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Treason Season 1 Ending Explained: Who Was Dorian?

The British spy series Treason, directed by Lousie Hooper and Sarah O’Gorman, tells the story of an MI6 officer who, shortly after becoming head of the organization, falls down a wrong path. The protagonist Adam Lawrence (Charlie Cox) finds himself in a difficult situation where he must choose between his country and his family. He knew that to save his family he would have to commit certain acts of treachery, but he decided to take the risk anyway. So let’s find out in if Adam really betrayed his country or if he just fell victim to the system and became a scapegoat.

What Is The Series About?

Adam Lawrence was appointed acting head of MI6 after an anonymous caller poisoned  Martin Angelis’ drink, causing the organization’s boss to go into cardiac arrest. Although Martin survived, he was unable to work and someone else had to fill the role. Adam was Martin’s deputy and he was quite nervous about his new responsibility, knowing it would change his life completely. Adam was contacted by his ex-lover, Kara Yusova, who was a Russian spy. and was on the radar of  Russian and British Intelligence. Kara told Adam that she had poisoned Martin’s drink as she had a vested interest in Adam taking over. Kara wanted information on when she and Adam were stationed in Baku. The agent had killed five locals who had been working with Kara on an operation. Normally, undercover agents would call it collateral damage and live on, but Kara couldn’t. 

He wanted justice for the families of the five people who put their trust in her. For 15  years, Kara fed Adam with classified information and waited for the day when he would be made boss. Adam was unaware of the fact that all the information that fell into his lap, which he believed to be a lucky coincidence, was thanks to Kara. At first, Adam refused to help Kara, but eventually, he found himself in a situation where he realized he would need her help. Adam’s daughter, Ella, was kidnapped and he suspected  Kara was behind it. Ella proved to him that she hadn’t kidnapped Ella and prompted him to expand his worldview to fully understand the situation. For years, the CIA  wanted to find incriminating evidence on Adam Lawrence, considering him a threat. The CIA believed that Adam had been compromised and that a Russian agent was providing them with all the information. Adam had miraculously risen through the ranks and that was what made them stand out and got the attention of the CIA. The US intelligence operations team was led by Dede, who had once served in the military with Adam’s wife, Maddy D’Costa. Dede contacted Maddy and used her to get information about Adam Lawrence. Maddy had thought  Dede could help her get her daughter back, but when she realized her friend was just using her as a pawn, her confidence was shaken. Adam also discovered that his wife was conspiring against him and he realized that in I was on shaky ground and couldn’t trust anyone.

Adam had agreed to give Kara the information she needed. She had a gut feeling that Martin was keeping information about every single person of interest secret so he could use it against him when the time came. Adam went to Martin’s house and begged his wife, Mary Angelis, to tell him if there was any secret stash  Martin was keeping. Mary was close to the Lawrence family, and when she saw Adam in such a desperate situation, she wanted to help him, although she warned him that nothing good could come of it. Adam leaked information about Audrey Gratz, who was a candidate for prime minister. He had allowed Russian businessman Anton Melnikov to use the leaked information against Gratz and strengthen his candidate Robert Kirby’s position. Adam was playing very close to his chest and he knew there was a chance he could be charged with treason if what he was doing got out.

Why Did Martin Angelis Join Hands With The CIA?

Kara wanted all the information  Sir Martin Angelis had about Baku and still teamed up with Adam to get it. Adam realized he needed a strong ally like Kara as he wanted to gain some intelligence to build influence and avoid the possibility of becoming a scapegoat for MI6. Adam went to Martin’s house with his children to get these files but was told by Mary Angelis that Martin would be there any moment. Kara went down to the basement and found the files weren’t there. She texted Adam about it, who was chatting upstairs with Martin. Adam realized that Martin would have noticed the situation, which is why he would have moved the files to a different location. Martin confronted Adam that day and told him to his face that he saw his malicious intent very clearly. Mary had already told her husband that she had told Adam about the secret information she used to keep in her basement. Adam told Martin that he just wanted to quit. Melnikov funded Robert Kirby’s campaign and tried to make him the UK’s next Prime Minister. Melnikov knew he needed a top-level Russian pawn to take the reins and tip the scales in his favor. Martin already knew that, and he let Melnikov play his games because the veteran diplomat had something else in mind. Martin was someone who was always one step ahead and kept an eye on everyone. Martin told Adam he had a copy of a Telephone call between two SVR officers discussing how a British officer calling himself Dorian had been used to kill five men in Baku. The death of these five people who worked for Kara sparked an uprising and the Russians took Baku. Even after all the British diplomats left the city, Adam stayed and saved the embassy. 

This feat had become one of the main reasons he was made underboss. from MI6 when many more candidates were much more experienced compared to him. Although Adam continued to claim that he was not Dorian, Martin had already made up his mind and believed that Adam. She was a double agent with strong connections to Moscow. Kara knew her men hadn’t been killed by Adam because they were together when it happened. Also, Martin wanted Kirby to  PM so he could reveal his true identity and prove himself in return. Adam took his children and immediately went to Surrey where he had a house owned by the parents of his first wife, Sian. Martin knew his wife Mary would know where he would have gone as she was very close to him. Adam’s first wife and all his family. Martin asked Olamide to send one of his men and kill Adam. 

