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Trolley Episode 10 Ending Explained. Does Nam Joong-Do Reveal Kim Hye-Joo’s Past Publicly? 

Episode 9 of Trolley ended with Joong-Do quickly explaining the situation to Gwi-Soon, then returning to take comfort from his wife and share a moment that brought them closer. Soo-Bin, on the other hand, calls the pimp on a payphone as soon as she discovers his phone is missing. Hye-Joo ended up texting Soo-Bin’s old number as she just wanted to talk to her.

Does Nam Joong-Do Reveal Kim Hye-Joo’s Past Publicly? 

Episode 10 of “Trolley” begins with Hye-Joo waking up alone and looking at the text messages she sent on Soo-Bin’s old phone while saying goodbye to her husband. He then goes with Yeo-Jin to visit the memorial for Yeo-Jin’s daughter, Lee Chae-Eun. When Yeo-Jin asks Hye-Joo to leave her alone with her daughter, Hye-Joo encounters a stranger who looks suspiciously like the man she saw in the photo. I found them while trying to find envelopes at Joong-Do’s studios. The man turned out to be Yeo-Jin’s ex-husband, who killed her daughter and also tried to commit suicide. He had served a seven-year sentence, which was insufficient for the type of crime he had committed. He still had the audacity to suggest that they die along with Yeo-Jin while she was angry at him for doing it. the gall to visit his daughter after he was the one who killed her. Hye-Joo calmed them both down by asking him to leave, and he also claimed to be Yeo-Jin’s family. This affected Yeo-Jin, as  Hye-Joo shouted. her family too, she couldn’t act alone.

Yeo-Jin behaved quite suspiciously and even Soo-Bin used the example of the money-collecting employee to report Yeo-Jin for his suspicious behavior. Soo-Bin had come to visit Yeo-Jin to demand enough money to get her phone back from the pimp posing as Ji-Hoon’s girlfriend when she realizes the restaurant staff is keeping the money. Joo really loved Yeo-Jin very much. This made Yeo-jin fight his guilt as and he went to a real estate agency to find a new place to live and also to see if he could sell his restaurant. Meanwhile, the pimp poses as Ji-Hoon’s friend called Hye-Joo to meet up so they could find out Soo-Bin’s whereabouts and also more about her situation. However, it appears that he is friends with Ji-Hoon. He skillfully manipulates Hye-Joo into admitting the truth and tries to cloud her image of Soo-Bin while setting out to taunt Soo-Bin to set her up.

Joong-Do went to Gwi-Soon to work things out.

Meanwhile,  before going to his office, Joong-Do visited Gwi-Soon to work things out with her. Gwi-Soon reluctantly offers them breakfast and invites them in for a chat while giving her permission to continue with her planning and use them to ensure the change goes through. This change in her personality was brought about by Woo-Jae, who had spent his time placating her and making sure she would forgive Joong-Do for visiting her family. In “Trolley” Episode 10 as Well, Gwi-Soon hasn’t heard from her granddaughter. Joong-Do and Woo-Jae go about their day at the office talking about the change and the need for even bigger news to ensure the change gets passed and opens the doors for further investigation. the death of the perpetrator of sex crimes. Their meeting was interrupted by Deputy Kang, who finally put two and two together and realized  Hye-Joo was Jae-Eun. He came with an offer that Joong-Do later declined. , with another advantage against

Kang was provided by none other than Ki-Young, who was almost fed up with his in-laws. Ki-Young had to follow Seung-Hee to work things out with Seung-Kyu’s parents after Kang broke the news that Gwi-Soon’s granddaughter Namgoong Sol was a prostitute. They had called Seung-Hee earlier in episode 9 of “Trolley” to tell her that she was being sued for revealing the secret they had only shared with her. Ki-Young was suspicious of his wife, but he followed her to her shop when Seung-Hee admitted to Seung-Kyu’s parents that although she thought of posting a positive post on SNS, she actually deleted it because he felt that it wasn’t right and therefore he wasn’t the one to divulge such private information. After falling out with Seung-Kyu’s parents in, Ki-Young offered Seung-Hee a chance to flee to Australia together, which Seung-Hee refused as he would not allow Hye-Joo to live peacefully, nor could he leave his troubled mother alone. Ki-Young had to bear the brunt of Yoo-Shin’s abuse and it was getting to be too much. He prompted Joong-Do to reveal a large amount of evidence regarding land speculation, and thereby presented Joong-Do with a larger chip to use against Kang. Amidst all the speculation and questions about Joong-Do’s motives and credibility as a politician, President Wu supports him and his decisions and shows her confidence in him.

