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What Happened to Walker? Is Ryan Bingham’s Walker Leaving Yellowstone?

The seventh episode of season 5  of the Paramount Network western series “Yellowstone” centers on the cattle tag at Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. John Dutton joins his son Kayce Dutton, son-in-law of Rip Wheeler, and his ranch takes cattle into the mountains, only to discover that part of his herd has been stricken with a disease called brucellosis.

John realizes that if they find out about the disease, the state will kill the entire herd. To avoid such a great loss, the Dutton Patriarch devises a plan to minimize the loss. With Walker being part of the plan,  viewers should be concerned about Ryan Bingham’s future on the show. Then you’ve come to the right place!

What Happened to Walker?

When John discovers that brucellosis is destroying a significant proportion of his livestock, he realizes the need to transport the affected livestock to another region. John doesn’t want any of his animals to test positive for the disease, paving the way for the entire herd to go extinct. So he instructs Rip to transport the affected cattle south and take care of them for a year or more. After a few phone calls, John decides to send the cattle to  6666 Ranch, also known as Four Sixes Ranch in Texas.

He asks Rip to pick who to take, but “Dutton’s father-in-law” picks Walker, Ryan, Teeter, and Jake. Although Walker is comfortable at  Dutton Ranch, he treasures his time with Laramie. , he is ready for action as a cowboy. The seventh episode of the fifth season describes the preparation of those who embark on the journey ahead. As Walker prepares to return to Texas with his fellow cowboys, where he learned his basic cowboy lessons, viewers should be curious about if the bunkhouse-based musician will say goodbye to Yellowstone and open a door for Ryan Bingham to leave the western drama Well, here’s everything you need to know about it.

Is Ryan Bingham Leaving Yellowstone?

As of now, neither the Paramount Network nor Ryan Bingham has stated the departure of the ‘Yellowstone’ actor/singer. Although Walker is expected to leave the show’s most prominent setting, the Dutton Ranch, he doesn’t. necessarily means that the arc of Bingham’s character is coming to an end. In the show’s fourth season, Jefferson White’s Jimmy leaves the Dutton Ranch to join the Four Sixes Ranch for a while and continues to be a staple of the

Western drama. Even if Walker makes the Four Sixes, we may still see Bingham on the show. Ahead of the Season 5 premiere, Jefferson White revealed that his character Jimmy is still a part of the Season 5 narrative despite being part of the Four Sixes.  With Walker and others heading off to the Texas ranch, we can expect a side story revolving around Walker, Jimmy, Rip, Jake, Ryan, Teeter, and the Four to appear in the second half of season five Sixes plays.

Additionally, not only has Bingham expressed no desire to leave the series, but the actor has shown how much he feels at home in Yellowstone. “I feel lucky to even be there and if they want me to continue, I will,” Bingham told Pop Culture. Co-creator Taylor Sheridan also expressed how valuable Bingham is to the show. “Having him [Bingham] on Yellowstone is a gift. He’s the deep voice for cowboys and poets of this generation,” Sheridan told Los Angeles. Times. With that in mind, we think Bingham’s Walker will likely remain a staple of Yellowstone.

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