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The Resident Season 6 Episode 7 Ending Explained

Your new medical drama The Resident airs tonight on FOX with a brand new episode on Tuesday 8th November 2022 and we have your synopsis of The Resident below. In tonight’s Episode, 7 of The Resident, Season 6, “The Chimera,” FOX’s synopsis reads, “When a prison doctor thinks a death row inmate is lying about his symptoms, Conrad and Raptor are called in at the expense of American health care, and Kit and Bell meet with the governor of Georgia.

The Epiosde starts with Aj and Conard

Tonight’s episode starts with AJ and Conrad driving the car and AJ  talking about strollers. Conrad tells him that the next chapter suits him well. AJ asks about him and Cade, AJ says it’s funny, he thought he and Billie were getting together, and then he saw her dancing at the wedding. The two arrive at the state penitentiary to see Bobby, who was in excruciating pain during visiting hours. His sister Janaya tells AJ that her brother is innocent, and is now on death row. He didn’t deserve this. Leela is on the phone with Padma and still doesn’t take her eyes off the twins and Leela doesn’t think it’s good for them. Cade looks at wedding photos, of which she sees one of Conrad and Billie, and is shocked by the way he looked at her. AJ and Conrad are with Bobby, the doctor  says he’s “desperately wanting a field trip.” AJ says her sister was her mother’s hospice nurse and that’s amazing.

Bobby says she’s the only one who believes in him. Suddenly Bobby has a seizure and blood comes out of his mouth. Devon reviews a woman who has been on the ride of a  lifetime with her partner. They are from England and she has been in pain for two weeks but is hoping to see a doctor because of the high cost. After some testing, Devon tells him he has stones. You need treatment but the woman says no, she can’t afford it. Her partner tells her no matter what it takes, they must do it, and she is in pain. Bobby is sent to Chastain in the ambulance, Cade is there. When you enter Janaya is with her brother and parts of her brain didn’t get enough blood. Conrad wants to know why this happened. Janaya says she had childhood leukemia. Conrad listens in his throat, there’s a blockage, so he orders an MRI.

How Budgets are cut is going to affect everyone.

Randolph is with Kit, she meets with the governor and she tells him that his budget cuts will affect patients. He tells her that the money must go to the crime. Randolph intervenes and tells the governor that a company he owned billed for home visits that never happened, but patients through dangerous and invasive procedures they didn’t even remotely need, overdosed people on chemotherapy and asks him to remind him how much he has cheated taxpayers. The governor says there are allies. All this and the cameras are rolling. The governor walks away and asks for help finding all the dirt on Randolph, he wants to destroy it. Cade tells Conrad he saw Irving’s photos from the wedding, and follow up with him. and Billie, and it seemed like something was going on between them. He says they are friends and they share something that cannot be explained, a great loss. Bobby’s tests came back he has a mass that has spread to his lymph nodes which explains his symptoms.

Surgery can result in disability or even death. He’s on death row with only a year left, so maybe he won’t make it that far. The governor is meeting with Donald who works at Chastain, it’s the second week. The governor wants him to work with Randolph, Donald saw the press conference. The governor is threatening to uncover something from Donald’s past if you don’t help him. Donald becomes a surgical technician and is operated on with Randolph when he operates on the woman with kidney stones. Bobby is told that without surgery he doesn’t have much time and that surgery carries great risks, he replies that it’s a hidden blessing, it will only go away faster and his sister doesn’t have to be ashamed of being locked up anymore.

Final Thoughts

Bobby has chimerism, only 100 cases have been documented. He was convicted with DNA evidence, he can be innocent. He had a bone marrow donor when he was 10 years old when the bone marrow started making blood cells, it comes from his donor. DNA, his name is Martin and he’s in prison for armed robbery. Bobby has changed his mind, he wants the surgery that can save his life. The woman with kidney stones has an infection and is taken back to the operating room. Donald goes into the OR to work alongside Randolph. You open her and she’s already ischemic. During an operation, he suffers a cardiac arrest. you lose it Randolph blames himself and Donald overhears.

Kit says she avoided medical care before costs, and by the end of the day when she died from it, she had an underlying medical condition. Conrad is with Cade, he tells him that losing Nic has crushed him and that he is just trying to understand that Bobby is waking up, he tells his sister that he is still there because of her. She tells him that they are already working on a request for a new hearing. Donald tells the governor what happened to Randolph and that there are skeletons in his closet. The governor tells him to keep digging, they’ll take what he can get. As Donald exits the governor says Randolph made the wrong enemy.

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