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1899 Season 2 Netflix Release Date and Spoilers: is 1899 has been renewed?

1899 Season 2: Everything you need to know about, Renewed or Canceled, Cast, Plot, and Release Date.

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If you watched and loved Dark, the German time travel puzzle box, a few years ago, then you probably also devoured Netflix’s 1899 quite avidly. Baran bo Odar, but this is not just a simple copy. No way. Set aboard a passenger liner known as Kerberos, 1899 is an epic historical drama starring an international cast that dives right into all of the mystery, sci-fi, and horror you’d expect from a show like East, an all-out raises a new mystery. If 1899 turns out to be half as popular as Dark, then there will likely be multiple seasons.

1899 Season 2 Renewed or Canceled?

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At this point, Season 2 of 1899 hasn’t been announced yet, so we can’t say for sure if the new series will continue or not. No need to worry as the show hasn’t premiered yet. Analyze viewership numbers before making decisions. We’ll have to wait and see how successful 1899 is, but considering the trailer has 8 million views on YouTube, I think a lot of people will be tuning in. (For comparison,  The young Royals Season 2 Trailer was released around the same time and has 1 million views, while Wednesday’s trailer, which was released slightly earlier, has 5.

4 million visits). And if the viewership figures for 1899  prove impressive, the creators will be happy to continue with more seasons. During an interview with Deadline in 2021, co-creator Jantje Friese said they’re trying to make this a multi-year show, also noting that they’ll have to see how well the first season is received. If 1899 is renewed for a second season, we probably can’t expect it until 2024 at the earliest. takes place from May 2021 to November 2021. 

It took about a year from filming to release. Depending on how quickly the show is renewed and how long it takes the writers to write the script, it’s not unreasonable to think we could see a second season. in about two years from now. Of course, this is just a prediction, so take it with a grain of salt. While we get some of the most coveted answers in the 1899 finale, we’re sure there’s only more to come in the finale. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that is renewed for Season 2, and in the meantime don’t forget to catch all eight episodes of 1899 on Netflix this Thursday, November. 17, 2022.

1899 Season 2 Release Date

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The filming of the first season lasted about six months between May 2021 and November 2021, which means that it took a full year from then until the actual release in November 2022. Outside of that schedule, season two will likely kick off sometime in 2024, if or when 1899 is renewed, and that’s when the renewal comes fast. If not, 2025 might be a safer bet at this point.

1899 Season 2 Cast

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The series features a multicultural and multilingual cast,  all of whom speak their language throughout the show, causing communication issues between characters. “It was very important to be true to cultures and languages. We don’t want to have characters from different countries, but they all speak English,” Friese told Deadline. “We wanted to explore this heart of Europe, where everyone is from a different place and speaks a different language, and the language defines much of your culture and behavior.

Netflix has been very reluctant on the 1899 storyline, it’s not entirely clear which characters will make it into Season 2. But season 1 has a great cast including Emily Beecham as neurologist Maura Franklin, Andreas Pietschmann as Captain Eyk Larsen, Miguel Bernardeau as wealthy Spaniard Ángel, José Pimentão as priest Ramiro, Mathilde Ollivier and Jonas Bloquet as Parisian aristocrats Clémence and Lucien, Isabella Wei and Gabby Wong as mysterious Chinese passengers Ling Yi and YukJe, Rosalie Craig as rich British passenger Virginia, Alexandre Willaume as religious Dane Anker, Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen as scarred Dane Krester and Yann Gael as French boxer Jérôme.

1899 Season 2 Plot

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1899 Season 2 plot details are scarce until the sweet renewal announcement is made official, but given the success of the trailer, expect a lot of interest in the show in this important first month where the numbers mean everything. For trailer context, noted that the 1899 promo had more than eight million views, while others that dropped at the same time saw far fewer views, including Young Royals season 2 and Wednesday, the more than one had millions or five million visits. The reason we gave those numbers is that co-creator Jantje Friese told Deadline that they plan to do multiple seasons of 1899 if the first one goes down well. So if you like what you’ve seen so far, do it!

1899 Season 1 Recap

As with Dark, the story is non-linear, with characters moving in and out of scenes from their past as fluidly as they enter and exit a room. Surrealism isn’t the easiest of genres, but it’s all about 1899. For Episode 3, trying to understand why events happen is futile. Even trying to understand what’s going on can take a little effort. Some of this is intentional: due to the large cast of international actors, all speaking their native languages, there is a discrepancy between characters and a lack of the powerful dialogue that defined Dark. Making 1899 a truly multilingual series is certainly a good idea, especially for a Netflix series that will reach a global audience but loses something in the execution. Jantje Friese explains the decision to Deadline: “We wanted to explore this heart of Europe, where everyone comes from a different place and speaks a different language and the language determines so much of their culture and their behavior.” That goes without saying. But it is frustrating to see characters talk  about their lives, knowing no one else can understand them, but the biggest problem with 1899 is the same one Dark struggled with: speed. The mystery box stories are based on the action becoming increasingly mysterious until the final episodes make sense based on the clues available. Dark did this several times, but creating the mystery often got in the way of telling the story. Vox’s Emily St. James put it best in her review of Dark Season 1: “At a certain point it becomes difficult to care what’s going on other than just wanting to figure out how it’s all happening connected.”

” The default 1899 pace is slow because the characters are clueless. They mostly just run around the ship and wonder what’s going on. Throwing in a language barrier and advancing the story becomes a Herculean effort. Rhythm isn’t just that. It takes a few episodes to level up again. This is a fatal flaw that can turn off even the most die-hard Dark fans. However, there are bright spots. The cast is brilliant from top to bottom, led by Dark alumnus Andreas Pietschmann as Captain Eyk, and comedy doubles Ben Ashenden and Alexander Owen in supporting roles. like English coal shovels. Many of Dark’s best parts carry over into this series, including the use of a synth-heavy score.

The theme song for 1899 is a haunting rendition of Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit,” and each episode ends with a helpful explanatory montage set to a modern song, just like Dark. 1899 also uses its many flashbacks to explore a variety of genres, and the cinematography is up to the challenge. The show seamlessly hops between locations and eras while maintaining a consistent tone. It’s impressive and a pleasure to look at (even if it’s confusing). But a mystery box is only as good as its ending, and since Netflix has only made six of the series’ eight episodes available for review, there’s no telling how it ends. on Dark, but after six episodes we’re struggling to see where 1899 is taking us. We’re cautiously optimistic that Odar and Friese can land again, but some of the early missteps for this new show aren’t exactly reassuring. 

1899 Season 2 Trailer

Don’t expect 1899 Season 2 footage to be out until at least early 2024 unless there’s a big twist that changes everything. And that assumes that the program is extended for another sea voyage.

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