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Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 Ending Explained. Was Emma Right In Suspecting Goodwin’s Intentions?

The religious war that had sunk the foundations of the Viking Empire from within accelerated in Season 2 of Vikings: Valhalla. We had witnessed how Harald and Freydis had tried to make people understand that this animosity would never end and that one day they would burn everything down, but people were blinded. They had preconceived notions about the people who followed them. the ancient customs and were often referred to as devil worshipers.

Instead of enlightening people and getting them to break free from their wrong assumptions, the leaders of the different kingdoms added fuel to the fire and made the situation worse because somewhere they also believed these ridiculous notions. So, let’s find out if Harald becomes king of Norway and if Freydis lives up to the title the old man in Uppsala bestowed on her, which is Guardian of the Faith.

What Happens In The Second Season?

Sweyn Forkbeard had decided not to execute Olaf Haraldsson as he had planned otherwise. Sweyn left the Kattegat to help his son in battle. He wanted someone loyal to the young prince’s side, even if he couldn’t find anyone he could trust. So he made Olaf an offer that if he wanted his son Magnus to be King of Norway one day, he would have to take care of his grandson. Olaf knew that Forkbeard had many benefits from taking advantage of the offer, with most Draw a creature that could hunt Freydis and her half-brother Harald again. Olaf took Svein under his wing and began teaching him how to become a fierce warrior. Olaf announced a bounty on his brother in hopes that someone would bring vital information that would lead him to Harald and Freydis. 

Leif Eriksson was in the Kattegat when Olaf publicly declared Harald and Freydis enemies of the state. Leif kept a close eye on Olaf’s movements, knowing he was The time came, he had to save his sister and friend. Olaf eventually found them and it looked like it would be the end of the trio, so Leif, Freydis, and Harald, but out of nowhere Jorundr from Jomsborg appeared with his fleet of boats and bombarded the beach to make sure  Olaf stayed on as a spectator there and saw them escaping before your eyes.

Was Emma Right In Suspecting Goodwin’s Intentions?

Earl Godwin kept telling Emma that his informants had told him his life was in danger. Emma didn’t believe him until someone tried to kill her as she was offering her prayers in church. Godwin was able to catch the perpetrator and tortured him to an extent no one could have imagined. The killer told her he was operating alone and was from Northumbria. The assassin hated King Padfoot because he lost his lands when Padfoot decided to give them to Yarl Nori. The killer was paid by someone from the South who went by the alias “Bear”. Godwin assured Emma that he would get to the bottom of the problem and uncover the real mastermind behind the plan. In the second episode of Vikings: Valhalla season 2, we witnessed that the assassin who attacked Emma was also killed by anonymous people along with all the guards. Godwin concluded that the assassin was not operating alone, as he had previously said and other accomplices out there killed him, so he couldn’t reveal any more secrets. Finding all this very comfortable, Emma became suspicious of Godwin’s intentions, who up to this point had posed as a loyal servant of the Crown. Godwin was to marry Aelfwynn, who was Queen Emma’s maid and had also informed King Padfoot of this. saw a different reality. She knew the assassin who tried to kill her was Aelfwynn’s brother, although she said  Earl Godwin knew nothing of it. Emma was pretty sure  Godwin orchestrated the whole thing, but she had no hard evidence to support her beliefs. Emma took Aelfwynn into her care and tortured her until the poor soul died. to attack the queen. Before he died, Aelfwynn said one thing: Godwin always wanted his son to be king one day. Emma found it strange because it wouldn’t be possible if he married a servant.

