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Who Killed Sara? Season 3 Ending Explained + Recap


Who Killed Sara Season 3 Ending Explained.

Who Killed Sara sooner or later offers us some solutions to what’s going on here, including Sara’s fate, what Medusa was, and how Reinaldo deals with all of this. With that in mind, let’s get into that. crazy soap opera drama and unbox all the twists and turns along the way.

Why is Reinaldo doing all this?


Image Credit: Paulina Campos/Netflix

Reinaldo set up the Medusa Center as a kind of hidden sanatorium where patients were treated. Sara became Reinaldo’s “patient zero” from the start to put her in this situation.

Reinaldo’s ultimate goal was to try to find a treatment for homosexuality and schizophrenia. Reinaldo gives a big speech to a room full of investors (more on that later) and tries to take it to the government to distribute the tablets around the world. As the camera pans to Reinaldo’s back, we see everyone clapping and a man filming in the background.

It’s clear that Reinaldo is the leader of all of this. From the start, he focused his attraction on Sara, mostly on Medusa. Downtown thugs to protect her and keep her away from her brother. Meanwhile, Reinaldo helped create the story that Marifer was the only one to kill Sara due to the accident of skydiving, something he associated with her until his death.

However, Sara definitely survived this coincidence and did not die in the sanatorium. At the end of the previous bankruptcy, it was discovered that Cesar had definitely kidnapped Tonya, Reinaldo’s right-hand man. He serves her a plate, as does Alex because she wants to know which Sara is staying the night.

Tonya calls Alex. Sara’s real goals and what she wanted before she spilled some solutions sooner or later. Does Marifer die?

With this in mind, the recent bankruptcy begins with Reinaldo interviewing Sara on tape. She talks about her own circle of “normal” family members and how much she trusts them. Speak lovingly at the Medusa Center.

Sara also wants to go and cross a path far away in order to increase her own happy circle of relatives. However, all of that is in the foreground as we see another shot of Sara in her bedroom, brandishing a large knife from her sleeve.

It’s also worth noting at this point that Marifer loses attention and fails at the Medusa Center. to overcome his wounds.

Does Alex discover the Medusa Center?


Image Credit: Paulina Campos/Netflix

We then jump back to Alex on the show, who was fully tutored by Tonya. She reveals what Reinaldo was, including the whereabouts of Sara, who investigates and leaves Tonya tied up.

Elisa isn’t always happy, having previously been embroiled in her own argument with Rodolfo over Cesar’s kidnapping of Tonya and its ethical ramifications. Regardless, Alex finds it all out and leaves, crashing into the Medusa Center with all weapons and killing numerous security guards along the way.

Inside the building, Reinaldo begins developing his “treatment” on Chema. The negative man is thrown into a tub of ice and tasted pornographic material. Chema asks Reinaldo to stop, claiming that he no longer has those feelings.

However, Reinaldo is obsessed and believes he is doing the right thing. also, the woman who tells her he wants to have sex with her reveals that he is a real man. Without being too rude, jumping out of an ice tub and then having sex doesn’t sound very nice anymore!

Regardless, Elisa and Rodolfo arrive at the Medusa Center to make sure Alex doesn’t kill more people, eventually helping him tie up the employees. Reinaldo activates the alarm before confronting Alex, who is heading downstairs. in the basement.

With a ribbon in hand, they make a deal: Reinaldo throws the ribbon confirming everything he’s done in exchange for Alex losing his gun. However, Alex is sensible and manages to shoot Reinaldo in the leg with a concealed pistol, incapacitating the doctor.

Chema goes in search of Lucía, but Alex urges him to get Elisa out. While everyone is arguing, Daniele lets go of his cell phone and go with them.

Reinaldo manages to get up and run away, leading to a large family reunion in the main atrium, most notably with Lucía, alive and well.

However, one of the guards has a knife and begins tearing through the zip ties to get out.

Does Rodolfo continue to exist?


Image Credit: Paulina Campos/Netflix

The Security Shield grabs his gun and fires. Rodolfo attacks him and is shot in the process. Caesar appears and shoots the shield in the head.

The shield dies while Rodolfo begins to bleed. Meanwhile, Alex pursues Reinaldo. through the halls, which finally leads to the big showdown.At this point we see exactly what Tonya said to Alex and it also appears to be correct.

Sara committed suicide at the Medusa Center after not coping with the treatment, throwing down the giant knife she had hidden inside her. Manga, in his gut in the corridor.

Covered in blood, she died, but Reinaldo tries to justify it to a grieving Alex by claiming that she contributed to his science. Eventually, Alex kills Reinaldo.

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Why does Cesar fall for everything?


Image Credit: Paulina Campos/Netflix

As a result, César is arrested for killing the security shield and also admits to killing Reinaldo and masking Alex. He also claims responsibility for the lower back murder and burial of 18-year-old Abel Martinez.

The explanation that Alex went up to the Medusa Center, took over the place, and killed the people outside with one of the security guards still alive and witnessing all of this, but whatever, let’s move on.

Cesar is found responsible and sentenced to forty years in prison. Rodolfo dies from his injuries and sooner or later Alex gets his solutions. The family’s own relaxation watches as she takes it away, and Cesar tells Alex to “make my daughter happy”.

Why is he doing all this? Well, it looks like he definitely has pancreatic cancer and he’s going to die soon anyway. He used his fortune to buy extra time but to no avail. There are things that money can’t buy.

And we see that Caesar is suffering from all of this, and has been for a long time. When we take him to his mobile prison, he is sobbing hysterically; a strange cocktail of hysteria, sadness, happiness, and pain.

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How does Who Killed Sara season 3 end?


Image Credit: Paulina Campos/Netflix

The final shot of the season suggests  Tonya was leading Alex. It is a network of tombs with several crosses sticking out of the ground.

Here Reinaldo buried all his victims of the heinous crimes committed by his team. Alex makes the decision to report this to the police, who show up and start digging up our bodies. One after the other.

With Lucía now by her side as well, the memory of Sara can permeate the survivors of her own family. As they leave the tomb where so many victims were murdered in the Reinaldo Palms, we travel through the beautiful geographic region and bring this series to a close.

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