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Barbarians Season 2 Ending Explained: Is Folkwin Dead Or Alive?

The events of the second season of the Netflix series “Barbarians” take place a year after the great war of the Cherusci against the Roman troops. Varus had been defeated by Reik Ari. For the first time in history, all tribes were united under one banner. For a year the kingdom was at peace and prosperous. The ego of the was hurt by Roman Empire.

They were desperate to fight back and regain their lost pride. The Romans were rumored to be regrouping. Ari kept his ears open, looking for hard evidence that the Romans were up to something. Finally, something happened that revealed the true intentions of the Roman Empire.

Ari Gets Captured By The Romans

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In the first episode of the series, Barbarians, Ari’s army attacked a regiment of Roman soldiers, and once again they found their wagons full of the material used to make “contubernia”, which are huge tents used in the campaign. as accommodation for soldiers. Ari knew immediately that the Romans were rebuilding their army and adding more legions. He told his men to report the problem to Reik Aldarich and Reik Brandolf immediately so they could set up a meeting and decide what to do. Done. The chiefs of the tribes met and decided that unless they had the resources, it would be foolish to wage war against the Romans. They knew that Marbod, the Reik of the Marcomanni tribe, had seventy thousand men under his command. Marbod had never bothered with the West. All he cared about was making a profit and defending his own tribe. What happened outside the walls of his realm had never been his concern. In the fight against Varus, he had also taken a neutral position. Thusnelda thought Ari should at least talk to him. Things weren’t like they used to be. Most of the tribes had united under a single banner, something unprecedented.

Marbod also wanted to hear what Ari had to say. He wanted to know what the other tribes were up to. Ari showed Marbod the Roman settlement from a cliff top and how they had improved their construction. But Marbod was not convinced and knew that taking action against the Romans did not mean great business losses. Marbod was a businessman and anything that disrupted his trade was unacceptable to him. The tribes met to decide who would be their king and lead them into battle. The meetings were called “The Thing”. Ari gave his speech telling the tribes of the impending end and the terrible plans the Romans had to make war against them.

Marbod argued against Ari. He told the tribal leaders that war was not their only option. He told them that if they made him king, he would make sure there was peace. Marbod was well aware that this was not his war. He had a peaceful relationship with the Romans and didn’t want to mess it up. Ari tried to reason with him, telling him that the peace he spoke of would be short-lived. He told him that the Romans were asking for reinforcements because they intended to wipe out the tribes and end the conflict once and for all. Ari tried to tell him the truth. He tried to make him understand that although he did business with the Romans, they would stab him in the back at any opportunity. But Marbod had made his decision and would not change his mind at any cost. In addition, Marbod had secretly met with a prefect of the Roman Empire who had been tasked with conquering Ari. This perfect was no other than Ari’s own brother, Flavus Quinctilius Varus.

Towards the end of the 1st episode of the 2nd season of “Barbarians”, Flavus is able to capture Ari with the help of Marbod. He brought his brother to Tiberius, the Roman commander. Tiberius was surprised to see that Flavus could complete an almost impossible task, and do it alone. After Ari started a rebellion against the Roman forces, even Flavus was branded a traitor. Although he was still loyal to the Roman army, he had to prove himself to everyone. and each step, like it, was his blood that betrayed the Roman Empire. Therefore, Flavus was even more eager to capture his brother and prove his loyalty. Marbod, Ari, and Flavus had spent their childhood together in Rome and therefore knew each other. another before. All three had been taken from their parents around the same time. When Marbod was 17 years old, he was sent out and made the reik of his tribe. Flavus and Ari, on the other hand, had joined the forces.

Marbod Is The Named The King Of Germanic Tribes

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Marbod, like Tiberius, believed that in politics there are neither allies nor enemies, only common interests. He knew the Romans needed him and because of his large army, he was able to dictate terms. It has not. He did not want bloodshed and was willing to enter into an agreement with the Roman Empire, although he had certain conditions. He wanted the Danube to be the southern border of the kingdom. He wanted an independent government and peaceful relations. He demanded that the city of Morbidia become a royal metropolis with direct trade routes. He also wanted five thousand horses and ninety thousand in cash. We learned that Marbod and Flavus had feelings for each other. They had a secret relationship for a long time.

That’s why Flavus was so eager to have Marbod on his side. While still in prison, Ari met a young man named Gaius. Ari had a family in Rome that no one knew about. He have a wife and Gaius was also his son. Like his brother Flavus, Gaius endured much shame for his father’s actions. He had a lot of resentment towards Ari for leaving him alone. It wasn’t like Ari didn’t do that. She didn’t love him, but at that moment she had no choice. He had a war to wage against Varus and he didn’t want to risk his son’s life. Perhaps he had not fulfilled the duties of a father in the past. , but intends to fix it. In the meantime, Thusnelda learned of Marbod’s true intentions. She saw him enter the Roman settlement and knew immediately that he had plotted to kidnap her husband. Thusnelda tried to break into the Roman camp but was caught by one of the guards. Luckily she was rescued by a familiar face.