Emma began to feel guilty for murdering an innocent girl, but she kept her faith because she could not imagine that an ambitious man like Godwin would marry someone like Aelfwynn without a reason. Agnarr discovered that Godwin had paid a large sum of money to a Sussex man named John Barr. Emma and Agnarr went to Sussex, where they contacted a waitress Godwin’s family used to know. The waitress said that even after Godwin’s family lost everything. , the bear remained loyal to him. The bear’s real name was John Fletcher, and he had been Godwin’s guardian since he lost his parents. When Agnarr and Emma went to Fletcher’s house, they found him dead. There were no signs of injury, so it’s possible he died of natural causes. Stranded once again, Emma returned to find that King Padfoot had returned after defeating the Wends in Denmark. Padfoot offered his hand Niece, Gytha, to Godwin, as not only did he find a suitable antagonist for the girl, but also felt that he had not been treated fairly after serving the Crown devotedly for so many years. Emma speculated that maybe this was all Godwin’s plan. Maybe he wanted Emma to kill Aelfwynn so he could endear himself to Canute. While what Emma thought was pretty far-fetched, there was a strong possibility that Godwin did have it all planned. Godwin wanted his future child One day the king, and now, after marrying Gytha, who felt bound to be the wife of such an honorable man, he had a real chance to fulfill his dream.

Were Leif And Harald Able To Reach Constantinople?

Leif and Harald knew the risk they were taking when they decided to go to Constantinople. There was a constant threat of  Pechenegs (nomadic warriors) attacking their ship, and in addition,  the terrain also presented many challenges for the crew on board. Kurya, the blind prisoner, suggested pushing the sled out of the river channel and letting the water through. But Harald wanted to keep going because he knew they were near the lake, which was free of ice, and once got there, they could easily reach their destination. This was a wrong move and cost the life of crew member Vitomir. Nobody knew until that moment that Elena was Vitomir’s daughter. Vitomir was afraid that the others would find out about Elena’s identity. She said that it is worth the whole Novgorod Kingdom. She confided to Harald that once when she was young, invaders invaded Chude and her father had traveled all the way to stop them. Constantinople to negotiate with the Emperor. In exchange for the peace, Vitomir offered to pay a large tribute, and the locket  Elena wore was part of it. But that wasn’t the whole truth, and Harald had no idea of ​​the secrets. which were to be revealed to him in Constantinople.

After getting rid of the Varangians, the crew eventually encountered the feared nomadic tribe, the Pechenegs. Knowing his tribe, Kurya told the others that no matter what strategy or plan they put in place, the Pechenegs would eventually find them. After the boat was lowered down the waterfall, the crew dispersed, and before they could regroup, the Pechenegs finally reached shore and apprehended Harald. The Pecheneg tribe was divided into many factions based on the region they lived in and  Mariam told Kurya that the people who kidnapped Harald wore some white and red, he knew they weren’t from his brother’s clan came from. Kurya’s brother Khan was a feared leader and knew that Khan would do anything to finish what he had started years ago. Kurya devises a plan to save Harald by putting his life in danger. to the camp where Harlad was being held and told the Pecheneg leader that he would kill Kurya if they didn’t leave his friend. The Pecheneg leader sent his men to inform Khan that his brother was in his care.

Meanwhile, Leif, Harald, and Kurya escaped with the help of the other crew members. Kurya had some unfinished business to attend to and also knew that someone had to buy time for the others. Kurya had a poisonous powder that Mariam gave him and asked him to use with caution. Kurya used it to take revenge on his brother Khan and killed him with it. The Pechenegs caught Kurya and Leif shot an arrow from afar so that his friend died before being tortured further. When the garrison finally reached Constantinople, Harald realized that the treasure that Vitomir wanted to give to the emperor was not the reliquary. but his daughter Elena. Elena married the king and became the new empress of Constantinople. Harald felt betrayed and could not bear the pain of losing a loved one all over again. Elena knew that if she didn’t agree to the marriage alliance, then Harald could not have asked the king for his favor. As she left, she secretly told Harald that she had complete faith in his abilities and that nothing was out of reach when he looked at him.

Was Olaf Able To Capture Jomsburg And Kill Freydis?

