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Who is the Father of Mel’s Baby in Virgin River Season 4?


Netflix’s “Virgin River” is primarily based totally on the novel collection of the identical call via way of means of American writer Robyn Carr and is ready for the citizens of the eponymous fictional metropolis in California. The tale starts off as nurse and midwife Melinda “Mel” Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) arrives in the Virgin River.

After the tragic loss of life of her husband Mark Monroe (Daniel Gillies), she is seeking out a brand new beginning. What he reveals withinside the heavenly town modifications his lifestyle forever. She makes lifelong pals withinside the network and falls in love with the good-looking ex-Marine and local. Bar proprietor Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson).

In Season 3, Mel turns pregnant however is uncertain if the daddy is Jack or her overdue husband is Mark. Here’s the entirety you want to recognize approximately it. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is the Father of Mel’s Baby?

The identification of Mel’s child’s father is one of the unresolved problems from Season 3, which continues into Season four. After she and Jack apparently broke up in season three, Mel is going to Los Angeles so she may be together along with her sister. Joey in the course of his divorce. It is at this factor that she comes to a decision to apply the eggs that she and Mark iced up earlier than she died.

Mel quickly unearths that she is pregnant. Upon returning to Virgin River, she and Jack reconcile and Jack tries to recommend to her. However, rather than agreeing, Mel tells him that she can be pregnant and that there’s a chance he’s not the daddy. As Jack attempts to make an experience of the entirety he is heard of, the season ends. In season four we find out how a good deal Jack struggles with the entirety that takes place to him.

He even has nightmares wherein Mark seems in candid moments among him and Mel. The emotional rollercoaster that Jack is going through in season 4 would not stop there. Tim Lonergan, the brother of  Marine Jack, who disappeared in Iraq, suggests up in Virgin River and fingers Jack the closing letter Chris despatched to his family, hoping it’s going to help. The ex-marine shuts himself off a little.


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And it does, however the complete revel in additionally brings lower back all of the terrible memories. Jack is likewise compelled to confront every other beyond trauma, regarding the demise of his brother Adam while he changed into younger.

While navigating those problems, he’s not able to be with Mel as she copes together with her pregnancy. This places extensive stress on your relationship. Things take a flip for the higher with Mel while Jack seeks expert help. She unearths what Jack goes through and will become the consistent supply of support she has always been to Jack. Jack ultimately comes to a decision no.

It would not matter if he is the daddy of Mel’s unborn child or not. He loves Mel and could love the kid while it’s miles born. They take the paternity check and Jack then takes Mel camping, wherein he ultimately manages to recommend to her. and Mel agrees.

The following day, they acquire an email from the sanatorium mentioning that Jack is the daddy and that he and Mel are having a daughter. Not handiest does this make matters much less awkward for Jack and Mel, but it additionally has criminal ramifications.

Earlier withinside the season, Mark’s mom informed Mel that she could document a custody case in opposition to the latter. Now that Mel has evidence that Jack is the daddy, similarly, the criminal movement from Mark’s mom is pointless.

“Although Mel would not recognize if her toddler belongs to her past husband, Mark or Jack, she processes season 4 with optimism. For years she longed to be a mom and her dream is one step toward reality. The query of paternity keeps tormenting him excitedly. To make matters worse, they’re joined through a good-looking new physician who’s seeking out a circle of relatives of his own.

The ramifications of her mind harm are discovered to her and Doc. Eager to show the innocence of the person she loves with profound consequences, Brie all of sudden unearths herself in a more in-depth dating with Mike and takes a step toward Calvin’s violent crook network. Even as Preacher paperwork a brand new romantic connection, he can not assist but harbor hopes of a reunion with Christopher and Paige.

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