Folkwin had come out of nowhere to save her. He took her home and told her she was doing a stupid thing to try to infiltrate Roman territory. Folkwin lived with a girl named Dido whose family had been killed by Germanicus. , probable heir to the Roman throne. Dido agreed to help Thusnelda, although Folkwin was still not convinced. The next morning, Folkwin set out voluntarily to help his friend. He confronted the Roman soldiers and showed Thusnelda the location of the prison. Folkwin, Thusnelda, and Dido fled the Roman settlement along with Ari and Gaius. Ari knew he had to somehow get Marbod on his side to fight the Romans. He went and faced Marcomanni’s Reik. He went and faced Marcomanni’s rebellion. He knelt before him and called him  King of Germania. But Marbod was still in a weird state of mind. He didn’t know which way to lean. Oderike, his wife,  told him openly that he shouldn’t get upset or get attached to other people’s things. She told him that they had remained neutral for years and had yet another chance to turn the tide in their favor.

Flavus Wants To Prove His Worth

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Flavus was about to be killed when he begged Germanicus and Tiberius to give him another chance. He told them that if they killed him, Marbod would join forces with Ari and make war against the Romans. Tiberius was a cunning man. He sent a message and a gift to Marbod via Flavus. He had asked Marbod to prove his loyalty by killing Flavus by messaging him. Essentially, Flavus carried his own death warrant and had no idea about it. Oderike believed that if sacrificing a life guaranteed the safety of an entire kingdom, then Marbod should go ahead and do the same. necessary. But Marbod loved Flavus. Marbod told him that Tiberius wanted him dead.

Flavus still wanted to prove his loyalty. He still wanted to remain loyal to the Romans and prove himself. He left and informed Germanicus that the Reiks would be unarmed and under one roof at a social gathering that was to take place. which will take place soon. At the meeting,  Marbod said again that he wanted peace. Ari told him that he was willing to kneel provided he agreed to make war against the Romans. Just as they were having this conversation, Flavus and Germanicus, along with other soldiers, attacked the tribe. Folkwin arrived at the crime scene. , expecting something like this to happen. It ended up killing many Roman soldiers who eventually had to retreat. But he still couldn’t save everyone.

The damage was already done. Oderike, Marbod’s wife, was killed in battle. The personal tragedy made Marbod realize that the Romans were loyal to no one. They were only looking for their own benefit. No matter how lucrative the offer, Tiberius still thought of Marbod as a barbarian. It was decided that the tribes would launch a violent attack against the Romans. On their way, they saw something that sent shivers down their spines. Ari placed his scouts all over the area. He wanted to be one step ahead of the Romans. Tiberius knew. So he ordered the reinforcements to take the sea route. Ari’s son Gaius, who had fled into the forest, met Folkwin and Thusnelda and showed them a fleet of enemy ships. They estimated it would take no more than a day to reach the camp. Folkwin and Thusnelda returned and it was decided that the tribes would have to attack the Romans that same day, without support from the Marcomanni tribe. 

Is Ari Able To Defeat The Romans? Is Folkwin Dead Or Alive?

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Thusnelda had given birth to a boy whom she named Thumelicus. He told Folkwin that he was the biological father of her child. a vow that he would sacrifice his firstborn if they won the battle against Varus. The tribes had won the battle, but Folkwin never sacrificed his son, not knowing he even had a son. But now that he knew, he was starting to feel that way

Something bad was about to happen. Dido wanted to kill Germanicus, so she entered the Roman camp alone at night. She was about to kill him but Ari came and stopped her. Ari took him hostage. he would have his chance for revenge. They needed Germanicus to give them information. Segestes, the greedy and selfish man that he was, went and told Tiberius that Ari and his men would attack them. Segestes was an opportunist and had no principles to hold on to in his life. It didn’t matter to him whether his daughter Thusnelda lived or died. For a small sum, he was willing to sell his own conscience and risk his daughter’s life. Thusnelda hated her father very much.

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He had been banished from the community and was living in a cave somewhere outside. But even after being insulted and punished, he did not give up his dishonest and corrupt ways. Once again he was ready to betray you. Tiberius began tightening his borders, knowing he must hold his fortress until reinforcements arrived. The tribes were fewer in number as they could not reach the Marcomanni tribe. Their mission was time-bound to take control of the Roman settlement before the ships arrived, but the problem was that breaking into the facility was a Herculean task in itself. So the tribes devised a strategy to trick the Romans. They started stirring up trouble from one end, and as the soldiers gathered on that side, they attacked from the other end. They surprised the Romans. Flavus saved her lover Marbod but was killed in battle. All his life Flavus only wanted to be a loyal servant, but the Romans never considered him their own. For her, he had always been a barbarian. Maybe he should have listened to his brother and fought for his cause. But it was too late.

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