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The Next 365 Days: Ending Explained

After the shooting, an uneasy truce is agreed between the two sides. Massimo is furious after his brother’s death and tells his rivals to leave. Adriano is dead while Laura lives. In fact, Laura has fully recovered from her recent gunshot wound movie, and apart from a few mentions, it’s never mentioned again.

Laura and Massimo’s relationship has ended, so the former decides to get her career back on track. As she begins to delve back into the world of fashion, Nacho returns, leaving Laura conflicted. What will Laura do? Will she stay with the abusive, controlling, and toxic Massimo, or move in with rival gangster Nacho? Or maybe you should just step away from these toxic men and start your own business? Decisions, decisions!

Does Nacho confess that he loves Laura?

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It does, yes! Nacho eventually catches up to Laura after she tries to avoid him and encourages her to go for a walk. Finally, the two-start kissing. When they break up, Nacho tells her, “I think I’m in love with you.” After taking her home, Nacho tells Laura, “You can run from me but you can’t run from what.” you feel.

Nacho respects her enough to give the young woman time to consider whether or not to divorce Massimo. However, to add weight to the argument, Nacho reveals that Anna tried to shoot her husband when Anna shot her instead of Massimo, but Nacho intervened. Nacho refused to have Massimo killed and shot Anna. Nacho saved Massimo’s life because Laura loves him and didn’t want her to suffer. this situation.

Did Massimo find out what Laura’s up to?

After spending time with her parents, Laura receives a call from Olga. She is nervous as Massimo knows everything between her and Nacho. Olga heard Nacho talking to Domenico, and especially fragments of their conversation. He threatened to kill her.

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Laura refuses to hide from her husband and decides to go back and confront him. However, at the airport, Nacho sneaks in and pretends to be Laura’s driver. He takes her home, admitting that given the previous truce struck between the two sides, he might get in trouble if he crosses the territory. Along the way, Nacho admits that since he met Laura, he can’t stop thinking about her. He praises her and admits that he would do anything for her and that he would wait, even forever if it was necessary.

The Next 365 Days Ending

Laura and Massimo are talking on the beach. Massimo tells her that he didn’t want her time to go bad, especially for her to deal with the loss of her baby on her own. Massimo admits he has known Nacho for a long time but says nothing. Massimo got carried away by a quote that his father used to read to him.

I didn’t understand it then, but now I understand it. It says, “If you really love something, let it go. If it comes back, it’s yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it never should be.” When Massimo asks if Laura is back with him… we get no answer. Instead, they both just look at each other while we black out.

Who will Laura choose, Nacho or Massimo?

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Well, that’s the question, isn’t it? On the one hand, Nacho has been supportive of Laura’s journey and clearly wants the best for her. However, he has also lied about his history and is a rival gangster, which complicates matters further. Meanwhile, Massimo is controlling, toxic, and bad news, and has been since the first film.

In an ideal world, Laura would choose neither and walk off alone into the sunset, but if we had to guess who she chooses, it would surely be Nacho. This decision could start a major gang war before he sees Nacho as a bloodthirsty villain and reverts to Massimo. Unfortunately, we won’t get any answers in this film, so we’ll just have to wait and see what comes next in this ongoing franchise!

How Close to the 365 Days Book Ending?

I have news for you. I’m good enough in the language I grew up with to write full sentences, but there’s no way I can read Polish. So, it’s good that there are a lot of other people who can do that, and in their opinion, 365 Days the movie ends the same way 365 Days the novel did. Even better, each book starts right after the other, so the cliffhanger we’re faced with is quickly resolved at the start of the second.

Book titled This Day or That Day depending on which translation you land on. According to Newsweek, a Polish-language Instagram QandA with Anna Maria Sieklucka and Magdalena Lamparska (Laura and Olga, respectively) confirmed a few weeks ago that the 365 Days sequel was greenlit and filming began in August.

Apparently, those plans have now been put on hold, and the stars didn’t know when filming might begin. Fortunately, however, there’s still plenty of material from each of the surely sex-packed sequels that could be brought together for at least one more film in when they go into production.

The Next 365 Days Sequel

Well, that’s the million-dollar question right now, isn’t it? As a reminder, if you’re not a fan of spoilers, I suggest you back off now because I’m about to blow your mind with some of the details of what could be coming in the sequel based on the book series. You are involved in a torrid romance with one of the mafia bosses, you cannot expect life to go smoothly.

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Apparently, the second book will give us some more side character time, but it will also introduce more mafia intrigue and (Dunh, dunh, DUNNNHHHH) Massimo’s evil British twin, Adriano! What. The. Real.FFFFFFFFF? Even better (or worse, depending on how you personally assess these shocking developments), the romance at the heart of the story is dealt a major blow when Laura, waitcis kidnapped by another crime lord!

He’s also super sexy and in love with our Laura! Guess guys? Also, pregnant Laura “falls in love” with this asshole (lots of quotes there as far as I’m concerned)! So when the 365 Days sequel ends, we’ll be in the middle of the mob boss love sandwich if they decide to follow the storyline of the second book. I’d tell you some of the details that O Magazine has revealed for the third and final book in the series, titled Another 365 Days, but I’ll spare you and wait and see how close the planned second film is to the second book in the series, so we don’t rush ourselves. Still excited about the possibility of a sequel to 365 Days? Let us know in the poll below!

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