Joong-Do confronted Woo-Jae

Joong-Do had listened to Woo-Jae and considered making Hye-Joo’s past public and using it as a vehicle to push through the amendment. He returns home with Hye-Joo and asks for her approval. public with his past. Before broaching the subject, Hye-Joo tells him that she met with Ji-Hoon’s friend to ask him about Soo-Bin, after which a worried Joong-Do asks him not to meet with Ji-Hoon’s friends and to go. about Soo-Bin completely. Hye-Joo pays attention and asks Joong-Do not to mention anything about the unsent text in Soo-Bin’s chat with Soo-Bin, as she doesn’t want Soo-Bin to live with the guilt of killing someone Hye -Joo did it. Joong-Do starts manipulating his wife here by blaming Soo-Bin and also brings up the issue of publicizing Hye-Joo’s past. Hye-Joo, who just wanted to stay out of it all, must take some time to come to terms with her husband, who wants to use his past to push for change. Joong-Do wouldn’t accept it if she doesn’t agree, so he lets Hye-Joo do it for a while. He leaves and does not continue the topic. He goes straight to Yeo-Jin’s restaurant when he encounters Woo-Jae, who has also come to offer his condolences to Yeo-Jin.

Hye-Joo expresses her concern when she asks Woo-Jae why he is following her husband. Woo-Jae reassures him about Joong-Do’s ways, saying that although he does make mistakes, he doesn’t make mistakes twice, which makes him human. He also assures Hye-Joo that he and Joong-Do will protect her at every turn. After Woo-Jae leaves, Hye-Joo continues the conversation with Yeo-Jin and she decides to agree. Meanwhile, Yoon-Seo returns from school and has a  day out with Joong-Do after overhearing her classmates coming up to her and criticizing her father. When Yoon-Seo returns to her room to reflect on her memories with her late brother, Joong-Do is delighted with Hye-Joo’s decision to share her past with the public, and thus promises to protect her from this incident. Trolley Episode 10 ends with Hye-Joo getting ready to go out. the next day as paparazzi, and reporters from News surround them while Joong-Do publishes his statements.

Final Thoughts

The tenth episode of “Trolley” really highlights the suspicious behavior  Yeo-Jin exhibits on various accounts. His conversation with Woo-Jae advising her to stay also implies that Woo-Jae knows about his alleged betrayal. Soo-Bin, on the other hand, was worried about Hye-Joo and doesn’t want her trouble to happen since Hye-Joo was the only person who showed maternal care and treated Soo-Bin better than her. family and his own biological mother. Yeo-Jin’s guilt for betraying Hye-Joo too many prompts her to look for a new place to live.

Episode 10 of “Trolley” takes an even more suspicious turn when Joong-Do tries to manipulate his own wife into his political aspirations. Joong-Do proves himself a capable politician with every move. However, his damage control decisions could haunt him if things don’t go his way. Meanwhile, with his suspicions about his in-laws and wife Seung-Hee, Ki-Young gives the impression that he knows something about what Seung-Ho did to Hye-Joo, and could actively help her if she turns against Yoo- shiny Watching Yoon-Seo’s girlfriend’s body language made us feel that she too is capable of betraying her in the future, as the episode suggests, as Yoon-Seo defended herself against her other classmates’ criticism of her father. The pimp seems to be good friends with Ji-Hoon and also has a girlfriend who stays with him while he uses Soo-Bin to run an underground prostitute service in front of his late friend Ji-Hoon and his fiancé. In the first episode, when Woo-Jae almost accused Soo-Bin of being disloyal to Ji-Hoon, he must have known something. He must have been aware that Soo-Bin was actually calling. girls too. This really changes the tone and raises a lot of questions that only can answer in the eleventh Sequence of “Trolley.

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