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Adar Is Morgoth’s Successor (Not Sauron): Rings Of Power Theory

The Lord of the Rings Episode 3: The Rings of Power raises the possibility that Adar and not Sauron is Morgoth’s true successor. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is set in the second age of Middle-earth and explores the aftermath of Morgoth’s defeat. Morgoth, Middle-earth’s first true evil, is essentially the Lucifer of J. Tolkien’s franchise. the whole conflict that happened to Middle-earth.

Centuries have passed since the fall of Morgoth, and most people in Middle-earth believe that the days of war are over. An exception is Galadriel, an elven warrior who swore vengeance on Sauron for the death of her brother Finrod. She wandered from the paradise of Valinor and was almost killed in the raging seas before being taken to Númenor. There, Galadriel soon learned that her worst fears had come true: the forces of darkness had planned the contingency of Morgoth’s defeat, with a chosen successor beginning his conquest of Middle-earth in the Southlands.

The Orcs have hidden their activities in the Southlands by operating underground through a network of tunnels dug by slave laborers. Of course, Galadriel takes the blame. The Orcs are led by Sauron, who was Morgoth’s lieutenant in the First Age. The Rings of Power Episode 3 is actually a completely different character.

Adar May Be the True Successor of Morgoth

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Episode 3, “Adar” contains a major subplot in which the enslaved elves attempt to break free in order to gather reinforcements and finish off their enemies. It ends with the presentation of Adar., leader of the orcs, an original character created for the series.

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There have been consistent reports that he is a fallen Elf, quite a dramatic departure from Tolkien’s own tradition as he moved away from the idea that Elves could fall into the shadows. The origin of the Elf of Adar seems to be corroborated by the title he uses, as “Adar” is an Elvish word believed to translate to “Father”.

” It is reasonable to assume that Adar’s title means that he was the one who actually created the orcs, since their origin has always been a mystery in Tolkien’s writings and the author considered numerous alternatives. The general assumption is, that Adar is one of Sauron’s orc lieutenants, with Sauron using a different alias in The Rings of Power. However, this is only conjecture. As Adar is an original character, his position in Morgoth’s armies is unknown.

If he is indeed the creator of the orcs, then he would be a worthy successor as he could create more of them either by breeding or destroying others. Already revered by many in his army, you were able to act without fear of being discovered precisely as Morgoth’s enemies were relentlessly focused on finding and defeating Sauron.

Sauron is May Be Pursuing His Own Goals in The Rings of Power

It would certainly be an unexpected twist that would stun even viewers most familiar with J. Tolkien’s story. But it would free Sauron to become even more powerful. He could use his shapeshifting powers to infiltrate the elves and work to forge the Rings of Power. This would fit very well with Tolkien’s established story, and possibly reposition Sauron as a sort.

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An opportunist who exploits his enemies’ distractions and uses deception to achieve his goals. Of course, that doesn’t mean Adar’s story is separate from Sauron’s. If Adar is Morgoth’s true successor, then he is doomed to be supplanted by Sauron.

Whether that happens in Season 1 of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power remains to be seen, or if this war will continue for several seasons as Sauron works in the shadows to further his own ends, including as Galadriel. and his forces are focused on Adar’s actions in the Southlands. The Second Age of Middle-earth clearly hides many mysteries, and it will be exciting to see them uncovered.

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