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You Season 4 Release Date Cast Plot and Everything you need to know

You Season 4: Everything you need to know about, Renewed or Canceled, Cast, Plot, and Release Date.

Hello there. It’s been a while and we missed you. Three seasons later, you still manage to captivate us with your twisted story of a serial killer obsessed with the next love of his life… no matter what the cost. Did you miss us so much?

The streamer had already renewed You for season four before season three was canceled and we’ve been awaiting news since October 2021. Luckily we finally have some. Here’s the latest on the addictive and annoying Netflix. series.

You Season 4 Release Date

It has been confirmed that You’s fourth season will come to us in two parts. The first half of the season will release on February 10, 2022, just in time for Valentine’s Day if you’re that inclined to binge. Then we have to wait a whole month until the second part will be released on March 10, 2022. So make a note of these dates in your diaries! Filming for the fourth season officially began on March 22, 2022, in London, with the Netflix crew sharing a clapper board. of the sentence with the date in it.

Of course, the whiteboard was covered in blood because we were talking about Joe after all. We also know that they could very well be filming in Paris as that’s where we ended up seeing him last. from the third season.

You Season 4 Cast

Penn Badgley will, of course, be returning as our twisted lead, Joe Goldberg…or as most of those around him now know him, Professor Jonathan Moore. different, but by far the biggest hoax in its magnitude. Joe is done with the stay-at-home routine and now appears to be a professor at a university giving him all sorts of students and professors to take advantage of.

Image Credit: Netflix

After his ex-wife Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) was burned alive in her suburban home at the end of Season 3, something tells us we won’t be seeing Victoria in the cast again… But then again, the ghosts of Joe’s former girlfriends return from time to time to haunt him, if only in his mind. Badgley explained why he believes stopping this part of the story was the right decision: “They had their bow. We’ve been to a lot of places, seen the ups and downs, and I was like, ‘Okay if this is going to happen, it’s about time.’ To me, it marks a really meaningful end to the chapters that we know about Joe.

Image Credit: Netflix

I  think there need to be some really significant fundamental changes to the way the whole Joe device is going to continue to work. Because now we’ve seen him go through a lot, a lot. Regarding the show. and its tone, maybe there’s a like and alike because I don’t know how much can be repeated. Tati Gabrielle will also return as Marienne, the next central “you” in Joe’s world. After falling in love with him while working at the library together, she fled to Paris on the orders of Love, who warned her of her potentially dangerous ways.

So he went to get her and her daughter back. Although his death was criticized in all the news. We don’t see this ending well. Season four will also announce a new addition to Euphoria’s Lukas Gage. Confirmed by Netflix on February 17th, his character becomes a  regular (and a thorn in Joe’s side) as his new nemesis. So better watch your back. Gage will play businessman Adam, “an ex-pat American, the youngest son of a wealthy East Coast tycoon,” according to Deadline. But Adam is on  a losing streak when it comes to living up to the demands of his successful family.” Adam brings a  suitcase full of emotional baggage to the show.

The seemingly fun-loving party animal is a gamer with a dark secret that he’s self-medicating to silence. His desperation to prove himself makes him take big risks and trusting him can become a big mistake for his friends.

He’s open to the idea of ​​reprising the role, though, adding, “But who knows? If this character comes back in the future, he will still be there. I would do it immediately. I loved doing this show. As for the rest of the cast, we’d expect to see flashbacks of young Joe, his birth mother, and the woman who befriended him when he was in foster care, but otherwise, get ready for a whole new cast of inevitably intolerable characters.

“One of the questions we always ask on this show is, ‘What group of privileged assholes do we want to throw Joe  next?’ And there are plenty of untapped pools around the world if you just leave the borders of the United States,” Gamble said  (via TV Line).

You Season 4 Plot

We know from the first preview that Joe starts his life as a teacher, but other than that we have no idea. We left Joe in Paris for the last time after he murdered Love who, to be fair, tried to cut his throat first. But once again, she managed to wriggle out of this situation and free herself from the shackles of marriage… even her life, faking her own death in the same fire that loves died in. The only downside was giving up on his son. Henry to his neighbor Dante and her husband, knowing that this was what was best for Henry in the end.

(We can’t say he’s wrong. Sera Gamble opened up about how Joe’s renunciation of Henry could impact the upcoming season. She told E! News, “You can’t pretend something that important is on didn’t happen to a character I think it will shape it from now on.

Image Credit: Netflix

And even your exact plan of when and if you would pick up your son is something we will meet and talk about for hours between snacks. In the meantime, he has traveled to the French capital to find Marienne and due to her stalking ability, Joe is forced to search for her. But he is said to be dead after being killed and turned into a cake by Love, which should lead to an interesting conversation between the two when they finally face each other. Face, especially as Love revealed to Marienne some disturbing truths about Joe. “I think if Joe finds her, she’ll live happily ever after and have beautiful babies,” Badgley joked in an interview with TV Line. He will learn  French,  become a writer,  spend a lot of time on the Seine and send his children to school in Sweden.

