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The Patient Episode 5 Release Date and Spoilers

The Patient Episode 5: Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, Promo, Plot, and Everything you need to know.

With the patient nearing the halfway point of his 10-part run on Hulu, Alan Strauss’ (Steve Carell) situation becomes increasingly worrying as Sam Fortner (Domhnall Gleeson) continues to hold him captive.

In episode 4, Alan desperately tries to save Sam’s next victim. And while Sam still hasn’t killed the other man in his basement, there’s no telling if Alan’s pleas will work in the long run. So, when is The Patient episode 5 coming to Hulu?

The Patient Episode 5 Release Date

Image Credit: FX on Hulu

With the fate of Sam’s prisoner hanging in the air in Episode 5 of The Patient, fans will be excited about next week’s episode. So, when is the date and time of its release on Hulu? New episodes of The Patient debut every Tuesday, hitting the platform at around 12:00 am PT / 3:00 am ET. This means that the fifth part will make its debut on September 20.

The Patient Episode 5 Cast

  • Steve Carell as in Alan Strauss
  • Domhnall Gleeson as in Sam Fortner
  • Andrew Leeds as in Ezra Strauss
  • Laura Niemi as in Beth Strauss
  • Linda Emond as in Candace Fortner
  • David Alan Grier as in Charlie Addison

The Patient Episode 5 Episodes Guideline

  • Episode 1 and 2 – Aug. 30
  • Episode 3 – Sept. 6
  • Episode 4 – Sept. 13
  • Episode 5 – Sept. 20
  • Episode 6 – Sept. 27
  • Episode 7 – Oct. 3
  • Episode 8 – Oct. 11
  • Episode 9 – Oct. 18
  • Episode 10 – Oct. 25

The Patient Episode 5 Plot

Image Credit: FX on Hulu

Sam approaches a woman from his past. for dr Strauss, Sam and Elias face tests. From the synopsis, we can conclude that Sam is indeed going to visit his wife and I hope we see that. Previously I wasn’t convinced that the camera would leave the room but the fact that we got some glimpses of Sam at work indicates that we will also see his ex-wife.

The title “Pastitsio” refers to a Greek pasta dish that Elias referred to in the previous episode. So we can assume that Elias will survive most of the next episode. I think we can expect a little more explanation of Alan’s past and in particular his relationship with his cruel mugger after the last few flashbacks.

The Patient Episode 4 Recap

The fourth episode pushed Sam to the limit of his impulse control when Alan attempted to communicate with a captive Elias. In short, here’s what happened: Alan tried to buy Elias time by pressuring Sam to go to work and act normal. While he was there we got some insights into how he interacts in his daily life. Alan became a little friendly with Elias and through their conversations, we learned that Alan recently lost his wife to cancer and that his son is particularly orthodox. Jewish. After deciding to kill Elias, Alan persuaded Sam to seek out his ex-wife, hoping the emotional shock would take him in a new direction.

Where can you watch The Patient?

Whether things heat up or not, Episode 5 of The Patient will see if Sam continues to take Alan’s advice. And the last thing Alan suggested was reaching out to his ex-wife, which sounds like Sam is actually going to do it. According to IMDb, the title of the next episode of The Patient is Pastitsio. According to his synopsis, “Sam becomes closer to a woman from his past. Tests stand for Dr.

Strauss, Sam, and Elijah. Although the first part of the description is fairly simple, one has to wonder what trials await the characters. On a show like this, things like that could prove deadly. The Patient Episode 5 arrives Tuesday, September 20th on Hulu.

Is the Patient based on a true story?

No, the patient is not based on a true story. Instead, the series is loosely inspired by the fact that both co-creators Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg went into therapy and found the practice “really interesting” in general.

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