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Who is Daniel Weyman? And his role in rings of power’s stranger

After months of anticipation, Amazon’s the Rings of Power has finally arrived on our screens, welcoming fans back into a relatively unexplored era of Middle-earth history. The opening episodes introduce us to the mysterious stranger whose arrival in Middle-earth by a fiery meteor has sparked many fan theories about the character’s identity. While the debate over who the Stranger really is will continue for some time, we do know that the character in The Rings of Power will be played by actor Daniel Weyman.

A stranger arrives on Middle Earth

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In the closing moments of Episode 1, a flaming meteor can be seen hurtling across the skies of Middle-earth before crashing to the ground near Harfoot camp in the Rhovanion woods. But the meteorite is not just a boulder. After falling to the ground, it turns out he brought a mysterious, bearded man to Middle-earth, officially dubbed “the Stranger”.

The ever-curious Nori Brandyfoot examines the newcomer and discovers that the fiery crash site isn’t exactly hot. Later, with the help of Poppy Proudfellow, Nori pulls the stranger out of the burning crater and provides him with shelter and food.

Nori’s attempts to learn more about the mysterious stranger are hampered by his inability to speak his language, but it is clear that this being possessed some form of magic, as his screams are of great power and he speaks can go to fireflies and have them do his bidding, similar to how Gandalf uses a moth to summon eagles in The Fellowship of the Ring.

who is Daniel Weyman in The Rings of Power?

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British actor Daniel Weyman takes on the role of the stranger in The Rings of Power. Born in Newcastle in 1977, Daniel began his acting career in 2003 when he appeared in an episode of the ITV crime drama Wire in the Blood.

In the years since, Daniel has appeared in almost 30 acting roles, most of which have appeared on UK television shows, with notable credits in the 2005 Colditz mini-series, ITV’s Poirot, Gentleman Jack as well as Foyle. War and BBC’s Silent Witness, where he played Max Thorndyke, husband of Clarissa Mullery in Liz Carr’s The Sandman.

Daniel Weyman addresses strangers who identify

It didn’t take long for Rings of Power fans to start speculating about the stranger, and Daniel Weyman himself has provided clues as to the identity of the mysterious figure. Speaking to ‘Entertainment Tonight, Daniel Weyman said: “I think hopefully people will have as much fun seeing her story as I did film it.” The story, he knew exactly where the character was and who he was and what he was going through.” So, from my point of view, it was a pretty easy task to follow. “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video following its premiere on September 2, 2022.”

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