Luckily, this conversation he was having with Olamide was intercepted by Kara, and she found out about the whole plan. Maddy also came to Surrey as she had suspected that this was the only place  Adam would have gone. Kara arrived just in time and informed the Lawrence family of the imminent danger that loomed over them. Barnes started shooting, but somehow Kara and Maddy managed to kill him. Adam took them all to the home of  Kit Harper, who was a lawyer and Sian’s best friend. Kit was reluctant to let everyone live in his house, but Adam convinced him otherwise. Dede and his team of CIA agents had been looking for incriminating evidence about Kara, and Martin knew. and killed Kara. Dede could not turn down the lucrative offer because she knew that if she could fulfill her mission, she would win many awards and bring great benefits to her career. Martin knew he had no incriminating evidence against him. Adam, so he wanted to do it unofficially. He was a cunning conspirator and knew that involving the CIA had many advantages and was also the surest way to carry out the plan.

Who Killed Kara’s Men In Baku? Who Was Dorian?

In the fifth episode of “Treason,” Adam decided to counterattack and get Martin’s secret files because it was the only way he could save his life. Now Adam needed to figure out two things: first, he needed to know the exact location of Martin’s secret files, and second, he needed to know if Audrey Gratz would be willing to help him. Surprisingly, Adam asked Malik and not his best friend Patrick to help him find the files. He told Malik all about Martin and how his corrupt practices destroyed the soul of the agency. Adam asked Malik to use 911 flag technology to find Olamide, believing Martin would have trusted him to keep the files safe. Meanwhile, Maddy somehow managed to secretly meet Gratz and inform the minister of Martin’s true intentions. At first, Gratz didn’t want to have any connection with Adam, but Maddy made it clear to him that that was probably the only option he had. Martin would have used the information he had on Gratz as leverage once she became prime minister. The country needed to know what the head of MI6 was doing, so Gratz decided to intervene with Board.

When Adam and Kara found out about Olamide’s whereabouts, they decided to go there and retrieve the files. Maddy couldn’t be left behind and she also decided to go to the place and help as much as possible. The trio had almost completed their mission when Dede arrived and took Adam into custody. Dede asked Maddy to come out of hiding and give her the portable drive that had all the files on it. Maddy would have followed his orders, but Kara came and stopped her. She knew  Dede was going to kill Adam anyway, so there was no point in giving her the disk. Dede shot Adam, not even thinking about the impact her actions could have on her friend’s life. Maddy watched her husband die before her eyes. Both Kara and Maddy fled the scene and made it to a safe house, where they contacted Audrey Gratz and informed her of what had happened. Gratz panicked after being called to attend the House of Commons Intelligence Committee meeting, where she was told Angelis would be making a statement. Maddy told Gratz that Adam had been assassinated by the CIA on the orders of Martin Angelis. Gratz decided to back out at the last moment and asked Maddy to do the same. Gratz knew that Kirby would be exposed and made the next prime minister. She did not want to influence Martin because she feared that interfering in the affairs of such a dangerous man would have dire consequences. Maddy asked him not to do it as it was the only way to prove  Adam wasn’t the double agent  Martin thought he was. But Gratz wasn’t listening and Maddy felt as if she had been abandoned by one of her own on the battlefield. Kara and Maddy sat on the deck and thought about what to do next. Kara had accepted defeat and begun to consider the possibility that she would never find out who Dorian was. However, Maddy hadn’t given up and got the hang of it. He had realized that if Dorian was hiding,  they had to do something to get him out and make him feel his cover was about to be blown. Kara called Belova, the Russian diplomat, and made him an offer.

She fabricated a false narrative and told him that Maddy was trying to kill her and also possessed Martin’s secret hideout. Kara was pretty sure the Kremlin would only contact Agent Dorian, as would other SVR agents. too scared to interfere. He asked Maddy to go straight to the State Building where Angelis was to make a statement to the Commons Intelligence Committee. Both women knew very well that they could be ambushed by Dorian if the Kremlin contacted him before he got there, but they had to take that risk as they had no other option. Maddy entered Government House, but as soon as she was about to enter the committee room where the meeting was taking place, she was met by Patrick Hamilton, who pretended to be extremely relieved to see Maddy alive. Patrick saw that Maddy was holding the diskette with the compromising information. My friend, Patrick Hamilton, was Dorian. Patrick was the double agent and he was the one who killed Kara’s men in Baku. She tangled with him and somehow managed to get into the chamber where Martin was giving his statement. Gratz saw her enter the room and she too decided to show some courage for once and not be intimidated by a menacing Martin Angelis. Gratz took the record and revealed to the full committee what Martin was doing. She told the President. Members that Angelis was running a secret stash and using the information to blackmail senior government officials. Martin knew he had nothing more to say, so he left the briefing room.

Maddy met Martin in the lobby and told him that accusing her husband of being a double agent was wrong. She told him  Patrick Hamilton was Dorian working as a Russian informant. The revelation shocked Sir Martin and he couldn’t process it. Meanwhile, Patrick exited the building and Kara slipped a photo into his pocket without his knowledge. Sitting in his car, Dorian called his Russian counterpart to tell them what had happened. Patrick felt something in his pocket and saw it was a photo of Kara sitting with the locals who worked for her in Baku. Before he could realize what was happening, the poisonous powder  Kara had applied to the surface of the photo killed him. Finally, Kara got her revenge after 15 long years. Maddy also proved that her husband did not commit treason. He saved his family’s reputation, although he still had to do something. She wanted to settle accounts with a friend who had cheated on her. Maddy, in a fit of anger, called Dede and told her it didn’t matter. where she hid he would find her and kill her. Maddy met Ella and Callum and knew she needed to be there for them more than ever. She and Callum were Sian’s children, but Maddy always treated them as her own. Maddy was afraid that without her husband she would not be able to lead the family, but Kara gave her the confidence she needed and told her that a woman like her could achieve anything in her life. Maybe we’ll find out if Maddy gets revenge on Dede or not when the creators decide to continue the Betrayal limited series and create another season. But by now the dust had settled and Maddy was more than happy to know that the country had learned the truth that her husband was not a traitor but a true patriot.

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