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Why Never Have I Ever Ending with Season 4? Let’s find out.


Whether you reminisce about your own teenage years or enjoy taking notes on the experiences of others to help with your own, there are plenty of reasons to appreciate coming-of-age movies and shows. We’ve seen some great examples over the past few years, and Netflix has delivered its fair share of them.

As you know, Never Have I Ever is one of the most famous. The show is created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher, the comedy-drama series is actually based on Mindy’s own childhood. Experiences and began premiering on the platform in April 2020.


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Since then it has garnered a passionate fan base who are excited that it is returning for a third season on Friday, August 12th, 2022. However, his return might be marred somewhat by the fact that his forthcoming fourth season will be his last. So, let’s tackle the elephant in the room with Never Have I Ever season four.

Never Have I Ever Season 4 Release Date

The final season of Never Have I Ever doesn’t have a release date yet, but judging by past seasons, we’ll likely expect it sometime in the summer of 2023. While the first season was released in April 2020, seasons two and three were canceled in July. or Aug. As a result, we’d expect a similar timeline for season four. However, it has been confirmed that this will be the final trip to Sherman Oaks High School, with creators Mindy Kaling and Netflix announcing that season four would be the last in March 2022.

“Hello, crickets! We have some morning announcements for you guys: Never Have I Ever Season 3 will be out this summer!” they wrote. “Also, we’ve just been renewed for a fourth and final season, so we’re absolutely thrilled. “We can’t wait to unveil all the exciting romantic and fun adventures we have in store for you.

Never Have I Ever Season 4 Storyline

Season 3 ended with Devi finishing her junior year of high school. Season 4 is expected to follow the teenage girl as she begins her senior year, which will likely culminate in her graduation. Devi made some major decisions in the season 3 finale, turning down her acceptance into Shrubland in order to spend more time with her mother before she went to college. In the romance department, Devi also chose to do it with Ben after realizing that she has butterflies with him and that she and Paxton could actually be friends.


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Nonetheless. Never Have I Ever could finally explore Devi and Ben’s romantic relationship in Season 4, especially now that there aren’t any major obstacles in their way. Devi and Ben are finally on the same page and Season 4 will likely focus heavily on them as they navigate this new, more mature version of their relationship. Meanwhile, Kamala and Manish are getting stronger, suggesting that Manish might propose to Kamala before the season 4 finale.

Let’s find out why Never Have I Ever Ending with Season 4?

Never Have I Ever is a series set in high school and concluding with season 4 as the next few episodes follow Devi Vishwakumar (played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) in her senior year of high school, also known as senior year. This was stated by Erin Underhill, President of Universal Television. “4 seasons of Never Have I Ever is really happy and a little bit sad because as a loyal fan I would love for Devi’s journey to continue forever,” she said in a statement, told as reported by Elle.

“But just like high school, everything must come to an end. We can’t wait to witness all the chaos, LOLs, and tears that are sure to unfold as Devi’s senior year unfolds. “Also, a four-season bow is not a losing streak. So, for fans mourning the loss of one of their favorite shows, it’s important to know that Never Have I Ever hasn’t been canceled, but that the writers feel the show must conclude if Devi’s high school career does.

Is Season 4 Being Filmed?

Yes, the cast has already confirmed on social media that filming for the final season is now complete. “Yes, we have finished filming,” Maitreyi tweeted on Wednesday, August 3, 2022. “Everything is ready! I feel so overwhelmed with emotions. A release date has not yet been confirmed, but we assume Season 4 could arrive on Netflix in spring 2023.

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