After meeting Harekr and Gudrid, Freydis thought that all her problems would end. But he soon realized that the reality was not what it seemed. Harekr was not a good man, and although he claimed his mission was to save innocent pagans from ruthless Christian fanatics, he was no different from them. Freydis treated everyone equally and believed that if she wanted to build a pilgrimage like Uppsala, she had to be fair and just.  He believed in the same God, there could be no discrimination. This led to a conflict between Herekr and Freydis, with the former going to great lengths to kill her and take her son from her. Here’s hypocrisy was exposed, and Jorundr played a key role in it while helping Freydis as best he could. Jorundr had to pay the price and after cutting his hand, he was left on a boat in the middle of nowhere. Freydis returned and took what was hers. The people of Jomsborg also realized that Harker was not worthy to lead them and killed him by throwing stones at him. Olaf had a lucky break when he found Jorundr stranded on a boat while trying to find the hidden pagan settlement of Jomsborg. Olaf had been informed in Novgorod that Freydis and Harald had split up and although he had realized that it was not feasible for him to travel to Constantinople, he believed it was safe to go to Jomsborg and destroy one of the last fortresses could. of the Gentiles.

Olaf was a fanatic driven by ethnic animosity and believed that he was doing his duty as a good Christian by removing the “scourge” from the country. Before he left Novgorod, a priest had given him his blessing, and Olaf was reassured that everything he was doing was right. Anti-pagan feelings were the only reason why Olaf’s dismissive actions were repeatedly acknowledged by society. People wanted Christianity to prevail but were afraid of the very concept of secularism. There was a general belief that allowing Gentiles to prosper would harm the Christian community. People’s beliefs in  Season 2 of Vikings: Valhalla was just as unfounded and unfounded as they are in our world today. But as we all know from our real-world experiences, the hardest thing is getting a person to believe that just because someone is from a  different cultural background, they shouldn’t be threatened.

Olaf previously had an encounter with Jorundr when he was facilitating Freydis, Harald, and Leif’s escape on the beach. Jorundr didn’t know that Herekr had been killed by Jomsborg’s people, so he told Olaf everything he knew. Olaf found out that Freydis had given birth to a child and now he had another reason to kill her. Olaf always wanted his son Magnus to sit on the Norwegian throne and he knew  Harald and Freydis’ son could pose a threat as was also a pretender to the throne. Jorundr told Olaf about Jomsborg’s defenses and how the fortress could be breached. Freydis saw Olaf’s ships stationed in the distance and ordered her men to launch an attack, but to her surprise, Olaf knew the range of their guards. Freydis realized that Jorundr must have told her everything since she didn’t know that Herekr was already dead. Before the war, Feydis decided that under the pretense of reconciliation, she would meet Olaf and take the opportunity to update Jorundr on what had happened after. He was banned from Jomsborg.

Jorundr found out that Herekr was dead and his mother Gudrid set up a diversion by calling him a traitor and secretly delivering him a message from Freydis without anyone noticing. Jorundr knew what he had to do to save his pagan land. Jorundr led part of the army to the Guardians and ordered Olaf to take his fleet of ships and attack from the port. Jorundr sacrificed his life to protect his people, but he also caused Olaf’s soldiers to be ambushed and killed by the pagans. When Olaf reached the port, he realized it was a trap set by Freydis. The fleet was reduced to ashes and Olaf was killed by Freydis in a mortal fight. In his final moments, Olaf found solace in the fact that the world would call him a martyr for giving his life fighting for his religion, but Freydis burst his imaginary bubble and told him she would see to it that no one survived to tell this tale to the world. World. Freydis did not kill Svein and she accompanied him back to Kattegat where she met Queen Elfgifu. Freydis wanted to ensure that the two religious communities lived together peacefully and that no innocent life was lost from then on. Queen Aelfgifu agreed. to fulfill his part of the promise, and the keeper of the faith, Freydis, returned to Jomsborg with his people. Harald doesn’t have an army yet, and we’ll probably see him asking the Emperor of Constantinople for one in Vikings: Valhalla Season 3. Though Olaf was dead and Svein was already called  King of Norway,  Harald might still have had to fight for his rights. Season 3 of Vikings: Valhalla would tell us if Svein would fight back. or when King Padfoot remembers his promise and asks his son to withdraw from the race.

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