“No, I think Joe will stay the same. Someone who is so seriously ill, disturbed, traumatized, and violent faces a serious hurdle if they are ever to heal and change. I don’t know if it is possible is someone who has gone so far.

Another murder episode is almost certainly on the horizon (as is the nature of the show), especially if the latest set footage (reported in June) is to be believed. Snapshots show Badgley’s Joe on the beach throwing away bags of rubbish. in a river or sea. “Taking out the trash” takes on a whole new meaning. When asked about directing season four, Badgley said, “The tone is similar, but it changes because there’s a different format.”

We use a different format. It’s almost like we’re slightly changing the genre. And I think it works. The fact of rolling across the pond seems to have influenced. “It’s cheaper,”  Badgley joked as he explained. how the set is transported from Paris to London.

On his character development, he added: “The problem is within him, it’s not so much outside of him, so he’s trying to change. He always tries, fails, and tries. Poor serial killer, he just can’t believe it. We should add that at this point there is no official word on whether we will be seeing the character of Gabrielle in the future.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s gone forever. Speaking to The Wrap about how she thinks this could all end if Marienne comes back, Gabrielle said: “I don’t think  Marienne [with Joe] would go back, definitely not. Although I  think she would grant him one conversation.” Because they played with his heart again,  for example. hear it from his mouth…

I think it will give her a sense of peace… And I really want Marienne to like exposing Joe too. Do you see the turn of events in season four where Joe’s luck finally runs out?” The highlight of the final scene [in season two when Joe spies on his neighbor Natalie (RIP) through the gap in the fence] is that it’s a confirmation that Joe is still Joe in a way that won’t be good for Joe,” Gamble told The Hollywood Reporter.

Image Credit: Netflix

“For not having learned that you cannot  keep looking for the next person to connect your hopes and dreams in this way.” Things aren’t going to be going well for Joe.” Not that things were going particularly well until season four. “I feel like season three is a season of a lot of loss and tragedy for him,” Gamble said. (via Collider) “And we left him after he lost or felt like he had to let go of everything that was really important to him.

“So the story here is about how he gets some of that back or how he finds something else because when the Joe that you met in the first scene of the pilot where the bookstore bell rings, and then the Girl in jeans walks in if he had a hole he wanted to fill in his heart, he’s like 17 now. “So we’re with him longer, so we know more about his luggage, right? I think there’s.” much to discover. In particular, after faking his death and eluding those left behind, will remain more important than ever if he doesn’t want to risk being discovered. Over the seasons we’ve seen Joe show mercy. (or just leave it alone) a handful of characters.

From Ellie Alves (Jenna Ortega) to Love’s mother, Dottie Quinn (Saffron Burrows), and Theo (Dylan Arnold). Neither of these actors has confirmed if they will appear in season four, but their presence on Joe’s mind, even in the background, puts him and her in danger. About Ellie, Gamble told E! News, “We brought it up in the season because we wanted to make it clear that it’s still out there and it’s kind of a threat, basically.” to Joe for absolutely having his number in terms of who and what he is and what he did. So maybe season four will explore the past by catching up?

Gamble is also extremely important to keep things current and that includes Joe’s various love interests. “We don’t want to feel like we’re doing the same thing twice,” he said. coming into Joe’s circle goes through a pretty rigorous process of trying to really talk about who would be very different and what we haven’t explored, what we can do. Whatever happens in season four, you can expect the same unique tone we came to meet and be totally freaked out by.” I was so relieved when the first season of the show came out and that we had reached the tone of the show where people understood how brazen and subversive we were, things that I felt were pretty serious. “So I’m hoping that people will not just enjoy it and say, ‘That was crazy,’ but also  have a conversation about some of the things inside of us that are a little bit dark, and we want to judge that.” and saying, ‘It’s not in use, but it’s in everything…” Humans aren’t perfect. We’re not even nice in our heads. Most of us don’t kill anyone, but I don’t know. It really does sound like it Pollyanna, when I say that I hope people will be a little kinder to themselves when it comes to the ugliest thoughts in their head. Because they look at it and say, ‘Well, I love your ugly thoughts.'”

Adding his thoughts on Season 4 to Collider, Badgley said, “I think it could be more about Joe’s relationship with himself. Because this isn’t really a show about a killer, it’s a show about… I think he takes the mistakes we make in relationships to the max for the sake of a good story. We really need to put down our swords and stop being competitive in relationships, but it’s very hard to do. Netflix hasn’t revealed if season four will be the show’s final outcome, but if marks the end of Joe, we hope it marks the end of You too.

Kepnes is working on his fourth novel in the currently untitled series. It’s unclear how they’ll fit together, as the TV show has already deviated from the source material in a number of ways. Here’s what Kepnes told THR when asked what readers can expect from his upcoming novel: “He [Joe] is going to a new place and a dream that he didn’t allow himself, he’s going to live it.”

You season 4 Trailer

The first look trailer gives us a little taste of the characters we’re about to meet… and we can imagine that Joe hates them all. Each of these people is in danger. The question is… who will survive? We’ll let you know when we have a full trailer.

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