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Alice in Borderland Season 2 Ending Explained: Were Arisu And Usagi Alive?

The second season of the Netflix series Alice on the Border tells us how hypocritical and overbearing people are. His narrative offers a critique of our society that makes us aware of the absurdity of man-made systems. The second season begins. where he left us last season. Arisu, Usagi, Kuina, Chishiya, and Ann had won the games and they were waiting for what else awaited them. They were told that while they had collected all the number cards from the Deck, the court cards still had to be collected. Let’s see what kind of challenges Face Cards pose for players and if they are able to return to their real-world after successfully completing the games.

Who Were The Citizens? What Did The Games Aim At Doing?

Arisu, Usagi, and others soon discovered that the purpose of the games was not only to challenge competitors but also to educate them about themselves. People live lives of contradiction and boasting. , and the games have been designed to peel away the layers and reveal the true nature of each individual. When Arisu and his team played the first game called Osmosis, they had to face the truth they came from and went into hiding. Kyuma, the king of clubs, said that the game world is more real than the current one. Kyuma and his teammates, namely Shitara, Uta, Maki, and Goken used to play in a band together, but over time they decided to stay in Borderland. Kyuma questioned the participants’ beliefs. , specifically Arisu, and asked what parameters they used to call their world fake. He said that in his world, games are the epitome of conversation, but the difference is that here the participants always told the truth.

There was no room for hypocrisy when it came to survival. A person could have claimed to be a sage willing to sacrifice his life for the good of others, and the Borderland games tested whether what he said was true. or bad. Kyuma believed that dealing with death changed a person internally. Arisu’s encounter with Kyuma had a profound impact on him. He knew if he hit the King of Clubs under normal conditions. Then they would have become friends for sure. Both Arisu and Usagi saw people abandon their ideals and principles at the first sign of trouble when they played together in their second game called Checkmate against the Queen of Spades. Usagi came to the arena with an orphan named Kota. People sympathized with the boy, but they were not willing to lose because of him. There was a limit to which they could show empathy and it was very awkward. Toward the end of the game, Checkmate, Usagi had to make people understand that it wasn’t always about winning or losing,  it was about keeping the humanity alive in them. She told them the world wasn’t worth living in. if people didn’t care about others and only looked out for their own selfish interests.

Chishiya had an amazing experience playing two games in a row. In the first, called solitary confinement, the Knave of Hearts designed the game to reveal how unreliable and dishonest people can be. They were all willing to stab themselves in the back, and they didn’t mind beating another candidate’s trust and letting them die. Something similar also happened in the game created by King of Diamonds. A fellow participant tried for tricked Chishiya and the GM, but they both defeated her. The King of Diamonds was a man named Kuzuryu, who had been second in command at The Beach. Kuzuryu was a good man and wanted to do what he couldn’t do in the real world. Kuzuryu was a lawyer handling a case for a large multinational corporation. The company had to pay a settlement amount as a fine, but they used their power to evade it completely, and the victims were never compensated. Kuzuryu saw everything that happened before his eyes, but he couldn’t do anything about it. So he created Borderland,  a game where anyone could win based on their lucky day. Kuzuryu and Chishiya were similar in more ways than one. Chishiya also faced a similar dilemma when the board’s grandson was given priority on the heart transplant list and doctors left the one to die without such confirmation. Chishiya had realized the eternal truth of life and his encounter with the King of Diamonds changed him inside out. So you could say that the citizens weren’t bad people and had found sanctuary in Borderland. These were the people who had nothing to look forward to in the real world, or perhaps were so disenchanted with society’s hypocritical ways and means that they decided to stay in  Borderland forever.

Were Aguni And Niragi Still Alive?

