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A Model Family Season 1: Ending Explained


How did Kwang-Chul know where to find Kang-Jun?

A Model Family Episode 10 starts this finale with a beautiful sunrise. The water turns orange as Dong-Ha approaches Kwang-Chul and reveals what’s going on. He tells her that there is a policeman buried in his back garden and that the police have been watching him ever since. He knows it’s only a matter of time before they find him.

Dong-Ha has come to terms with death, knowing that he will die no matter what. But as a final act of survival, he tells Kwang-Chul exactly where Kang-Jun will be, which is why he was stabbed and drowned in the final episode. Dong-Ha betrayed him. Item, Kang-Jun calls Dong-Ha a monster for tricking him. Dong-Ha is shocked that Kang-Jun was killed this way, but is told to go home and await Kwang-Chul’s instructions. Only his house is the scene of a huge crime scene.

Did someone move the bodies? Who did it?

At the end of the previous episode, we saw Eun-Joo digging in the back garden and now we know why. The police and coroner are everywhere, digging around in the garden to try to find Kang-Cheol’s body. able to find it. It seems that the body has been moved and the messenger is present, watching all this sweating and sneering in disbelief. As for the garden, it turns out that Deuk-Soo is the one who moved the bodies.


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Not Eun Joo. He approaches Dong-Ha when the unsuccessful police search is called off and admits he buried her in the neighbor’s yard. Deuk-Soo tells Dong-Ha to keep his head down and promises that things will get better soon. Back at the house, Dong-Ha watches Han-Cheol’s phone tapes of the undercover agent’s last words. With his last breath, he calls out to Eun-Joo and tells her that she is the only one he can trust.

Did Joo-Hyun get the closure?

Joo-Hyun receives images from Han-Cheol’s phone with images attached. That’s Dong-Ha, of course, but it confirms where he’s buried and it’s an anonymous way of keeping Dong-Ha from being discovered. Joo-Hyun freaks out and rushes to find the site, digging with her bare hands. At the same time that he finds Han-Cheol’s body buried in the dirt, Police Lieutenant Jun-Kook returns to his car and notices that the SD card is missing. His facade was destroyed and his identity was revealed.

Jun-Kook drives to the undercover location, determined to find the evidence they have on her and get it back. Yun-Seok tries to keep calm but is clearly nervous knowing she is the mole. Jun-Kook has already recognized this and shoots him without hesitation. She takes the SD card and leaves. When Eun-Joo returns, she finds her partner dead on the floor. The thing is, she actually recorded the last interaction between him and Jun-Kook and frames herself as the result. It’s hard for Joo-Hyun to listen to him, regardless of his implications.

Did the Messenger die?

Kwang-Chul approaches the Courier catches him off guard and attacks him at the warehouse where Kang-Jun met an untimely fate. Combat is chaotic, bloody, and downright brutal. Kwang-Chul takes the lead, pointing out that he knows the guy is just a messenger and has no real interest in any of this. When the messenger scoffs and tells him he’s crossed the line, Dong-Ha plants an orb between his eyes.


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After the messenger is dead, Kwang-Chul takes a picture of him and sends a message to, the real ringleader, telling them to get in touch if they want to talk. As for Joo-Hyun, he has enough evidence to eliminate Jun-Kook, but instead, he determinedly walks through the station with a gun and shoots his superior between the eyes. Furious over the deaths of two of her peers, she has taken matters into her own hands as a result, regardless of the consequences.

Did Hyn-Woo get his surgery?

After this incident, the news is full of what happened. The bodies are discovered in the backyard, the police fiasco is revealed, and both Dong-Ha and Kwang-Chul miraculously survive the carnage. Dong-Ha goes to the hospital where he finds out. that there is currently no match for Hyun-Woo’s operation. You will have to wait. Given how broken up the family has been all season, it makes him optimistic that everyone is supporting the youngster.

He tells the others that not having and waiting for a transplant can be a good thing as it means the family is together now rather than broken. In the hallway, Eun-Joo and Dong-Ha calmly discuss their situation. The former admits that ever since they met, she has felt like an invisible nobody and wanted to feel alive. Speaking of which, Deuk-Soo also fixes things with Dong-Ha (or tries anyway) and apologizes for straying too far from him.

However, Dong-Ha walks away and returns home, watching home videos of the family being happy and together and longing to return to those simpler days.

A Model Family Season 1 Ending Explained

Dong-Ha makes a big decision and sets out in the morning to personally report something to the police. Just as he’s crossing the street, he gets a call from someone telling him to keep this cell phone as best he can. his family depends on it. “I’ll see you soon,” he says menacingly.

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