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The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 22 Ending Explained: Lydia and the Other Scouts

This episode gets more intense as groups come together to fight a common enemy, even more, intense than the previous episode. We also get a classic courtroom scene and one of the most quotable endings in a long time. Let’s dive deeper into this episode. 

This episode starts with the flashbacks that we loved last season, but this time it focuses on Negan. He sure has come a long way since banging brains with a barbed wire bat. Or did he? The two main storylines in this episode involve Negan’s group at the labor camp, which eventually regroups with Carol’s group, and Eugene’s trial. There’s also a burgeoning story of Lydia’s group heading to Oceanside a few episodes ago. We’re getting a clue as to what role this team will play in these final three episodes. All three stories are equally exciting and full of sparks.

Negan the Martyr

In the labor camp, Negan, Ezekiel, Annie, Magna, Kelly, and others plan their escape by planning their shift schedule and location. But it seems that Negan can’t keep his mouth shut and is in trouble with the soldiers. At first, I thought this was a distraction for what would ultimately be the exhaust, but it wasn’t. I was just Negan. That gave Negan a better idea of ​​what this overseer is all about. “I’ve known men like him all my life,” Negan says to Annie. “Damn, it used to be him.” This allowed Negan to devise an escape plan that didn’t use crudely drawn maps or assault guards.

I wanted to make a deal. Later, Ezekiel and Negan have a small argument and Negan is back in the principal’s office. “So you have a name for me,” the guard asks Negan. it was done to lead us to the conclusion that Negan was ratting on Ezekiel after their disagreement. But I think we all know better. Negan is brought before the crowd of prisoners and forced to kneel in front of an apparent execution site. The soldiers were ready to shoot, but at the last minute, the Warden grabs Negan’s wife and throws her beside him. “No! That wasn’t our deal!” Negan yells, letting Ezekiel know that Negan tried to save everyone else by becoming a martyr to the group. Ezekiel isn’t going to watch Negan and Annie get shot, so he steps in front of them to offer himself as well. About half a dozen people do the same (but not all!) and the guard doesn’t bat an eyelid. “I admire your bravery,” he tells them. “Shoot them all. From here, we see a promising realization in a soldier who endured a history of warden abuse and finally decides to turn his gun on his boss rather than innocent civilians. But the guard takes Kelly hostage and slowly backs away, heading straight for Daryl’s knife. Hi everyone, this is Daryl, Carol, and Connie!

Nothing’s Fair 

Princess points Ezekiel to Tyler Davis and tells him that Tyler could be useful for his mission. Ezekiel is still mad at Tyler for taking Max hostage and doesn’t trust him. Negan sees Annie and fends off two guards trying to get to her. to her. When Annie attacks the guard, he pushes her to the ground, unaware that she is pregnant. Aaron, Jerry, Lydia, and Elijah are pleasantly surprised when they meet Luke and Jules, who warn them that Oceanside is gone. Luke explains that the Commonwealth Army has invaded and destroyed everything. During Eugene’s trial, Pamela becomes emotional on the witness stand. Yumiko realizes she won’t get a fair trial for Eugene. The process is interrupted by a knock in the courtroom. doors. Daryl and Carol find Negan and Ezekiel’s group at the labor camp. They split into smaller groups to try to save everyone. They still haven’t found the children. Ezekiel has trouble finding anyone to support him and escapes. Negan is threatened by the Warden but thinks he’s found a Commonwealth soldier. with some compassion.

Lydia and the Other Scouts

A few episodes ago, Lydia, Aaron, Jerry, and Elijah set out to explore the other settlements to see what could be saved. I mentioned in last week’s article that this group might become a job/prisoner if they aren’t careful. But it turns out they managed to go unnoticed. old friends they address. At the sea, Luke lets her know it’s too late. The Commonwealth has already taken over the place and they are looking for the two fugitives. As soldiers approach in the distance, Lydia has the brilliant idea to grab some bloody walker clothes and do what her mother taught her: be part of the Horde and travel with them. This works, but we noticed something shocking during this pack mayhem. A Walker bends down to pick it up. No, he wasn’t one of our heroes dressed as a walker, he was a real walker pedigree. That could only mean that this group is the variant of the hikers (also called climbers). This is bad news for everyone.

Mercer Is Complicit

Maggie and Carol break into his old house. A group of walkers approaches Aaron and Jerry’s group when they hear engines in the distance. They know the Commonwealth Army is nearby. Yumiko tells Max and Eugene that she needs to speak to Mercer. She will tell Mercer that Pamela kidnapped Princess and sent her to a labor camp. Yumiko wants Mercer to testify against Pamela, but he refuses. The trial draws to a close and Mercer looks on without a word. Eugene stands up and addresses the court and the congregation. Eugene is found guilty! Soldiers arrest through the gates of the labor camp.

Negan has admitted planning an escape on his own and the Guardian wants everyone to witness his death penalty. The Guardian decides that Annie must die with Negan. Guns and Annie and Neagan; the others do it too. The guard orders the soldiers to shoot everyone. The only soldier  Negan thought had sympathy orders the other soldiers to lay down their guns while he points his gun at the guard. The guard grabs Kelly and puts a gun to her head. Daryl and Connie sneak up behind him. and Daryl KOs the Guardian.

The Trial of Eugene

As Eugene stands trial over the death of Sebastian Milton, we quickly realize this is all a farce. The judge sides with Pamela Milton, so Yumiko realizes she won’t win this one. Instead, he focuses on exposing Milton’s corruption by recruiting Mercer to his side. If they can get Mercer to spill everything he knows about Sebastian Milton deliberately sending civilians to their deaths, they can at least convince the citizens to overthrow Governor Milton. But Mercer refuses. To make matters worse, the governor tells the court that the voice on the recording wasn’t even her son’s and believes Eugene tampered with the tape. Things are not looking good for Eugene or Yumi at the moment. Despite Eugene’s heartfelt closing speech about how one man can change the world (um, Mercer…), the road ends when Eugene is found guilty and sent to prison. There’s Mercer with his Mercer armor and  Mercer face.

Eugene thinks it’s over now. But to everyone’s surprise, Mercer says five little words  I want to be printed on a T-shirt with Mercer’s portrait: “Time to fuck that shit show that the line was made up by Mercer actor Michael James Shaw. This was a great episode. We are now on the home stretch and there should be no more wild tangents. The remaining two episodes after this one should focus on kicking as much ass as possible. And I’m ready.

About Time Mercer

At her old house, Maggie thinks she’s going insane because she keeps hearing Hershel’s voice. Maggie and Carol follow the voice and find a soldier protecting Herschel. The soldier is killed and he unseats Hershel from the chair. Rosita rushes to ask where Coco is. Coco isn’t there and Herschel has no idea where they took her.

Lydia, Elijah, Aaron, Jerry, Luke, and Jules are covered in blood and blend in with the horde of strays just as the soldiers close in. The soldiers don’t realize that they are just strolling and passing by. Eugene is taken back to prison, and Mercer blocks his way and decides it’s time to get up. Mercer tells Eugene it’s time to change the script and uncuffs Eugene.

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