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Young Royals Season 2 Ending Explained: Did Love Win At The End For Wilhelm And Simon?

The fandom of the Swedish queer romance series Young Royals begged for a second season hoping their favorite couple, Wilhelm and Simon, would have a happy ending. The success of Young Royals was unpredictable but well deserved. It was refreshing to see a teen drama where the main characters proudly embrace their blemishes and freckles. The series revolves around the age-old conspiracy of a member of a royal family who falls in love with a commoner. Cliche Sounds like “Young Royals” has succeeded in a series that tries to question tradition, duty, class, and heteronormativity. The first season focused heavily on class differences. Wilhelm is the Swedish prince who lives in the boarding school at the elite Hillerska school, while Simon lives in a small apartment with his mother and sister. Simon was forced to sell drugs and alcohol at school to pay for the extra classes he was taking to keep his grades. Before kissing. Wilhelm at his apartment in Bjarstad, Simon quickly turned on a video game and turned up the volume to distract his mother, who was in the other room. Wilhelm, who had never lived outside the castle, found the facility amusing. The instances drew audiences, and the slow-burn romance series became famous. Season 2 ramps up teenage angst and focuses more on the supporting characters than the romantic angle between the main characters. The characters of this season are trying to break with tradition, but if that’s the case, maybe we should abolish the whole concept of monarchy, right? However, Edvin Ryding and Omar Rudberg offer the same brilliant chemistry this season. However, Wilhelm-Simon’s love affair seems to be over and could be a liability if it continues.

Prince Wilhelm adjusts to life at his prestigious new boarding school

Being a prince was not easy for Wilhelm; the overwhelming responsibility made him anxious. His only breathing space was his older brother Erik. Erik took care of his brother no matter what. Unlike Wilhelm, Erik was the definition of perfection; He performed his duties as Crown Prince with dedication and integrity. Wilhelm was sent to Hillerska after a video was released showing him involved in a party fight. While Wilhelm was sent to school hoping for a disciplined life, he found love in the charming but shy choirboy Simon. Just as Wilhelm was processing his feelings for Simon, he was informed that his brother had died in a tragic accident. accident, and now he was the crown prince. The loss of his brother and the weight of the crown crushed William. Being gay was now even more difficult and to add to their misery an adult tape of the two was circulated. Wilhelm promised to be honest with the press, but his mother urged him to give a speech and deny he was in the video. Simon realized that when faced with a choice between protecting the crown and protecting himself, Wilhelm could always choose the former. He separated from Wilhelm, although Wilhelm had no intention of letting him go. The students are back in Hillerska after the Christmas holidays. Simon’s sister Sara received a scholarship for the boarding school in Hillerska.

Sara had always dreamed of living like her wealthy peers, although keeping up with them is now a challenge. Simon is still suffering from the adult tape mess. His friends advised him to get involved in a rebound with a Bjarstad local, Marcus. Marcus took a liking to Simon when he saw him sing. Simon hadn’t surpassed Wilhelm but at the same time. He was desperate to distract himself. Meanwhile, August sent several messages to Wilhelm during the holidays, asking for his forgiveness. The leaked video had destroyed the life Wilhelm had built with Simon and he had no intention of repairing his relationship with August. He couldn’t report August to the police because August was his cousin and he was a member of the royal family. So Wilhelm decides to punish him in whatever way he thought fits. This season, the series explores the friendship between Wilhelm and Felice and the romance between August and Sara. Wilhelm continues to have panic attacks when asked to perform his royal duties. Will Wilhelm give up his status for Simon? Will Wilhelm and Simon’s love win? at the end?

Why Did Sara Support August Even After Knowing The Truth?

Sara had seen August upload the video from the computer confiscated by the police after the video scandal in the library. Sara and August agreed that he would help Sara get a scholarship to secure her place at the Manor House. while she would remain silent and never reveal August’s involvement in the case. In the final episode of season one, Sara kisses August after he offers to help her become the person she hoped she would be. When Wilhelm later confronted August about the video, he assumed it was Sara who had spread the rumor. After the holidays, when Sara tried to convince August that she wasn’t the one who ratted him out, she noticed that August was suffering from severe anxiety. Fearing for his life,  he knew the royal court could destroy him in seconds if he chose. Sara helped August calm down. She was attracted to him and realized that she had no control over her feelings. On the evening of his birthday, he was browsing Felice’s conversation with Wilhelm and she realized that it was Felice who found out about August’s involvement in the video leak. He reported the information to August, urging him to confess his crime to the police rather than go into hiding, even after learning of his guilt. August decided to consider his proposal, but before leaving her room, Sara kissed him just to make sure he felt the tingles she had felt from him before. She brazenly stated that she wanted to be with him. 

August blushed at his suggestion. He liked Sara because she chose to be with him when everyone else was gone. Wilhelm tried to avenge August by humiliating him in front of his friends. He wanted to take away from August what he loved most: power. Wilhelm broke all the rules of the elders and August couldn’t stop him. Embarrassed by August’s reticence, the third-year students decided to vote against him. August lost his position as house prefect and captain of the rowing team. When he was contacted by the royal court, he was certain that it was to discuss his involvement in the leaked video and that he could eventually lose his royal status and even face jail time. But then he found out that the royal court was considering it. as a replacement for Wilhelm when he failed to fulfill his duties as crown prince. August was pleasantly surprised by the suggestion; He immediately agreed and shared the news with Sara. Sara had seen how the crown could destroy a relationship; he wondered if their relationship would suffer because of his Location. At first, she ignored him, but it was impossible to deny the love she felt for him. When he learned that Simon was planning to report him to the police, he asked him for a confession several times, and August agreed to worry about him. Sara couldn’t help but fall in love with August, even after learning how he ruined her brother’s life. She believed that if he confessed to his crime, he would redeem himself. She wanted to give him another chance, and oddly enough her intentions were pure.

