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Where Is Rip Going? Why is Cole Hauser Leaving Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 8?

Where Is Rip Going? Why is Cole Hauser Leaving Yellowstone?

Paramount Network’s “Yellowstone” follows the life of the Duttons, a family of ranchers who own and operate  Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. In the show’s fifth season, John Dutton and his crew face new challenges as they prepare for cattle drive season. However, these challenges force John’s right-hand man, Rip Wheeler, to leave the ranch. As such, viewers should be concerned if actor Cole Hauser, who plays the role, is dropped from the series. If you’re looking for answers about the future of Cole Hauser’s Rip Wheeler in Yellowstone, here’s everything you need to know!

Where Is Rip Going?

Rip Wheeler is one of the main characters of “Yellowstone” and first appears in the first episode of the series. Rip is a laborer who works at  Dutton Ranch in Yellowstone. He is the right hand of John Dutton and eventually becomes a ranch manager. Rip is married to Beth Dutton and will take over most of the ranch duties when John Dutton becomes governor of Montana. In the sixth episode of season 5, Rip joins John Dutton on a cattle drive warehouse. However, during the camp, the ranchers discover that their cattle have brucellosis. The disease can easily spread to the other buffalo that are in the herd, affecting the ranch’s income. Therefore, John is forced to drive the cattle away from the main herd. As a result, Rip offers to take over and prepares to go to a new pasture. At the end of the seventh episode, John tells Rip that he takes the cattle to the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas. Rip informs Beth of the decision that he took as he will be away from Yellowstone Ranch for at least a year. He also takes Walker, Ryan, Teeter, and Jake to Texas.

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Is Cole Hauser Leaving Yellowstone?

In “Yellowstone,” actor Cole Hauser plays the role of Rip Wheeler. Hauser rose to fame with appearances in films such as Dazed and Confused and Good Will Hunting. Some viewers may recognize Hauser as Ethan Kelly from the crime series Rogue. Hauser is credited as a series regular on Yellowstone, and he plays one of the fan-favorite characters on the show. His marriage to Beth, his relationship with Carter, and his loyalty to John Dutton make him indispensable to the narration. The departure for Texas suggests that the actor could leave the show. Also, Rip is missing from the promo for the next episode. The revelation that Rip is traveling to Texas opens a new story for the show. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean  Cole Hauser is leaving the hit Western drama.

Previously, Jefferson White’s Jimmy Hurdstrom moved from  Yellowstone Dutton Ranch to Four Sixes Ranch in Texas for season four. However, White is still a part of the show and his story is an important part of Season 4. Therefore, it is likely that the arrival of Rip and the ranch hands in Texas will be a major theme in the show program’s fifth season. Watching Rip lead the ranch hands in a new environment and take on new challenges will be a treat for viewers. As such, Rip’s departure from Texas seems like a natural progression in the character’s story. Likewise, the situation is likely to pose new problems for Rip and Beth’s marriage. Also, Hauser hasn’t expressed any intention of leaving the series anytime soon. So viewers should rest assured that Cole Hauser won’t leave ‘Yellowstone’.

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