As we head into Alice in Borderland Season 2, we see that Aguni and Niragi are still alive. Niragi became part of Arisu’s team and played with them. It seemed that such a great tragedy would have changed Niragi’s behavior, but the opposite happened. Niragi accepted the fact that he was a villain and that he had to play his part just like the good people in society. He believed that if there had been a majority of people like him, he would not have done it. He was considered a demon. Aguni, on the other hand, hid in the forest with Akane Heiya and devised a strategy to kill the King of Spades. The king of spades was probably the only master of the game who didn’t have a proper game. he massacred everyone who caught his eye. He was constantly receiving bullets from the airships hovering in the sky. He had been stalking Arisu, Usagi, and others from the start, and they still had no idea how to deal with the assassin. and get the best of him. The King of Spades wore a bulletproof vest, making him even more difficult to kill. In Episode 8 of Alice in Borderland we saw that all the survivors had decided to come to Shibuya and participate in the games since there were only two face cards left. Arisu and Usagi’s spirits rose when they met up with Ann, Kuina, Akane, and Aguni. The group believed that together they could kill the king of spades and move on to the next game.

They didn’t have enough firepower to take on the King of Spades, so Arisu had the idea of ​​taking it to a nearby medical tent, filling it with gas, and blowing it all up. Aguni chose to be the bait, but the King of Spades’ ferocity was unparalleled and eventually, everyone had to come out of hiding and fight with him. He started wreaking havoc among the players, severely injuring each of them. He nearly kills Ann, Akane, and Kuina. , and showed no signs of weakness. Even altogether, they couldn’t stop it. With a lot of effort, Arisu was able to lure him into the medical tent. Together, Aguni and Arisu blew up the entire facility and finally ended their nightmare. Although Aguni shared a past with the King of Spades, he told him that he had nothing against him. Aguni fired at his nemesis and we watched as the zeppelin shattered into pieces in the sky. 

Niragi challenged Arisu and Chishiya to a game, telling them that contrary to what they thought of themselves, they were just as selfish and cruel as he was. He said they could also do anything to save their own lives. Arisu went through introspection and this time he didn’t lie to himself. He knew that no matter what he said, he was still afraid of death and constantly trying to escape his downfall. For the first time, Arisu dropped her weapon and stood in front of him. Niragui. He told Niragi that while he really wanted to go into the real world, he wasn’t willing to do so at the cost of another person’s life. Niragi had been proven wrong and was about to drop his gun when Usagi arrived at the scene. Seeing her, he was instigated again and shot her. Chishiya stepped in and saved Usagi’s life. Chishiya and Niragi sat on the ground like two wounded soldiers who had fought with all their might but suddenly realized that such violence wasn’t worth it.

Were Arisu And Usagi Alive? Did They Come Back To The Real World?

Arisu and Usagi were the only ones who could walk and function properly. Everyone else had been badly injured fighting the King of Spades. In the last episode of “Alice in Borderland,” they were preparing for the final challenge, where the queen of hearts awaited them with another game. Arisu and Usagi wanted to win at all costs, knowing that only then could they return to their real world. Mira Kano, who was once a board member of Hatter’s Regime, was the queen of hearts, and she herself created the ultimate game. It was a simple game of croquet, and he told both contestants that if they played all three rounds without surrendering or losing the game midway, they would win the final bout. Arisu and Usagi found it very surprising to learn that winning or losing the game was irrelevant to the final result. All the games they had played followed a simple pattern: all they had to do was a win and survive. I couldn’t understand how it made sense or what exactly the challenge they had to overcome was. Mira was a cunning schemer and had decided to toy with the minds of both participants. His game wasn’t about his stamina or his strength; it would prove how mentally strong they were.

After a few rounds of croquet, Mira stopped for tea. Arisu was in a hurry to end the game as Usagi was bleeding profusely after being injured fighting the King of Spades. Arisu persistently asked Mira if they would do it. can return to their world after completing the game. Mira also gave in to his request after a while but warned him that what she was going to tell him might surprise him. The first theory  Mira came up with was that there were about 1000 years into the future when unbridled technological advances had changed the face of the earth. Mira said humans could manipulate genes and find cures for terminal diseases like cancer. He also said that scientific discoveries could eliminate all-natural disasters, and in short, humans had become immortal. Mira said that Arisu was put into a virtual reality simulation and he was so engrossed in it that he forgot that not everything was real. You see, she was the sysadmin and Arisu played over and over again because she missed the dopamine rush that people generally get when their survival was at stake. Before Arisu could grasp the shocking revelations, Mira told her that she was only joking. Considering the strange events that had happened in her life, what Mira was proposing was not unlikely, so Arisu and Usagi considered the possibility that even if was only for a fleeting moment, it would happen.

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