Did Love Win At The End For Wilhelm And Simon? Was August Punished For His Mistake?

Wilhelm was jealous of Simon’s growing closeness to Marcus. He had spotted the two together at a karaoke bar on social media. She wondered if Simon had already moved on while he was in agony. When she asked Simon about Marcus, he confirmed that they were dating, but not together. Simon saw Wilhelm suffer, but he didn’t want to be with him anymore, knowing that their relationship would always remain a secret from the world. But at the same time, I wasn’t able to have a serious relationship with Marcus. Discussing her situation with Marcus, she concluded that she would not allow Simon to self-sabotage. They would take their relationship easy. but it didn’t make sense for him to call it quits just because Simon wasn’t ready for a serious commitment. After seeing Simon and Marcus kiss after the rowing match, Wilhelm sought support from his best friend Felice. Felice has been at Wilhelm’s side since the day the video was leaked. She was his shoulder to cry on whenever he felt lonely. The two spent time in Wilhelm’s room, and their proximity created sexual tension. Outside, one of the hostel boys entered the room and his secret became the hottest topic discussed at school. Since Wilhelm and Simon could not be together due to the circumstances, they tried to find comfort in other people. However, her desperate attempts to move on only led to jealousy. At the masked ball, Simon cannot hold back his feelings for Wilhelm and kisses him. I wanted to continue, but it wasn’t something they were both not good at. The kiss gave Wilhelm hope, but Simon soon recalled how difficult his life had been when he was with Wilhelm. A member of the royal court, Jan-Olaf, canceled the song Simon had written for the school’s anniversary celebration and asked the choir to sing Hillerska’s old anthem. They didn’t want Simon to get any special attention. Simon was devastated, music was what got him through the rough days and now he even lost the freedom to sing the song he put his heart into. She felt that the moment she fell in love with Wilhelm, she lost control of her life. Even now he had to bear the consequences of the leaked video. As Simon and Wilhelm discussed the mess they were in, Wilhelm mentioned that it was August who leaked the video. Simon decided to report August to the police, despite Wilhelm’s warning that August would sneak off with his connections and money. Wilhelm decided to give up his position, now knowing that  August was his replacement, and live a free life with Simon. Although it was a romantic proposal, Simon wanted to do the right thing; he was hellbent on denouncing the person who destroyed his life.

August could confess his crime to the police or devise a plan to protect himself. He decided to blackmail Simon. He convinced his friend Alexander to take the blame. Simon only had evidence that the video was taken using August’s phone, but that didn’t prove it was August who took it. Alexander would admit that he was the one who had August’s phone and used it to record the video. August promised that the royal court would protect Alexander at all costs. Not only that, if Simon went to the police they would report the drugs/medication that Simon brought onto school grounds last year with his father’s name on it. After August explained his grand plan, Wilhelm quickly stopped Simon from bringing the case. Simon realized that someone had informed August that he was going to the police and that this person was responsible for the whole mess. Wilhelm lost his composure and questioned August at gunpoint at the shooting range. Felice had arrived at the scene with Sara, who had recently confessed to Felice that she was in love with August. Sara screamed that she was the one who informed August. She did it because she thought he would confess, but he had no intention of doing the right thing. Felice and Simon were upset to learn that their best friend/sister Sara liked August. August explained to Sara that he was doing what he had to do to protect the royal family, but she knew it was purely selfish. Although August wanted to be with her, Sara refused to support him any longer. Realizing that he had lost all the friends he had made at school, he left the mansion on the day of the anniversary celebration. Wilhelm accompanied his family to school. function.

He was asked to give a speech and when he didn’t, August filled in for him. Wilhelm felt the pressure; He had to live up to his mother’s expectations. After pondering his relationship with Wilhelm for days, Simon decided to give his love a chance. She broke up with Marcus and confessed her love to Wilhelm, knowing full well that she had to keep the relationship going. the secret for two years until Wilhelm turned 18. Simon couldn’t let August destroy their relationship and his family’s reputation. They loved each other, and even if they had to keep it a secret, Simon thought it was worth a try. Although Wilhelm was glad to have Simon back in his life, he couldn’t take the pressure to give a speech. He was always afraid to speak in public, and the anniversary celebration was no different. As Wilhelm watched August get up from her chair to fill in for him, he decided to go along with it. He couldn’t let August win after everything he’d done. He walked to the podium and began to give the speech prepared by the royal court, but halfway there he realized he wasn’t saying the words that said. He explained that it is important to stop and revisit the traditions passed down from generation to generation. Blindly following tradition will not help effect change in the real world. He confessed to the public that it was him in the leaked video. Though it was a moment he would have preferred to keep private, he valued honesty and believed in its importance in changing the world check the life he lived. Wilhelm decided to openly admit their relationship after realizing he had to be the change he was looking for. From the beginning of the second season of “Young Royals,” we saw how Wilhelm broke the rules and made a mark. Although a member of the royal family, he preferred to speak openly about the rules that oppressed others. He realized that he wasn’t the perfect son his mother expected of him, but it was important that he accepted himself and was true about who he was. The young romance of Simon and Wilhelm seems to have found a happy ending. Meanwhile, Sara called the police and reported August for posting the video. What a twisted criminal. “Young Royals” could be working on a third season if they get Netflix’s approval. The series ends with a note that another season is possible, but at the same time not essential.

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