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Will Queen Regent Miriel Die in Rings of Power?

Prime Video’s the Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power takes audiences back to a time before the Rings of Power were forged and Sauron had not yet emerged in his full form. The realm of Númenor is introduced in the third episode, where hatred against the elves accelerates, throwing the realm into chaos with the arrival of Galadriel. With Númenor’s king Tar-Palantir unable to rule the realm, his daughter takes over and becomes regent. . Miriel has quickly proven to be a force to be reckoned with and definitely someone that Middle-earth needs on their side.

In the fifth installment of the series, Galadriel finally manages to persuade the queen to sail to Middle-earth and fight the growing threat of Sauron. But before she leaves Númenor, Miriel receives a warning from her father, who tells her not to go. He says that darkness awaits them there. Does that mean Miriel goes to her death if she enters a full-blown war against Sauron? Let’s find out. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD

Will Queen Regent Miriel Die?

One of the things about prequels is that a lot of the characters’ fates are already sealed, which often makes their story even more tragic. A similar fate is looming for Miriel, but the road to get there is long and bloody. While her father is correct in assuming that his daughter and all who followed her to Middle-earth will face darkness unlike any they have known before, this will not be the end of Miriel’s story.

At least not according to the books. But then, TV series adaptations are known to deviate slightly from their source material, and Rings of Power offers plenty of room to explore Miriel’s story from a slightly modified perspective. In the books, Miriel is the legal heir. to the throne of Númenor after his father Tar-Palantir. However, her cousin Pharazon usurps her. hold down the button.

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Public and the ease with which it can change their mood. People also seem to believe in him more than their own queen. In fact, her own son doesn’t hesitate to suggest that she goes against Miriel’s orders and doesn’t go. to middle-earth. Until now, Pharazon has shown a more loyal side to the Queen, although his political brains certainly go beyond simply following his cousin. How does this affect Miriel’s fate?

After taking the throne of Númenor for himself, Pharazon does not kill Miriel, unlike in a Game of Thrones universe. Unfortunately for Miriel, she has to live long enough to see her island kingdom destroyed by Valar’s wrath, which was already hinted at in the show. Miriel has visions of a great wave taking over Númenor and destroying everything. He shares it with Galadriel, who suggests that this fate can be stopped. Numenor invades Middle-earth and stops evil.

Unknowingly to both, this action will bring about the destruction of Númenor. Earlier Gil-galad had said while speaking to Elrond that Galadriel could fan the fire of the very evil she was trying to quench. and this will prove true in more ways than one. Eventually, Sauron will be taken to Númenor and will convince Pharazon, now the king, to march into the forbidden lands of Valinor, drawing the wrath of the Valar. Miriel will be present at the time when the waves begin to fall on Númenor, and that will mark their end.

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