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The Resident Season 6 Episode 6 Ending Explained: Ian’s Serious Problem

Before this, in Season 6 Episode 5 of The Resident, a college professor walks into the ER and Conrad realizes he is an old patient of his from when he was an intern. Meanwhile, Devon ends up hospitalizing a man who swears by an anti-aging regimen that he believes is the answer to eternal life after he collapses. 

Warning spoilers ahead! In the 100th episode of “The Resident” (directed by Manish Dayal who plays Dr. Devon Praveesh) “Better Or Worse,” sees Kit and Randolph at their wedding rehearsal. As Dr. Jake Wong, Randolph’s adopted son arrives, he explains that they lost his luggage and Kit’s flower girl dresses at the airport.

No Trust

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Chastin’s biggest donor, Tracy Layborne, calls Randolph during their wedding rehearsal and tells him that their daughter Max needs to see a doctor and that he is the only one they know. Tracy tells Randolph that Max is feeling sluggish, sweaty, and very tired. Randolph asks Conrad to go inside and meet Tracy and Max there, Randolph will be right behind him. Billie offers  Sammie and Gigi to shop for flower girl dresses while Jake buys a tuxedo. Max has liver failure and needs a liver. transplant immediately.

Max has to be transferred to the intensive care unit, but Tracy refuses and tries to get Max out of the hospital. When Max was younger, he got an infection. The underfunded hospital didn’t realize that Max had meningitis, and as a result, Max lost his hearing. Tracy doesn’t trust underfunded hospitals and knows that’s what Chastain is.

He calls the best pediatrician and Ian picks up the phone on his way to see Max. Cade and Conrad move Max to the intensive care unit. Conrad is shocked to discover that Cade can sign and communicate. with Max

A Desperate Mother 

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AJ examines Tracy before her transplant and realizes something is wrong with her heart. You can’t donate part of your liver to Max! Max starts vomiting blood and Tracy has a panic attack that negatively affects her heart. AJ is called in because Tracy has heart failure but still wants to donate her liver to Max. She demands that the transplant be carried out regardless of the risks.

Randolph tells AJ that it’s his decision and that regardless of the decision, Randolph will support him. AJ performs heart surgery to fix Tracy’s valve. He assures Tracy that no matter how Tracy is, they will do the transplant tomorrow. Gov. Mark Betz ignores phone calls from Kit about Chastain funding.

To get the governor’s attention, he goes live with Sammie and tells the story of how Chastain’s doctors saved his life. Tracy has just had her heart surgery when Max has an accident. AJ says Max needs a transplant now and warns Randolph that if he helps with the transplant, he won’t make it to his wedding. Ian doesn’t have benzos to steady his hands for this operation.

Ian’s Serious Problem

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When Randolph Kit calls to explain Max’s surgery, she already knows he won’t be attending her wedding. Ian needs to buy some time, so he challenges Leela to come forward and prove she’s as good as her title. Senior Physician. Desperate, Ian sneaks into a disused operating room to steal some propofol, an anesthetic. Ian injects it and heads off to perform Max’s surgery. Max and Tracy prepare for a transplant and they sign “I love you” to each other. others through the operating room.

Ian struggles with being high on a drug he can’t tolerate. He demands that the radio be turned up as loud as possible so that he can concentrate better. Tracy starts bleeding and AJ has to fracture his chest while Randolph has to do it. performs chest compressions on Tracy’s heart with her hands. AJ finds the bleeding and can save Tracy’s life and Randolph’s wedding. Max is waiting.

Max suffers from multisystem organ failure. Conrad tells Randolph that it’s now or never, he can’t change the diagnosis. Ian goes out and looks in his pill box and realizes he doesn’t have any. Randolph has surgery,  calls Kit, and tells her to go ahead,  she will wait for him. Ian goes to the pharmacy,  needs a prescription, lies, and says it’s for a patient but himself.

They tell him they’re overworked and instead he goes and gives himself an injection of propofol. He goes to  Leela who is ready for the wedding and tells her to come for the surgery. Randolph takes Tracy to the surgery and Max is already there. Ian is having trouble with surgeries, his vision is getting blurry.

Randolph was about to leave, but Tracy had a complication and had to come back. Both Tracy and Max survived the surgery. Randolph and Conrad leave, Cade says he’s staying, and that he wants to stay with Max. Just in time for the wedding, they both write their vows, and before they can say yes, the two grab and kiss. Kit and Randolph dance, and he tells her to get upset, mother and daughter survived the surgery while Cade sits next to Max.

Conrad brings Bille a glass of champagne, she asks him to dance. They are both happy for Kit and Randolph, he thanks her for always being there for him and Gigi, but she says it’s nothing, she loves her. He grabs it tight and smiles.

His mother’s recovery room. Cade stays behind to be with Max when she wakes up. Although Randolph is late for his wedding, they all stay and wait for him to arrive. Jake presides over Kit and Randolph’s wedding. you are finally Mr. and Mrs. Bell! Conrad slowly dances with Billie and she tells him that she loves him and Gigi. Conrad says it was a strange night.

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