in the future. We simply believe that any possible offspring will come for years, if ever, in total.

What are you expecting from Better Call Saul’s final episode?

The critics and audiences immediately said, ‘Okay, you’re doing something interesting here.’ And I didn’t expect that. I give the audience and critics all credit for being sensitive and observant. But thanks also to Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, who didn’t have Breaking Bad until you were exhausted. And although Odenkirk is a lot more confident on the show now, when asked what he thought, he had an answer. Check out  his own  performance of he plans to rewatch the entire series in a few months.”I think what’s going to make me the most sensitive, Peter already knows, is that I’ve become extremely sensitive to crying on screen.


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I feel like real people don’t show emotion that often, and that worries me.” I’m going to be in tears too often,” Odenkirk said. “So, I hope I haven’t. just totally, shockingly true. So looking back, I’m going to be on the lookout for: Did I deliver those emotional moments that are really touchy? You have to be very open and honest about it. Next Monday, AMC will debut one of the maxima expected episodes of tv in 2022: the collection finale of “Better Call Saul,” co-creators Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan’s six-season by-product to the hit drama “Breaking Bad.”

At the Television Critics Association 2022 summer time season press tour, Gould and Gilligan stated they didn’t need to overdo the universe of those shows, however, didn’t deny the opportunity of any other installment altogether. Vegas metaphors are likely a mistake, however, you simply can’t preserve setting all of your cash on pink 21 times and again again,” Gilligan stated.

“We have likely driven it doing a by-product of ‘Breaking Bad.’ I couldn’t be greater glad about the results, after which I did ‘El Camino’ [a ‘Breaking Bad’ sequel film], and I’m very happy with that, however… you higher recognize while to depart the party.” So I don’t have any plans proper now to do something greater on this universe,” he continued, earlier than adding: “I recognize I become requested on the stop of ‘Breaking Bad’ and I gave the identical solution. I gotta show to myself that I’m now no longer a one-trick pony. I love running with those human beings — I need to preserve the band collectively regardless of what, however with a one-of-a-kind universe.”

Gould concurred, eleven though he regarded barely greater open to doing any other challenge inside the “Breaking Bad” world.

The overall strolling time of each collection and the film is “a variety of time, a huge funding to invite from the audience,” Gould stated. “I couldn’t be happier and greater happy with the work, however like Vince, I assume there are a few different matters I need to try. Having stated that, I love Albuquerque. I love Bob [Odenkirk]. I love Rhea [Seehorn]. I love Vince [Gilligan]. So we’ll preserve as an awful lot of the band collectively, and additionally, by no means say by no means. Who is aware of how we’re going to experience in more than one year?”

Though enthusiasts need to look forward to Monday’s finale, titled “Saul Gone,” to have a lot of their questions resolved, the penultimate episode “Waterworks” did solve a huge one: Kim Wexler (Seehorn) become certainly alive at some point of the years that “Breaking Bad” took place.

“I don’t assume we ever really, seriously [considered killing the character]. How are you gonna kill off America’s sweetheart? Do you ever do not forget speak me approximately doing that?” Gilligan requested Gould.

“A lot of this display is ready the way you stay with what you’ve done. How you stay a life, rather than finishing it,” Gould replied. “We knew quite early.”

Since Kim lives on, the episode additionally brings up questions about how Kim presently feels approximately  Jimmy (Odenkirk) after the activities of “Breaking Bad.”

“I sincerely assume that she nonetheless has a love for Jimmy,” Seehorn stated at some point in the panel. “Even withinside the heartbreaking episode in which they wreck up, it becomes by no means due to the fact she didn’t love him. That isn’t always how she got here to the choice she made.”

Odenkirk shared the anxieties he felt approximately how “Better Call Saul” might be acquired when it first began.

“I absolutely compartmentalized and left out the one’s styles of emotions and fears,” he stated. “But the primary time I become involved approximately tainting the legacy of ‘Breaking Bad’ become after I noticed that billboard move up when we shot the season. ‘Oh, shit, we made a display that human beings are going to without a doubt watch.’ I’m so used to getting knocked down in Hollywood which you don’t even fear approximately human beings looking it and judging it.”

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